His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 195

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 195

My fist smashes against his face, knocking him backward. Liam grunts as I repeatedly punch him, yet the fool didn’t even defend himself, just put his hands up trying to block me when I felt sparks rush across my entire body jolting me out of my rage as my mate tried to yank me off him. Liam’s eyes glaze over and it is only moments later that the door is nearly kicked off the hinges.

My mate’s scream echoed off the walls when Dustin ripped me backward and I landed on top of him. Liam g****s, sitting up. His lip is split open, and his nose is bleeding. Even so, I still couldn’t help the menacing growl that rumbled through my chest. I wanted to k**l him. Liam wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and is panting. When a startled squeak sounds from the door. Dustin’s arms locked around my waist prevented me from moving from where I was crushing him.

Twisting my head, I see the girl who escorted us up here when she went to scream for who I am assuming is security. A blur of motion rushed past me, grabbing her and clamping a hand over her mouth before she could.

Liam drags her thrashing body into the room and kicks the door shut with his foot. “Misunderstanding love, nothing to worry about, shh,” he breathes, letting her go and shoving her toward my mate. My mate had her hands clasped over her mouth as she stared at me in horror.

I growl at her, still angered. Some part of me knew it wasn’t Liam’s fault. How was he to know? Yet my Lycan side wanted to k**l him, knowing he slept with her and was as equally pissed that our mate turned out to be a prostitute.

“Calm down, Damian, you can’t draw attention to us here,” Dustin says, his behind me, his hands gripping my shirt when I try to get up.

“I need to get out of here,” I seethed through gritted teeth, every instinct telling me to rip the place apart and k**l anyone that touched her.

The two women took terrified steps back as I rose to my feet, my eyes flick to my half n***d mate cowering beside her and I sneer. I couldn’t help it.

“Put some f*****g clothes on we are leaving,” I snarl at her and she looks at the frightened woman beside her. The woman clutches her arm, and I turn to look back at Dustin.

“Tell me you got what we needed?” I snap at him and he pulls some files from inside his denim jacket that were rolled up.

“All here,” he says, catching his breath now that I wasn’t crushing him. He looks past me, looking at my mate behind me.

“What do we do about her?” Liam asks, pointing to the other woman standing petrified next to my mate. I clutch my hair in frustration. F**k! This was not part of the d**n plan, and I take her Crux will know we were here, yet I couldn’t leave her either.

Kyson is going to lose his d**n mind over this, “command her to keep quiet.” I tell Liam and Dustin gets to his feet. He offers his hand to the poor girl whose fear was so potent it was the most dominating scent in the room.

“I won’t hurt you, but you need to come with me,” Dustin says, and she stares at his hand as if it were snake that would bite her before glancing at my mate who had yet to speak beside scream when l attacked Liam. I ignore her, knowing if I look at her, I may lose control again.

“Go, I will be fine,” my mate whispers nudging her though I could see the way her hands trembled.

The girl hesitantly steps forward, yet doesn’t take Dustin’s hand. She was more eager to escape the room but before she could bolt, Liam draped his arm across her shoulders, ensuring she didn’t run. They leave the room, shutting the door behind them.

Turning my attention from the door, I face my mate and look her over and she was trying to cover herself up before she walks over and grabs a blue silk robe. long watched as she slipped it on and tied the silk belt around her waist.

“Your name?” I asked her, though I remember it started with a T. Moving across the room toward her, I went to grab her when she jumped onto the bed and moves out of reach. She ran across it to get away from me. My growl makes her freeze, her eyes darting to the door.

“Run and you will regret the action,” I tell her, noticing how her eyes went toward the door.

“I asked for your name, so answer me,” I snap at her.

“Tandi, it’s f*****g Tandi,” she snaps back and the fire in her eyes surprised me as she glared at me. It irked me because it wasn’t like she caught me f*****g whoring myself out.

Some logical part of me knew I should ask questions, but my Lycan side was pissed that she was a prostitute, which only overshadowed any common sense.

“Just reject me and get it over with,” she snaps, and my eyebrows rise at her words. Ignoring her tone, I sigh.

“I’m Damian,” she nods once acknowledging it, although she adds nothing. I press my lips in a line.

“Get your stuff. We are leaving,” I tell her, however, she shakes her head. My jaw clenches and a snarl tears out of me.

“It wasn’t an option,” I grit out.

“I can’t leave, so reject me, or I will reject you,” she says and I laugh. She would really reject her own mate? Someone willing to take her away from this place?

“You do, and I will mark you on the spot. I am a Lycan. I can’t reject my d**n mate or I would have in a heartbeat,” I tell her. Yet seeing the hurt in her gaze, I instantly regretted the words. I knew I was only speaking out of anger from the situation of how long found her.

She swallows, looking at the wall and nodding her head. Despite her wanting me to reject her, I notice the way her eyes turn glassy, as if my words hurt her more than she was willing to admit.

“Done, Beta. We can leave when you’re ready,” Dustin Mind links.

“Meet me at the car,” I tell them, moving toward her and her eyes widen before she bolts for the door. My arm snakes around her waist as her hand grips the door handle.

“Believe me, you don’t f*****g want me. Just let me go,” she growls at me.

“Not my choice, we are leaving,” I snap at her and she tosses her head back. Her head smashed against my nose, making me let her go when I feel the crunch of it. Blood spurts out of my nose and lips groan just as she tosses the door open, making an escape.

I give chase. My fingers grip the back of her robe, ripping her back when she pivots, her robe tearing as my claws slip out and she palms me in the face, making my head snap back with the force before kneeing me in the b***s. For such a small petite thing she could defend herself, I suppose working here you would learn a thing or two.

My breathing hitches and my nuts feel like they are suddenly lodged in my d**n throat as I try to breathe around the pain. She rushes out the door and I clutch a nearby dresser, pulling myself up only to run out the door after the woman.

Looking up the hall, she was running toward the third floor. With a snarl, I chase after her, grabbing her ankle on the stairs and she pivots, kicking me in the shoulder and pushing me back, only to race off again.

“Stop!” I order, and she freezes as my command rolls over. Yet I could tell she was trying her darndest to fight against it. Sweat rolled down her forehead, and she gritted her teeth, her fists clenched at her sides, and she breathed heavily.

Moving up the stairs, I drop the command as I grab her wrist before yanking her back down the steps. “I can’t go with you, you don’t understand I have a—” noise in the hall below makes her gasp as security strolled down the red corridor.

Their eyes move to me, dragging my mate when they attack before I could command them to stop. One swung at me and I only just duck back out of the way, the movement forcing me to let my mate go or risk her getting hurt.

Her footsteps could be heard racing up the steps behind me while I squared off with the two baboons who dare challenge a Lycan. I shrug. I needed to b**n off some of this anger, anyway.