His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 156

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 156

Kyson POV

A growl escaped my lips as the driver spun the car around, heading back to the castle. Trey was in my head the entire time, only to learn Azalea had commanded Gannon, Dustin, Clarice, and Abbie not to follow her, though he kept telling me she wasn’t aware she commanded them. That much I believed. She wasn’t aware of her alpha voice yet. But leaving the castle while carrying our child was just plain foolish. Liam and Damian remain quiet in the car, knowing anything would set me off.

As the car pulled up out in front of the castle, the tires screeched as they hit the cobblestone driveway. I couldn’t risk taking her with me, yet what we needed to investigate at the packs, a letter, or my word wasn’t good enough and I couldn’t send my men without the risk of endangering them or the pack refusing. Which would either lead to my men k*****g them or them waiting them out for me to get there, giving the pack a chance to destroy any evidence. Neither was a suitable option and if the pack had something to hide, they would do anything necessary to hold my men off while they got rid of any damning evidence.

Jumping out of the car, the guards at the front door quickly rushed and opened the doors before I even reached them, both men stepping out of my reach. She was one small girl, and she slipped away from them. Yet how was beyond me? Clarice waits inside the door and scrambles to my side, apologizing as l stalk toward the stairs. Pain rattles through my ankle and foot, so much so that I knew she was awake because l felt every time she passed out because the pain would end and her fear of me dissipate. She knew she was in trouble and it irked me that she feared me more than she feared whatever was going on with her.

Clarice explained what happened, and l am pissed off that the gardener didn’t deter her. Everyone here knows she wasn’t supposed to step outside these castle doors. Coming to the steps leading to my quarters, Gannon and Dustin stood there staring toward the door but unable to move any further.

I shove past them, and they hang their heads as I growl. Despite trying to avoid it, I had no choice but to teach her how to use her command to remove them from her order. As she screamed and sobbed for someone to stop, her voice reached my ears.

I shove the doors open, and they bounce off the walls with a crack, making the room fall silent. I see Trey leaning over her and I see red. He only had a pair of shorts on and was covered in blood from head to toe. A furious growl tears out of me and he moves, stepping aside with his hands up in the air.

My body trembled with the urge to shift moments before I did. Azalea threw her arms out. “He isn’t hurting me!” she screams, making me halt. I turn my head to look at her, only to see the huge nail protruding from her foot, and a piece of tree attached to it. Blood stained the sheets.

“Well, he kind of was, but not intentionally,” she says. Her hands shook as she tried to grip the huge nail that speared through her foot. “What the f**k happened? You told me she hurt her f*****g foot! Not that she had a…” Kneeling next to her, I examine it.

“A 14-inch iron spike in her foot?”

“Yes, I didn’t tell you, because she wanted me to rip it out before you got here,” Trey answers. I look at her and she drops her head, her cheeks flushing. “I knew you would be mad,” she stammers, her hands trembling where she tried to get a grip on it.

“How?” I ask, trying to figure this out.

“Fallen tree. She tried to climb over it, but it was hollow. She fell through it, and of all the trees, she had to fall into one of the old target trees,” Trey answers and I grip her ankle, examining it. Azalea hisses and grips my wrist feebly when I try to touch the flat end, holding the piece of bark to the bottom of her foot. “Don’t!” she cries.

“We had to break the tree to get her out. After I ripped her out, I noticed she took part of the tree with her,” Trey says with a sigh.

I look him over. His mousy brown hair is a mess and his hair sticks to the skin on his face that was coated with blood. My eyes move over him, noticing the healing scratches and claw marks covering his body. He said he got into a fight with a bear, and purse my lips before turning back to her foot.

“What do you want to do?” Trey asks, and she looks at him, but turning my head, I see Trey is looking at me, waiting for an answer.

“I guess we are going to have to yank it out,” I tell him. It was the only obvious answer. Azalea scrambles back as l pounce on her, and she shrieks.

“No! Get the doctor!” she says, but the doctor was delivering a baby. Trey told me earlier he had sent someone to find him.

“No! Kyson, I can wait! No! Trey, please don’t let him!” she screamed when l pinned her to the bed. I am suddenly thrown off and hear a feral roar as I am flung into the dresser.

Shocked, I shake myself, trying to figure out what happened as I glanced around. Dazed, I got to my feet to find Trey had shifted. “F**k!” he curses, shocked, shifting back quickly.

He shakes his head and I could see he was shocked at his own actions as he looked at his hands. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…” He looked at Azalea while l observed him wondering what the f**k was going on.

“She screamed, I reacted. It’s her blood… it’s in my system… I’m covered in it… I.” He stutters out while he shakes his head, looking at her. like growled at him, kneeling on the bed and ripping her back to me, then covering her eyes with my hand. “Put some f*****g pants on,” Azalea struggles against me, trying to escape, and I squeeze her even harder, holding her in place.

“Enough! Stop fighting me!” I command her, and she goes slack in my arms. Yet her tears, I could feel pooling in my hands. Trey retrieves some of my shorts and slips them on from the closet, and I remove my hand that was covering her eyes.

“Damian, get in here now!” I ordered through the mind-link before hearing feet on the floor outside. Damian sighs and clicks his tongue as he hurriedly enters, quickly assessing the situation.

Azalea whimpers as I position her on the bed, tucking her between my legs. I shrug my suit jacket off, tossing it aside before rolling my shirt sleeves to my elbows all while she sat there stuck under my command. Damian looks at her rigidness and his eyes darken before he glares at me.

“Is she under command?” he asks. I nodded once. The tone of his voice did not sit well with me and the outrage behind it was getting on my nerves. “It’s one thing commanding her normally, but she is f*****g pregnant!” Damian snarls at me.

“She isn’t in pain. I am using the weight of it, and that is it,” I tell him and he shakes his head.

“She was moving!” I tell him. My actions were justified. What else could he have expected? Trey looks away and swallows clearly also agreeing with Damian. It was pissing me off with how they always jumped to her defense against me.

I pull her against me, waiting for them to move, but they don’t. “Are you being serious right now?” I ask Damian when he didn’t move. He growls but kneels next to the bed.

“May I?” he asks. “Yes,” she stutters out.

“See, she is fine,” I tell them.

“She can’t move, only speak!” he snaps back at me.

“She kept fighting me! What the f**k did you want me to do, have her thrash around while we yank it out?” I tell him.

“She is barely f*****g eighteen or did you forget that? She has a nail stuck in her foot and a raging mate! I would be scared too.” Damian snarls back at me. “Then on top of that, you get mad at her for fearing you! What do you expect out of her when your reaction is always anger?” he snaps at me.

“She was f*****g reckless!” I bellow shaking my head. Why am I even bothering to explain myself?

“Reckless? She went for a walk in the forest. She took someone with her, she never went alone! Do you think she can predict a f*****g bear attack? Or a rusty f*****g nail going through her foot? You are pissed because she didn’t stay in the castle. Locking her away like a caged bird isn’t how you get obedience Kyson! How many times do I need to argue this with you? She isn’t going anywhere with your mark on her neck! So settle down! And drop your f*****g aura off her! Now! Use the d**n calling to calm her, not your f*****g aura!” he says using his own aura on me. It has no effect whatsoever but his point is made, it was an uncomfortable feeling regardless.

I could feel her confusion at his words, and I sigh, dropping my aura, her body visibly relaxed and I let my calling slip out and she melts against me. “Azalea?” Trey whispers before leaning down to grab her ankle to hold it for Damian.

“Use the calling, close your eyes,” he tells her and she turns her face, pressing her ear to the center of my chest and he looks at me and swallows before looking at Damian. I cradle her head to my chest, stroking her hair and numbing her with the calling.

Yet as I watched Trey and Damian figure out the angle to rip it out at, her breathing was audible. I wondered what was up with Trey. He shoved me off her and we suspected him to be the one poisoning her, yet he saved her. He then defended her and I tried to rack my brain for an answer. Something was off, and if he didn’t poison her, then who did?

Damian taps my knee and nods to her foot and I clutch her tighter, my other arm going across her shoulders and legs could hear her breathing come in pants. I see their lips counting down, and at three I flooded her with the calling, almost knocking her out with it as they yanked it from her foot.

Azalea jerks in my arms but doesn’t scream out, and Damian holds it up to examine it. While Trey checked her foot to make sure it was all out.

“You and I will be having a chat,” I mind-link Trey. He nods in acknowledgment at my words but doesn’t look up, instead retrieves a cloth from the bathroom.

So much didn’t add up and once Azalea was sorted I was getting to the bottom of what was going on with Trey. And how he was able to attack me so easily, and also figure out what the heck was going on with all these rumors about him.