His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 177

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 177

Kyson POV

It took hours for her to wake up, and Damian went back to the castle to retrieve some clothes, so I wasn’t walking around in just a hospital gown.

I had just walked back into the room to find that she was sitting up. I felt nothing through the bond to tell me she had woken, and I only stepped out a minute to change quickly. As she pinched the front of her gown, I watched her look inside before rubbing her t****s.

Her lips quivered, and she looked at her hands. Doc and I had cleaned her up, so she wasn’t soaked in blood, but the way she looked at her hands was like that was all she saw. Moving closer, her head lifted, and she looked at me. Her voice held no emotion, and felt nothing through the bond at all, like the bond no longer existed.

“Did you feel it?” she asked, and my hand stopped beside her face as it reached toward her. I swallowed and stepped closer, cupping the back of her neck and messaging my fingers through her hair. Still, no reaction through the bond.

“I could feel it, feel it leave me,” she whispered, staring vacantly at my chest.

“I know, love,” I whispered, and she sat frozen, staring off.

“How about we get you home?” I asked her, and once again she said nothing, didn’t move, not even blink. She was an empty shell, and I fought the urge to growl. I would k**l him, but first, I needed to take care of her, but he would d*e for doing this to her once little found out why.

Azalea had no reaction when I picked her up, none at all. I took her home and set her in her nest, and she laid down.


Three days later


She hadn’t gotten out of bed in three days, she hadn’t slept, and she hadn’t eaten. Doc came and checked her yesterday and said it was to be expected, and I was too frightened to leave her side since I still felt nothing through the bond. It was like she wasn’t there at all, yet she was because I was staring at her.

I brushed her hair back before trying to move her up the bed so she could rest on me, but she slid straight back down into her nest, burrowing back beneath the blankets as if they would somehow protect her from the world.

Sighing, I place the book down I was reading to her and wander off into the bathroom. I ran a bath. She needed to get moving, something. I would take anything at this point. Not even my calling roused any reaction from her.

Even the mind link was blocked. I filled the bath with bubbles and lavender, it made me crinkle my nose, but I knew she liked the smell. Walking back out, l retrieved one of my shirts from the closet. She was still in the hospital gown, but I was determined to get her into something else. Hopefully, get her to eat or speak.

Once I had towels and a shirt for her, I checked the water and waited for it to fill before shutting the water off. Stepping into the room, she was still in the same spot, and I had to untangle her from the blankets. I grabbed her, and she remained still as I removed her gown while she sat on the edge of the bed.

Goosebumps covered her skin, and laser stripped my clothes off before grabbing her and climbing in the bath with her. I set her between my legs, and she remains motionless while l wash her hair and clean her. We stayed in the water until it went cold, and l pulled her back out, drying her off and tugging my shirt over her head. Yet it angered me when she just rolled back into her nest that had no order.

Clarice had sent up soup for me to try and get her to eat, but she just rolled over. Reaching for my whiskey, I swig from the bottle. It was the only thing that kept me from losing my d**n mind. The silence was k*****g me; not feeling anything through the bond was lonely. I just wanted a reaction. Any reaction would do, so I knew she was still with me.

I eye the nest, pissed off with how it obscured her from me as she hid under the blankets when the bottle slipped from my hands and shattered on the floor. I snarl at the mess live made.

My anger became too much and forced the shift. I stormed over to the bed, ripping at her nest, trying to fix the d**n thing, yet I only managed to tear apart the mattress. With a growl, dropped onto the bed. I was about to mind-link Damian to ring Doc again when I felt movement on the bed before feeling her hand run across my fur to my chest before she laid her head on my chest.

Astonished, I stared at her. It was the first time she had moved toward me, and, of course, it had to be when wasn’t in human form. I was tempted to change back, but I didn’t want her to slide away in case she didn’t move back into place.

I turned my face and sniffed her hair. I let my calling wash over her. She snuggled closer, and I sighed. Well, it was something; I guess.

When she woke a few hours later, life shifted back, and immediately she burrowed back down under blankets.

The next few days, I came to notice she only came to me if I was shifted, and not in human form, so I had spent the majority of my time in this state.

Hearing a knock on the door. I moved off the bed. Azalea had helped me fix her nest today; we changed the sheets and fixed it up, but she didn’t rebuild it like I hoped, which saddened me; I had gotten used to the thing, such a bizarre thing for she-wolves to do, but still, I hated not curling up in it with her.

Liam enters with strips of raw meat and cubed cheese and crackers Clarice had sent up.

“Still the same?” Liam asks, and I nod.

It had been over a week, and still, she hadn’t eaten. She was dropping weight like crazy. This time I struggled as I was going to try to make her eat while in this form. The claws would make it a real pain, yet she seemed more comfortable with me in my Lycan form.

“I was thinking,” he said as I went to turn away from him. I stop and turn to look at him.

“About what?” I didn’t want to hear about Peter or theories right now. I only cared about Azalea. Peter was locked in the cells, and I would deal with him when I could.

“About why she won’t go near you when you’re not shifted,” he says. My brows furrow when I feel him open up the mind link.

“You can’t mate with her,” Liam says, and I growl, looking back at the bed before looking at Liam again.

“Something to think about,” Liam says, and I nod, making me wonder if he was right. Yet I couldn’t live in this form. I missed wearing clothes and using my hands properly. Claws and buttons don’t mix.

Liam walks out, and I move toward the bed and sit on it before propping her up on pillows, so she is sitting up. My claws nick her arm by accident when l grab her, and I sigh, leaning down and licking the spot where I broke the skin. I watch it heal.

“Sorry,” I tell her, and she just stares at me, but she doesn’t even flinch. I pinch a beef strip between my claws only to drop it. I growl, trying to pick the d**n thing up again, only to drop it again when she moves to pick it up herself.

Her movements were robotic-like. She was on autopilot. Though excitement bloomed in me, she managed to eat half of what was on the plate, and despite me insisting she eats more, she wouldn’t. I set the plate aside and laid down with her again, eventually falling asleep. It felt like all we did was sleep and read. It felt wrong.

I wanted to hear her voice. Yet it was Trey talking to Abbie outside the doors that woke me. I jumped to my feet and saw that it was late in the afternoon, the sun slowly going down out the windows. I could see the kids playing on the hill as I stood, I moved toward the door. Maybe Abbie could get her up.

However, when I opened the door, I remembered she couldn’t because she was still under command. Abbie was asking Trey how she was, and Liam was nowhere to be seen, so I assume he and Trey swapped places guarding Peter. I expected his grandparents to come looking for him, but no one did, or if they did, no one told me about it.

Tyson was perched on her hip. He was playing with her hair when I opened the door just as she gasped, peering out the window at the children playing on the hill. A brawl had started outside amongst some of the older children.

She thrusts Tyson at Trey, rushing down the steps to break it up. I watched from the window while Trey held Tyson.

“Maybe go help her,” I suggest seeing her and Clarice both struggling to separate the kids that were determined to get the last hit in. Trey sighs, passing Tyson to me and rushing toward the stairs.

“Wait!” I call, and he stops on the steps.

“Take the boy with you,” I told him, holding him at arm’s length.

“You want to help or not,” Trey says, and I look out the window to see guards trying to help and sigh.

“Just don’t take too long.,” I tell him, and he nods before disappearing. I perch the boy on my hip. Tyson was only small, and he tugged on my fur when he started making strange grunting noises before wailing like he was being m******d and pointing toward the room.

“No, we can’t go in there,” I told him when he started wailing and thrashing in my arms. He kicks me in the b***s, making me drop him, but I catch him before he hit the ground, setting him on the ground. He rushes off, and my eyes widen in horror as I turn to find him in our room. Unsure how Azalea would react to him. I rushed in. He was screeching and fisting air.

“What?” I ask him, trying to hush him and glancing nervously at the bed where Azalea was. She didn’t seem to hear him or didn’t care. I wasn’t sure. He screeched and grunted again.

“I don’t know what you want,” I tell him, trying to pick him up and remove him from the room. I shh him and peer out the window for Abbie. Who was scolding some of the kids?

“Your mother will be back soon,” I told him. He grunted, fisting his hands and squeezing them tightly.

“He wants the books,” Azalea says, and I jump, looking at the bed. Azalea is still in the same spot. Tyson also jumps at the sound of her voice and peers over at her. I set him down when he started kicking his legs and moving to the bookshelf.

I point to each book when he goes crazy, grunting as I touch one with a picture of an apple on the side. Snow White. I pulled it from the shelf and handed it to him, and was about to escort him out when he rushed toward the bed.

I chased him, scooping him up before he climbed in, only for him to bite me, making me let him go. I growled and reached for him when Azalea sat up so quickly and snatched him before l could.

She sets him next to her, and Tyson opens the book. He smacks the pages, grunting and making strange noises. It was obvious what he wanted this time. He wanted her to read it.

Azalea doesn’t say anything but grabs the book from him, holding it out to me. “He can read Tyson. You know lyrics can’t,” she tells him when Abbie returns, and it was like she walked into a wall as she tried to cross the threshold. Azalea stared at Tyson, brushing her fingertips through his hair, and I bit my lip, knowing Abbie wanted her son when I mouthed to her.

“Can he stay for a bit?” she glances at Azalea, brushing his hair, and nods before walking off. I sighed. It was the most she had done, so I didn’t want her to slip back into herself. I open the book and start reading, and eventually, Tyson falls asleep, and so does Azzy.

Trey came in a few hours later to collect him for Abbie, and I expected her to roll away from me when I shifted back, now that the kid was gone.

Instead, she moved closer and placed her head on my chest. I kiss her forehead, tucking her closer.

Maybe tomorrow will be better, I thought to myself. Either way, tomorrow, I had no choice but to deal with Peter. He had been in the cells for over a week, nearly two, and I wanted him gone for what he did.