His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 147

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 147

Kyson POV

Azalea whimpered as she jostled in my arms. Her blood streamed down my arms as I made my way to the bedroom. I kick the doors open, and they bang against the walls. Dustin comes rushing in behind me, runs past me and toward the bathroom, he shoves the door open, and turns the shower on.

She was losing so much blood, and l know those barbs are dipped in wolfsbane and water-hemlock. They always are to prevent healing. Water pours from the showerhead, and Dustin turns to me. He uses his claws to shred what’s left of her dress, letting it fall away in tatters to the floor.

“Give her here, you shift,” he says, holding his arms out for her. I passed her to him, she was like a ragdoll in his arms, her body all floppy, and he stepped into the shower forcing her back under the spray, trying to rinse the poison off her while I shifted. Using one hand, he turns the other showerhead on, turning the head and aiming it at her back. Moments later, Liam runs in, looking worse for wear. In didn’t even care he could see her n***d. My sole focus was on stopping the wolfsbane from soaking into her system and k*****g our baby.

“What do you need?” Liam asks.

“Alcohol,” I tell him, knowing I was about to ingest whatever was in her system, and hopefully, the alcohol would b**n it out.

“On it,” he says, disappearing out the door. Dustin’s arm moves to the back of her neck and the other under her a*s, exposing her back to me, and l waste no time running my tongue over her wounds, healing them and s*****g the poison out where the barbs dug into her flesh, and ripped her flesh off in chunks.

A growl escapes me, the wolfsbane burning my throat, and I heave, retching when I get a huge mouthful of it. My hand hit the wall, steadying me as I retched and threw up before healing the other two long gashes up her back. Her wounds eventually closed, and I knew the wolfsbane and water hemlock were gone, or she wouldn’t have healed.

My throat was on fire, and I pressed my face under the stream, banging my head on the showerhead because l was taller than it in this form. Liam rushes back in with a bottle of tequila. Not my go-to, but it would do. He breaks the cap thrusting the bottle at me, and I grab it, retching again as my surroundings spin, and I was suddenly seeing double. My legs give out under me when I am suddenly forced to shift back. My a*s hitting the hard tiled floor.

“S**t, take her,” Dustin says, passing Azalea off to Liam. Liam grabbed her, wrapping a towel around her before disappearing out the door while Dustin crouched beside me while I gasped for air. My lungs felt like they had been engulfed in flames, my blood boiling in my veins. He prys my mouth open just as Liam comes in. Dustin prying my eyelids open, his hair drenched and so were his clothes as he peered down at me. He looks over his shoulder at Liam.

“Azalea?” I m****e.

“Damian just got here. He is with her. He sent for a Doctor,” I nod or try to. Dustin gripped my jaw, yet my arms felt numb as I tried to lift the bottle to my lips. Liam snatches the bottle from my hand.

“Come on, big fella, down the hatch it goes,” he says, tipping the tequila down my throat. I gasp, breathing it in, and it goes down the wrong pipe. Choking and sputtering.

“Now, now, none of that. Dustin can give you some pointers on how to s*****w if needed,” Liam mocks, and Dustin growls at him. Liam poured more in my mouth this time, not waterboarding me with it. I gulp it down, feeling it warm my stomach and entire body. Ghastly stuff, yet I could feel it diluting the poison I ingested, feel it working through my system, not that it made me feel much better by the time he was finished pouring half the bottle down my throat.

My head lulls forward as the poison burns out, leaving me shitfaced and on the verge of passing out drunk. Liam slaps my face with his hand tilting my head back. My eyes try to close, and he smirks, chugging the rest of the bottle before passing the now empty bottle to Dustin.

“Never thought I would see the day where I had to carry you over the threshold bridal style,” He chuckles, grabbing me, he tosses me over his shoulder, and the tequila was a serious threat of coming back up. “Hmm, caveman style, what can I say I am barbarian,” Liam chuckles.

“Pretty f*****g ugly bride, though,” he laughs, slapping my a*s. If I could, I would hit him for that. D**n, this man was a handful sometimes. I knew he swung both ways, but he was daring, that is for sure. He walked out of the room, dropping me on the bed, and Damian was over the top of me, chucking a towel over my waist and prying my eyelids open.

“Council,” I mutter.

“Gone, those that showed from the pack are d**d, Cassandra is in dungeons,” Damian says. I sighed.

“Rest. I have everything handled.”

“She knows now,” I try to tell him, and his eyes dart past me. I try to turn my head to see her, but I felt ridiculously heavy.

“She does, but you have the bond, she loves you, Kyson,” Damian says. Yet that wasn’t my worry. Once she figured out her Alpha voice, she outranks me, yet even that wasn’t what I was worried about. I could control her with the calling, it is one thing she could never resist. What worried me was her realizing I kept it from her. I don’t know why I did. I was afraid she would leave because she had the power to do that.

Empress of Alpha’s could not be tied by no bond, she could walk away, and I would be destroyed and powerless to stop her. I couldn’t lose her. Yet now it would be out, everyone would know, and they would come for her. It was only a matter of time. Her blood was more precious than gold, and if she shares the same gifts as her mother, In know she has one trait of her father’s. But if she obtained both, they would come for her. Come for her, and our baby. Her blood was the key to putting the werewolf and Lycan species into extinction or it could be their salvage. If the hunters get wind of her, they will never stop, and without a doubt, leak would spend the rest of my life fighting to keep her safe.