His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 151

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 151

Azalea POV

Waking up, Kyson’s leg was draped across my waist and I tried to push him off. My bladder screamed for me to get up and pee and he was squashing it with his heavy leg. Instead he rolled into me, crushing me further with his heavy weight. I pushed at his shoulders when I suddenly stopped, everything coming back to me yet I felt no pain.

Kyson moves, lifting his head and yawning, covering his mouth with his hand before rubbing his eyes. I stared up at him waiting for him to explain what happened after the council came here, but he clearly had other intentions as he leaned down kissing me.

His tongue invades my mouth and lips push him away, making him growl and he hits me with his calling, urging me to submit to him.

“Is Abbie back? What happened with the council? Cassandra? How long have I been asleep?” I asked around his lips that were assaulting mine. He doesn’t answer to preoccupied with mauling me.

“Kyson!” I growled, grabbing his head.

“Abbie is back, has been for a day now. Council sorted and Cassandra is in the basement,” he purrs, while collecting my wrists in one of his hands. He shoves them above my head awkwardly, his face dipping down to my n***d chest.

“So Abbie is safe? What will happen with Kade’s pack or what’s left of them? And why is Cassandra in the basement still, shouldn’t she be d**d?” Kyson doesn’t bother answering, just n**s at my flesh.

“That’s it? That’s all you have to say?” I ask angrily when I feel his tongue run over my n****e before he s***s on it.

“Hm,,” is the only answer I receive and it pisses me off.

“Kyson stop!” I snapped at him as he pushed his knee between my legs. He growls, rolling off me and sitting up on his elbow while still holding my wrists in his hand.

“Everything is fine, I sorted it. We also have a lead on the Rogues. Which is where I am going today,” he tells me.

He palms my b****t with his other hand before brushing his thumb over my n****e. I ignore the bond, not reacting to his touch. He sighs his eyes moving to mine before he twists my n****e making me hiss. He chuckles and I glare at him.

“It is nothing you need to worry about,” he tells me.

“Nothing to worry about? I just got whipped and your men were knocked out and I don’t need to worry?” I ask incredulously.

“I said it is sorted, didn’t I?” Kyson asks.

“That doesn’t mean I don’t have questions,” I retort. I had so many questions, like where all the Landeena people came from and why I didn’t know there were so many left from my parents kingdom.

Why the council freaked out at the mention of who I was, also why Kyson never told them who I was? When they arrived it seemed besides Cassandra none of them knew I was Azalea the missing Landeena princess.

Kyson growls leaning down to peck my lips. “I meant what I said, you don’t have to worry,” Kyson says and I growl at him trying to pull my hands from his grip. His grip tightens and he stares down at me.

“Well, aren’t you in a lovely mood this morning,” he says, leaning down and n*****g at my lips. I wouldn’t be in a bad mood if he would f*****g answer instead keeping secrets from me.

“Yes, because you aren’t answering my questions! Instead your trying to f**k me, now stop it. And let me go! I need to pee,” I snap at him. Kyson presses his lips in a line and I could feel his anger at me denying him but he reluctantly let me go. I quickly rushed off to the bathroom.

When I came back out Kyson was pulling on some clothes. He does the zip up on his jeans before pulling on a button-down shirt.

I grab some clothes, a black blouse and dark blue jeans. “You’re not coming with me,” he says looking over at me while buttoning up his shirt.

“Of course not, I am supposed to be seen and not heard right? Listen but don’t ask questions, sit and rot in the castle waiting in the dark for you to feed me a minuscule piece of information,” I snarled at him.

“Azalea, knock it off,” he says, looking at me with darkened eyes.

“I’m coming with you,” I tell him.

“No, you are staying here. Damian, Gannon, and I are only going for a few hours, so spend time with Abbie,” he says, but I ignore him instead, pulling some socks on and reaching for my shoes.

He snatches them off me, suddenly becoming angry. “I said you’re staying here!” Kyson snaps.

I purse my lips, fighting back tears. Why is it that every time I ask a question, he avoids answering or dismisses me? Kyson sighs when I sit back on the bed. He walks over and stops next to me before crouching down in front of me and placing his hands on my knees.

“I need to go check out Kade’s pack for information regarding the missing rogues, those women we found, Abbie identified from her time there. When I get back you can ask your questions.”

“But will you answer them?” I asked. He drops his head.

“There are some things that are safer if you don’t know,”

“B******t!” I tell him and his grip on my knees tightens. He clenched his jaw and pressed his lips in a line.

“Why did the council freak out when they heard who I was?” I ask and he looks at me.

“When I get back, not now. I am busy and I don’t want to argue. I nearly just lost you, for goodness sake, let me sort some things out, then when it’s safe I will explain.” I shake my head and chew the inside of my lip.

“You’re the king, you’re always busy! Yet not too busy when you want something!” I snapped at him.

“Azalea, enough. We will talk when l get back,” he says, standing up and kissing my forehead. The King then walks out.