His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 183

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 183

Kyson POV

Everything was slipping out of my control. We got little information from Ester’s parents. They had no idea who fathered Peter. They said he was dropped on their doorstep with a letter from Ester saying to look after him.

Azalea remained quiet on the trip home, I had no idea what she was hoping to find by going there, we only left with more questions and Trey glared out the window. Liam looked everywhere for Ester, but no one had seen her. Though her boss, at the grocer, that she was apparently now working at, said she left in a hurry, making me suspicious of her.

Azalea turned to look at me as the gates came into view. She knew his grandparents sealed his fate though why she wanted to save him after what he did was not comprehensible to me.

When we arrived back at the Castle, I asked Liam to take Azalea back to our room. She glances at me but doesn’t fight me, usually she would, her eyes search mine for a second as if she was trying to read me. I was prepared for that so I blocked her out. I could see she wanted to ask, but she remained tight-lipped and opened the door. Trey moves to get out of the car and I look at him, my hand gripping his shoulder.

“Stay where you are,” I tell him, watching out the window to make sure Liam and Azalea are gone. When they are, I let him go.

“Why didn’t you tell me Ester was your sister?” I asked him.

“She is not my sister!” Trey snarls and shakes his head.

“By blood she is your half sister,” I tell him.

“Not by choice. I should have k****d her back in Landeena.” Trey growls.

“You have a twin. Is it possible he is the father?” I asked. Though something was niggling at me, I just didn’t want to admit it.

“We aren’t f*****g inbred!” Trey says, turning in the passenger seat to look at me.

“She wanted to leave her parents, not that I blame her. You have seen her parents. Her mother let it slip that she had brothers, and she came to us. We took her in. That was the worst mistake of my d**n life.”

“How long ago was that?”

“Nearly 16 years ago,”

“Peter is 15. Is it possible his father was from Landeena?” Trey says nothing.

“Was she pregnant when she arrived?” Trey shakes his head.

“No, she wasn’t. I didn’t even know she was pregnant. She left a few months before the attack,”

“Was she with anyone when she was with you?” I asked.

“She is f*****g w***e.” Trey snarls.

“You know I plan on k*****g Peter, right? Will that cause issues with you and me?” Trey shakes his head.

“If you want, I will do it for you,” he says, his eyes cold and the hatred he had I couldn’t understand.

“And Ester?”

“She’s d**d to me.” he says while gritting his teeth.

“I want Peter out of the picture, and I feel Azalea will fight me on it. Liam has taken her to our room. Will you have the stomach for it or should I ask Gannon?”

“As I said, I will do it for you.” Trey answers like k*****g his nephew was nothing to him. Yet the same thing still gnawed beneath my skin.

“Good. Because we are going to the cells while Liam distracts Azalea,” I tell him. Trey nods, not that it would change my decision. As long as he didn’t outright state it, I haven’t broken no laws.

“One last question,” I say as he opens the door. Trey pauses and looks at me.

“Are you sired to Peter?” I ask him.

“No, no, I am not,” he answers.

“Is there a chance I will be committing treason?” I ask him.

“With Garrett, there is always that chance,” he says the words rolling off his tongue venomously. His words confused me because if he is sired to the Landeena bloodline, how come Peter doesn’t fall under that sire? I had so many questions, or maybe that was proof he wasn’t Garret’s. I knew he wasn’t mine. I only slept with her twice, and that was in a drunken stupor after my sister died.

Peter’s paternity was bothersome. Werewolves you could tell by scent when they were related. Lycans, each of us had our own unique scent. It wasn’t so straightforward.

If only it was the same as werewolves, but even they had their own unique scent to us, only slight variances that gave away when they were family. It would come in handy right now, and if our scents mingled like Werewolves did, then I might have realized Trey and Ester were siblings. However, I was curious as to what she did that made him hate her. Yet I had something to take care of and I would get answers to this sibling rivalry and the sire stuff later to see how deep it runs.

We climbed out of the car, yet as l approached the castle, I could hear arguing in the corridor. It was Azalea, and she turned her glare on me the moment I entered the hall.

“No! You think I can’t feel your intentions, Kyson? We need to speak to Ester first. I won’t let you hurt him.” she snarls and I stop; she couldn’t be serious? That boy k****d our baby.

“I wasn’t asking your permission. I told you nothing would get in the way of me k*****g him.” I answer.

“He is a boy! Ester should …”

“Ester isn’t here, she doesn’t get a say,” I cut her off while turning my attention to Liam.

“Grab him and bring him to me,” Liam rushed off, and I turned to Trey.

“Lock her in the room and wait until Liam returns. Then come down …”

“What? No! I won’t let you do this!” Azalea says, stepping away from Trey as he tries to grab her.

“Azzy, go to the room.” I tell her, but she shakes her head, avoiding Trey’s reaching hands.

“No!” she says slapping Trey’s hands away. I nod to him and he grabs her, tossing her over his shoulder.

“Put me down! You’re sired to me, not f*****g him Trey!” She screams, smacking into him and palming him in the head.

“I’m sired to protect you. And you don’t want to witness his d***h,” Trey tells her.

She thrashes on his shoulder and he starts walking toward our ward and Clarice steps out of a room on the side as he storms past her.

“Kyson, please! He is just a boy,” Clarice murmurs, rushing over to me.

“What is with you and her defending him?” I snarled.

“Because no one else is. Not his family. No one,” Clarice says.

“He k****d my baby, and nearly k****d my mate! Your Queen!” I snap at her and she flinches just as Liam comes out of the kitchen down the hall. Trey turned toward the stairs, but not fast enough before she saw him.

“Please! Please Azalea, I didn’t mean it! I didn’t mean it!” Peter cries, dragging his feet and thrashing. Liam snarls and I hear Trey grunt before Azalea lunges at Liam but Trey grabs her around the waist, ripping her back.

“No! No, Kyson!” she wails. What was wrong with her? This monster k****d her baby and she will fight for the b*****d.