His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 182

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 182

“I asked a f*****g question!” Kyson snarls before turning on Trey. He stalks toward him when the woman calls out.

“He’s my son!” she says, making all of us freeze. My eyes widen, and Kyson looks between the couple and Trey. Liam does the same, yet my eyes go to Trey.

“Ester, is your sister?” I asked him.

“That s**t is not my f*****g sister!” he growls menacingly, and Kyson roars back at him. Trey drops his head before baring his neck to me. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to speak that way to you, Azalea,” Trey murmurs.

“Okay… Well, I am f*****g lost here! Not what I thought you were going to say. Not gonna lie, but when I saw you burst through those d**n doors, I, for a whole second, believed Peter was your son and that you never knew.”

Liam says, and Trey puts his head in his hands.

“He isn’t, though. Right? Because that’s a little f****d up. And b****y gross, man. Not that I am judging or anything, but… F**k it! Yeah, I am judging,” Trey growls, glaring at Liam while my head is spinning, trying to figure it out.

“Is that what it is? Did you f**k your sister? Or is this b***h lying?” Liam asks, nudging his head at the woman.

Kyson just kept staring back and forth.

My neck was hurting from doing the same as I tried to figure it out myself.

“I did not f**k that w***e!” Trey growls.

“Wait! So Ester is your sister?!” Kyson snaps.

“She is not my sister!” Trey snarls.

“Will someone tell me what is going on here?” Kyson snarls, finding himself caught up in the drama. I moved toward Trey, but Kyson’s arm wrapped around my waist, stopping me as he pulled me against him.

“No. You remain by my side. I won’t be taking chances with your life,” he whispers. Trey glares at the woman on the small veranda when the woman speaks as she steps down the steps and onto the grass.

“Trey is my son,,” she says, and Kyson looks at Trey, and he nods.

“How?” is all Kyson says.

“My father raised me. My father was a Landeena guard,” Trey says, glaring at the man who was beside the woman.

“She is my mother and it turns out Peter is my nephew. I am Ester’s half-brother and that p***k isn’t my father!” Trey snarls.

“If I were you, you wouldn’t be a disrespectful little s**t! I would’ve beaten that attitude out of you when you were younger. You dare come in here mouthing off and demanding answers we don’t f*****g have! We don’t see Ester. She has nothing to do with us.” The man sneers.

“And where is Ester? Does anyone know?” I asked. The couple look at each other but both shrug.

“Liam, go find her and bring her to the castle,” Kyson says, although something else played on my mind.

Why haven’t they come looking for Peter? Did they care so little for him?

I place my hand on Kyson’s chest and look at him, and he sighs.

“My mate wants to ask you both some questions, though now I have a few of my own,” Kyson says, looking at Trey.

“I will put on a pot of tea, My King,” “Trey will make it. I don’t trust you,” I tell them. They look outraged at my words.

“I suppose that is understandable after what that mutt did,” the man says, and I raise an eyebrow at his words. Mutt? He would call his grandson a mutt?

“Brennon! Quiet! Go clean yourself up,” The woman hisses at him, and he growls at her but storms inside, and so does Trey. “Hands to yourselves in there,” Kyson snarls out the order, his aura erupting out, and his grip on me tightens when I nearly give way under it, not expecting it.

The woman across from us is brought to her knees under the weight of it, and the man dropped in the doorway of his house. Trey growls and grits his teeth.

He nods, and Kyson releases him, and Trey walks inside.

“Don’t you drop on me. My side, not my feet,” Kyson growls, kissing my temple and holding me tighter. The man was fighting it when Kyson added more weight to it. He screams, rolling onto his back.

“Submit Brennon, you old fossil,” Kyson growls. Brennan whimpers, then yelps before giving in to the order.

Kyson releases him, and the woman on the ground is panting for air. She bares her neck to Kyson, and he growls but lets her up. She dusts her hands off on her brown apron.

Brennan, however, sits up, leaning against the doorframe, trying to catch his breath. “P***k like your father,”

“Wrong, Brennon. I am so much worse than him. Test me again, and you’ll find out how much worse!” Kyson snarls, leading me to the verandah.

“I’m Mavis, dear. It is lovely to finally put a face to the name,” the woman says as she shows us to a small outside setting. I went to sit down when Kyson tugged me on his lap farther away from the couple as they took their seats.

“Why didn’t you come looking for Peter?” I asked.

“He got himself in trouble. Broke the law, and went against everything we believe in,” Brennan says, nodding to Kyson.

“Brennon was oathed to my father. A personal guard,”

“Correct, and the boy broke a sacred law. A few of them in fact. Therefore, I accept the fate coming to him,” Brennan says. Mavis looks at her hand and she says nothing.

“You would let him d*e?” I asked.

“Yep! I’d k**l the little s**t myself if the King asks,” Brennon states.

“I can handle the boy myself,” Kyson says, and Brennon nods once. I swallowed. It sounded so cruel. Would no one fight for him? Though the woman’s eyes were glassy, she remained quiet and submissive to her mate.

“And Trey?” I asked just as he came out.

“Oh, mum got around, didn’t you, ma?” Trey snarls, dropping a tray on the table. Brennan growls, his eyes glaring daggers at Trey.

“Watch your tongue, boy!” he sneers.

“Why? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Mum was w***e. Ester was a w***e… “

“Enough.” Kyson warns, and Trey presses his lips in a line.

“Oh, will you stop it? I never wanted you or your twin. Get over it. I was young and stupid, yet still, you blame me. Your father wasn’t my mate. What did you expect? I brought some other man’s b*****d twin’s home with me?” she asked. Wow, I thought. This woman was a piece of work. Trey shakes his head and clucks his tongue.

“No. I am glad dad raised us. His mate was my mother and worthy of the title. You, are pathetic!” Trey spits at her.