His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 181

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 181

“I may have, to prevent you from going without me,” Kyson whispers, and lies sigh. I was relieved he wasn’t mad, but I still had to go into town.

“Come on; I need to get changed,” Kyson says.

“I was about to go to town with Liam,”

“Why? What is it you want? I will send for it,” He asked while burying his face in my neck. My heart beats erratically at his words, something he picks up on instantly. A low purr emanates from him as he runs his nose up my neck to my jaw, forcing my head up as he scents my skin. Scenting any deception, I couldn’t bring myself to lie. Not for Peter, not for myself either.

Kyson stayed, and even though his scent reeked of whiskey from last night, which should have made me wary, I told him the truth.

“I was going to see Peter’s grandparents. Peter told me something, and I wanted to ask,”

“No!” He growled cutting me off.

“Wait. You haven’t even let me explain.”

“I don’t care what Peter said! It won’t save him from me and you won’t change my mind either! Whatever game he has played that has made you curious and feeling guilty won’t be entertained. The answer is no, Azalea,” Kyson says, and my stomach sinks. I needed answers. I just wanted answers.

Kyson nudges me toward the door, but my feet remain planted. “Azzy, please.

I don’t want to fight with you, not when you have only just come back to me.”

“Then don’t make me,” I tell him. Kyson growls and pinches the bridge of his nose, his eyes squeezing shut, and jaw hard, and I watch the hair on his arms stand on end as he fights with himself.

He was fighting a war within himself not to drag me to the room and lock me in. He didn’t want that but felt he had no choice.

“Please,” I asked. I didn’t want to go against him, but I needed to know.

“What for? What did he say to you that made you feel sorry for him?” Kyson demanded.

“I want answers about his parents. About why he did it,”

“He did it because he is a f*****g monster!” Kyson screamed at me before punching the bench. He growled, his entire body tensing as he stared down at his hand and the bowl he smashed under it.

“I ask, and you say no. I go, and I get punished for it. You don’t leave me many choices, Kyson,” I tell him while reaching for a tea towel. I wet it while he picks the glass out when the door creaks open.

“Out! She is fine. I won’t f*****g hurt her!” Kyson snarls at whoever it is before the door creaks shut.

“I woke up, and you were b****y gone and you went to the person responsible for k*****g our baby! So no, I don’t want you running around after him,” Kyson snarls.

I reach for his hand and start cleaning it. The way he said it made me sound stupid for wanting answers. Kyson watches me and turns his hand over, and I pick another thick shard from the side of his palm. He hisses, and I drop it on the bench, applying pressure to it, knowing he would heal quickly.

“I need to go, Kyson,” I whispered. Whether or not he agreed, I would find a way to go. He mutters something lyrics don’t catch, and I go to chuck the tea towel in the laundry out the back when he captures my wrist.

I look at him, and his jaw is clenched, though his grip is gentle. “Will you sneak off?” he asks me. “If I say no.

Will you go behind my back?” he asked.

“Don’t ask me questions if you know the answer already. Don’t make me feel like I need to lie to you.”

“I want to know why?” he asks.

“He said Ester is his mother, that the dagger he stabbed me with was his father. I want to know who his father is,”

“Why does it matter? He is a monster and he is lying. Ester never had a kid,”

“Are you sure?” I asked him, and he seemed to think.

“Even if she is, it changes nothing. He f*****g hurt you! K****d our baby! It won’t stop me from k*****g him,”


“No! He will pay for what he has done!”

“Then come with me! Come with me, and I won’t have to go behind your back,” I tell him in a last-ditch effort, knowing that this was going in two directions. Him dragging me to the room, kicking and screaming, or me going behind his back.

Kyson growls and stares at me, but I hold my ground. Why couldn’t he see that I needed to do this? Needed to be at peace with this?

“I take you, and you will stop this? Will you stop defending him?”

“I can’t promise that. I don’t know what we will find.”

“Find what? What are you looking for? He’s guilty! The dagger in your stomach is enough proof of that!” he screams. I didn’t answer because I had no idea what I was looking for. I just wanted answers, something to make sense. Kyson, noticing my silence, s***s in a breath, his chest heaving as he panted, trying to calm the fury writhing inside him.

I moved on instinct and wrapped my arms around his waist. He sighs, calming instantly, and presses his lips to my head. His anguish came out in anger, something I was identifying.

“I’ll take you, but we leave if I don’t like what they have to say.” I look up at him, resting my chin on his chest.

“You don’t leave my side. You don’t argue if I say we are leaving.” I chewed my lip but nodded my head, and he dipped his head lower, pinching my chin.

“And you eat first,” he purrs, brushing his nose along mine. “Then I will take you to see them. Just don’t hide things from me.”

“Then that should go both ways, Kyson. You don’t want me hiding things from you, so don’t be a hypocrite and hide stuff from me.”

“Come then. You can’t go in the robe. Were you really going to wear that to town?”

“It smells like you,” I admit, and he kisses my hair, tugging me toward the door. We ate, and both got dressed, and Kyson, true to his word, took me into town.

He pulled up at an old cottage just on the outskirts of the forest when we heard banging from inside and things being smashed about as I climbed out of the car. Kyson instantly stuffs me back inside, and Liam growls before stalking off toward the cottage, just as Trey bursts from the doors, covered in blood. A man rushed out behind him b****y. I gasp at the sight, shocked to find Trey here.

“Trey?” Kyson asks, looking at him, and I climb out of the car. Trey clutched his hair and snarled, pacing back and forth before stopping when a woman rushed out, grabbing the older man by the arm. The woman reminded me of Ester, though she only looked to be in her forties. Then again, Lycan genes made looks deceiving. She clutches her chest when she spots Liam and Kyson in her driveway.

“What is going on here?” Kyson demands, and the woman looks at Trey, who falls on his a*s on the ground.