His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 184

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 184

“Please rethink this, Kyson,” Clarice begs beside me and I glare at her, making her quiet only for a blazing fury to erupt from Azalea. It was like a shock wave and made me shiver.

I felt her order from the end of the corridor, like a shock wave as it burst from her.

“Let me go!” she commanded and Trey did, dropping her under the command.

“You will not k**l him! Not until I have spoken to Ester. Unhand him Liam!” she orders and Liam g****s, fighting her command, but ultimately she takes him down, even from all the way back there. I grit my teeth, this is the last thing I needed, for her to find her d**n power over that little mutt!

Peter goes to run but I grip the back of shirt and rip him toward me and he screams, the sound hurting my ears.

Clarice whimpers and so do the guards and staff present as I toss him out the doors. He hit the ground and slid across it before getting to his feet and running.

“Freeze!” I ordered. And he does instantly, straining against the command as I moved toward him.

“I warned you, Azalea, that I was doing this. So if you want to watch it, so be it,” I tell her, stalking towards him.

Azalea attacks me, her hands grabbing me and she clutches my arms and l spin and grab her face.

Her face drenched in tears, her desperation shining back at me. “He k****d our baby. He almost k****d you,” I tell her and her eyes flick to him and her Lycan side flickers, her eyes burning brighter before dimming in defeat.

“Please, don’t make me do this,” she whispers.

“I’m not making you do anything. Just go inside,” I tell her. She shakes her head.

“We lost our baby,” she says and I nod, closing my eyes.

“That doesn’t mean we should lose ourselves. We aren’t child killers. We aren’t monsters. Ester should be able to say goodbye at the very least,” she whispers. How could she say that? Peter never gave her that opportunity.

My eyes open and her lip quivers as more tears spill over. I wipe them with my thumbs and kiss her forehead, and she whimpers. She knows she wasn’t changing my mind.

“Go inside”‘ I tell her, letting her go and she crumples to the ground.

“No! No, no, no, please! Please!” Peter begged, but he was frozen under my command when I heard a scream. I turned to Azalea, thinking it was her.

Azalea was still on the ground sobbing when her head, turns to the side.

“Mum!” Peter screams and I turn to see Ester just at the gates.

Instead of looking at her son, she was looking at Azalea. Trey rushes out the doors with a ferocious growl. Ester jumps when Azalea stands with a speed. I was surprised she didn’t faint from the motion. She tosses her hand out in Trey’s direction and her command and power blasts out of her.

“Stop!” she roared, and Trey was thrown back against the doors as if hit with the weight of force field. Her command sent shock waves through me and if it was directed at me, she would have dropped me. Her eyes glowed brighter than ever, taking on an eerie look, an almost white light. They b****d so brightly that it hurt my eyes to look at her.

Trey smashed against the doors, ripping one door off by the hinges completely as it crashed down beneath him. He grunted, and I sat up, shocked. I knew the Landeena’s had power, and had seen the way her father cheated in the trials. His command had the power to k**l, and she had now just awoken it.

One thing that terrified me the most, and she finally realized what I was hiding from her. Her gaze goes to mine, just as Ester drops to her knees at her feet. I swallowed guiltily, and she didn’t take her eyes from me, not even as Ester begged.

“Please! It’s not his fault! K**l me. Please, let me take his place,” Ester pleads, and Azalea pulls her gaze from me.

She was furious, and her entire body trembled with anger so hot I worried she would set the castle on fire with it.

The history books always told of the Landeena Power and looking at her l realized she held her father’s power and her mothers, she would now be a force of nature, no one could contend against a Landeena and she was born of not one gifted bloodline but two. Both Landeena and Azure.

Azure the powerful, Azure the pure, Azure the great. The History books read. Azalea was also Landeena. Their history books read similarly. Landeena the blessed, Landeena the beholder of divine power, Landeena our salvation, Landeena the empress and now she had awoken it. Now she possessed what was suppressed, and I knew without a doubt that I had some answering to do. And now she had awoken it, the entire werewolf, Lycan and Hunters communities would be after her.

But first I had to take care of Peter before she turned it on me. Shifting, she would struggle to hold power long enough to contain my beast, so I gave in to it, let that side take control. My claws slashed down Peter’s face.

Ester screamed, and I moved to break his neck. My fingers wrapped around his throat when Ester’s words stopped me, and so did Azalea’s command.

“He is a Landeena!” Ester screams simultaneously as Azalea orders me to stop. Though, her shock had her dropping the command long enough for me to grip his throat tighter and cut his air off, before I am frozen under it again. My head pounding to the force of it as I tried to fight it; she could overthrow me. However, she was using power she had no idea how to wield, and it would be straining on her until she learned to harness it correctly.

I growled, turning to Ester. “He has immunity! He is King Garret’s son!” Ester cries, clutching onto Azalea’s pants.

“Please! He is your brother! He’s your half brother, please!” she begs, and l s*****w, look down at Peter’s, my hands trembling as I squeeze his neck.

“Let him go.” Azalea says, her voice trembled, her eyes flicking toward me.

I growl at her and her eyes blaze with anger, and her next words slammed against me with the force of a freight train.

“Let him go. I have lost my child and I will not witness another lose hers! Let him go!” She commands, with tears trekking down her face yet her words were clear and unwavering.