His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 135

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 135

Azalea POV

Every muscle ached when I woke the following day. Kyson was nowhere to be seen, and his side of the bed was cold. Sticking my head out from under the blanket, I groaned when I saw the mess I had made. I knew I made it because I had not seen Kyson nest once since being here. He must get sick of replacing all the bed linens and his clothes. Yet as I stuck my head out, I wanted to curl back inside my nest.

As tempting as that was, I knew I couldn’t stay in bed all day, or what was left of the day, so I forced myself out of bed. Only when I did my legs give out from under me, pain ricochetted up my spine and twisted throughout every muscle. Bad enough, we had to go through the heat, but to suffer afterward seemed beyond cruel. Hobbling over to the door, I stuck my head out, keeping my n***d body behind the door. I find Damian standing there in front of my door. I was hoping to see Dustin, but right now, I couldn’t care less as long as he could help.

“My Queen,” he says with a swift nod before turning his attention to me. He looks through the gap in the door behind me.

“Is everything alright?” he asked.

“Have you seen Kyson?”

“He is in the kitchen. I can go get him if you like?” I shake my head. If he was in the kitchen, surely he would be back sometime soon then.

“No, it’s fine, but can you ask Doc for some painkillers?”

“Ah, I see. Certainly,” he says, touching my forehead. His hand felt cold against my skin.

“You’re still a little warm,” he says, his brows pinching together before sniffing the air.

“Yet you’re not in heat, must be after-effects. I will go see what I can find. It will probably ease off when Kyson returns, just the bond fretting, so not to worry,” he says, and I shut the door.

I half wished I was a regular werewolf. They didn’t seem to fret or have these bizarre compulsions I got.

Growing up knowing one thing only to find out you’re something else entirely really made things confusing. How I could fret for someone I just saw. It made no sense to me. I made my way to the bathroom. My legs trembled as I stood outside the water spray while waiting for the water to heat. I stepped under the water as soon as it did, hoping the added heat would loosen my aching bones and wash the tension away.

Hearing a knock on the door roughly 5 minutes later, Damian announced himself, and I sang out from the bathroom to let him know it was okay to come in. He stops next to the bathroom door with his back to me.

“I set some pills on the bedside table. There is already a water bottle there.” He tells me.

“Thank you,” I tell him, rinsing the soap suds out of my hair.

“Anything else, my Queen,”

“Azalea! Did the King say anything about Dustin?” I ask nervously before rubbing my eyes and looking at his back just outside the door.

“Yes, Dustin will return to his post today,” Damian answers.

“So he is okay?”

“Yes, Kyson hasn’t punished him, but I am sure you can convince him otherwise,” Damian says. Hopefully, I could convince Kyson not to punish him. He shouldn’t be punished, just because he came with me. Either way, I intended to leave. If he wants to be angry with anyone, he should be mad at me, not him.

“And Abbie?”

“With Gannon. She is a little sore, but she is okay. I have given him the week off to spend with Abbie until she readjusts to being here.” I nod, forgetting he had his back to me.

“Anything else, my Queen?”

“Yes, stop calling me my Queen,” I tell him, and he laughs.

“Very well, Azalea,”

“Thank you, you can go unless you want to chat,” I laughed.

“Somehow, I don’t think the king would approve of me standing here chatting with you while you shower,”

“Wouldn’t make much difference. You already saw me n***d, but you are probably right. Best to not push the King’s buttons,”

“I will be outside if you need me,” he says before walking off. I heard the door click shut, and after a few minutes, I climbed out, wrapped myself in a towel, and walked into the bedroom to the closet to find some clothes. Setting them on the bed, I dried myself when I noticed the pills on the bedside table.

Grabbing the water bottle, I twisted the cap off. I drank half the bottle, not realizing how dry my throat was, only stopping when I remembered I needed water to s*****w the pills. Grabbing the two foil packets, I tried to read what they said, but the words were too long, and figured they were both some form of painkiller. I popped the first two out and swallowed them down before snapping the foil on the other grey pill. It smelled funny, and I tried to remember where I had smelled that scent before.

Shaking my head, I tipped the bottle to my lips when the door opened. Dropping the foil empty foil packet back onto the bedside table, I went to put the tablet in my mouth when the wind was suddenly knocked out of me as I landed on the bed.

Kyson grabbed my hand and landed on top of me on the bed. “Geez, Kyson,” I snapped at him as he pried my fingers apart.

“What’s got into you?” I demanded. Kyson takes the pill out of my hand before letting out a breath. “Ah, thank the Moon Goddess,” he sighed. I stared up at him, wondering why we had to thank the moon goddess. Thank her for making me sore because l would rather curse her out.

Kyson sits up, and I notice Damian standing in the doorway looking petrified when Kyson looks over his shoulder at him.

“She didn’t take it,” Kyson tells him, and Damian visibly relaxes.

“Sorry, I didn’t know,” he says to Kyson. Well, that makes two of us because I still didn’t know what was going on right now.

“It is my fault. I shouldn’t have left it there. You can go,” Kyson tells him, and Damian shuts the door. Kyson turns back to look down at me before holding up the pill.

“This is not a painkiller,” he says, climbing off me. I blinked up at him, waiting for him to explain, and he leaned down, pecking my lips.

Kyson lets me sit up before dropping the pill in my hand. “That is the morning-after pill. Do you know what that means?” he asks. And no, I did not, so I shook my head. Kyson scrubs a hand down his face.

“I didn’t mean to, but I knotted you,” he said. I remembered him saying that last night. It was why l couldn’t move afterward.

“You take that it will k**l off an unwanted pregnancy, but it has to be taken within 72 hours if you’re human. Since you’re Lycan, you have roughly half that time to take it, but the choice is yours.”

“Wait, you impregnated me?” I asked, horrified while looking at the pill in my hand.

“I’m not sure, but you are more fertile during heat, and since I knotted you, the chances are even higher, so if you don’t want to be pregnant, you can take that, to stop it,” Kyson says before looking at the pill in my hand.

“Do you want me to take it?” I asked him, staring at the pill.

“What I want doesn’t matter; it is your body. The choice is yours,” Kyson tells me when I hear arguing outside the door. Kyson looks over his shoulder at the door. He growls, but climbs off the bed and walks over to the tray Damian had placed on the dresser. He grabs it walking back to me.

“Here, I made you something to eat. I will be back in a second. Just need to sort out something,” Kyson said, and I could feel he was angry about something as he glared at the door before storming outside.

I stared down at the tray, which had different meat, eggs, and toast. Staring at the pill in my hand. I sighed, not knowing what to do.

Did I want kids? More to the question, though, did the King? Assuming he wants to continue his royal bloodline, I also suppose mine. However, I wasn’t sure. I never gave babies much thought. I honestly didn’t see myself having a future, let alone one where l could have children. But if I took it, wouldn’t that be going against the Moon Goddess, but at the same time, Kyson wouldn’t have given it to me if he believed that would he?