His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 130

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 130

His eyes locked on me, tongue dragging over my soaking wet p***y. He s****d hard on my c**t as he swirled his tongue around it. His mouth continued its slow and steady rhythm, making me lose myself in the pleasurable feel of his tongue on my hot, sensitive flesh.

All I could focus on was his tongue as he pushed it inside of my soaking wet Chanel, his tongue sliding inside me and devouring my j****s that I could feel spilling out and coating my t****s and his lips. My skin flushed as the heat b****d and rushed through me. My stomach tightened, and my legs trembled as l cried out. Waves of pleasure rippled through me as l came on his tongue. My inner walls pulsate and clench as I m**n. His tongue slowed its rhythm, letting me ride out the intense, rippling effect washing through me.

Kyson purrs, lapping at my j****s before kissing my c**t, making me jolt before moving up my body, pressing himself between my legs. I roll my hips against him, wanting him inside me.

Wanting the heat to abate and feel his length inside me. Kyson kisses me hard, forcing me to taste myself on his tongue, his tongue invading my mouth. My fingers move through his hair, tugging him closer.

Kyson moves his hand between our bodies as he positions himself at my entrance. I feel him press the tip in, and I move my hips against him when he pushes in a little.

My lips tear away from his, and my eyes water as l choke and clench them shut. My entire body tenses and locks up, and I grip his arm. He stills before pulling out slightly. “It’s going to sting,” he whispers, his lips kissing my jaw.

I writhe beneath him, trying to get away from him. I knew he was big, but I didn’t expect it to b**n so badly with how wet I was.

“Breathe, Love. It will only hurt for a few seconds,” he says, kissing my lips and peppering my face in kisses. Kyson floods me with his calling, forcing my muscles to relax.

My entire body submitted to it, and I let out the breath I was holding in, my body relaxing, and I opened my eyes, tears slipping down my face. Kyson kisses me, pushing back inside me slightly. His calling washed over me, d******g me in it as he pushed inside my tight confines until his hips were flush against me. I felt full, and I squirmed, trying to get used to the odd sensation.

Kyson stills, letting me get used to the feeling of him stretching me before slowly pulling out before thrusting back in gently, working his massive c**k inside me, his lips moving to my mark, and he s***s on it. A m**n leaves my lips at the sensation as tingles rush to my c**t, and I move my hips against him, my j****s coating his c**k, and he stills, letting me move against him instead while I get used to the feeling of him inside me.

Kyson growls softly. Arousal floods through me when he pulls out, and he thrusts in, meeting my movements, his length slipping in me deeper, stretching me around him, a breathy m**n escaping my lips at the friction building when he kisses me harder.

His tongue fights mine for dominance, and he presses his weight down on me, sheathing himself inside me, making me gasp. He moves slowly, his c**k slipping in and out, gradually building up friction, his c**k rubbing my walls, causing them to clench around his hardened length.

My hand tugged his hip, wanting him to move faster, when Kyson’s hand went under my back, pulling me with him as he rolled, so I was now on top and was straddling his lap as he moved and leaned against the headboard.

His hands run up my sides, the handcuffed one forcing my hand where his goes. Kyson grips my hips, and he leans forward, s*****g my b****t, a breathy m**n leaving my lips, feeling his mouth on my body. He rolls my hips against him, guiding me up and down his length.

I grip his shoulder, rolling my hips to the movement before his grip loosens, and he lets me set the pace. I move my hips and find my rhythm. Feeling myself building up, my walls clenching his length, and my eyes closed at the building feeling in my lower belly that was spreading warmth through me.

“That’s it, Love,” Kyson purrs before gripping my hips and slamming me down on him, moving my hips faster. I m**n, my nails digging into his shoulder as l feel myself climbing higher, reaching my peak.

The only sounds are my airy m***s filling the room and the wet sounds of our bodies connecting. Kyson reached up, grabbing a handful of my hair and tugging my head back, his lips trailing down my neck and over my shoulder, his other hand squeezing my a*s as l gripped his wrist awkwardly, my hand bent from handcuff as I moved up and down his hard shaft. His c**k fills me, and I feel my stomach tighten and my skin flush, and I cry out at the overwhelming feeling inside me.

He lets go of my hair, palming my b****t while s*****g on the other one, his tongue flicking over my n****e. I pick up my pace before feeling the hot wave of my climax rush over me, making my walls clench around his c**k before I feel his teeth sink into my flesh, prolonging the feeling, and my p***y pulsates around him, making me m**n loudly.

My body turns slack in his arms as he pulls his teeth from my skin, and I drop my face to his neck, and the overwhelming urge makes my gums tingle before l feel my canines protrude and sink them into his skin.

Kyson growls, his hands gripping my hips as he rocks them against him, chasing his release before groaning just as I pulled my teeth from his skin. My tongue rolled over my marking when I felt him still, and his c**k twitched and expanded inside me, making me gasp at the strange stretching feeling. I jump as his warmth bathes my insides, and Kyson’s arms wrap around me and crush me against his chest.

“You can’t move, relax,” he whispers next to my ear, flooding me with his calling as I fought the urge to climb off him as his c**k continued to swell inside me, stretching me further.

“Sorry, I didn’t intend to knot you, not yet anyway,” he whispers, his tongue flicking the shell of my ear.

“What?” I murmur.

“Something Lycans do, I forgot to warn you. I’m sorry,” He whispers, s*****g my earlobe into his mouth and nibbling on it. I nodded my head, too relaxed to care. I didn’t want to move anyway, so I melted against him. My breathing was harsh as I suddenly found myself now fused to him. His calling lulls me into a dreamy state, and I feel his fingers trailing up my spine as he moves down the bed to lie down.

My eyelids feel heavy as I listen to his heartbeat beneath my ear as I lay on him. His fingertips grip my chin, tilting my face up toward his. He leans down, his lips brushing mine gently. “I love you,” he whispers against my lips before chuckling as I fight exhaustion as my body cools down rapidly, the heat leaving, and in its place, exhaustion courses through me.

“Sleep, my Queen,” he says, kissing the side of my mouth as my eyes feel closed, and I am s****d under by the darkness of sleep.