His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 202

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 202

Yet the feeling through the bond, I could tell Kyson fully believed that it was just a coincidence. He was unbelieving that the woman who raised me was innocent. He needed to blame her, yet after everything, I wasn’t so sure. I just needed something. Some part of the puzzle, some way to awaken my memory of that night. I had dribs and drabs. I saw Marrissa in her hunter’s uniform and the insignia, yet why did I feel it wasn’t her that called the hunters in?

I listened to them debate and argue, but how did this all link to the missing rogue women and children? So many questions were left unanswered or in doubt. Then there was Ester and Trey’s story on top of Tandi’s? Looking around at them while they were discussing what to do next, I met Trey’s eyes. He also was deep in conversation, his gaze flicking back to the box of documents as he rummaged through it.

“How did you know I was alive?” I asked him and everyone fell quiet, turning their attention to me.

“The sire bond. I could still feel it. I was sired to you. It wasn’t until years later when it went dormant that I truly believed you were d**d, as everyone else did.” Trey answers and everyone turned their attention back to what they were doing, yet for some reason that sat weirdly with me.

“What if that is the link to d**d children and rogue women?” I think to myself, only realizing I spoke the words out loud when everyone stops again. Kyson leans forward, kissing my shoulder as I sat on his lap.

“What are you talking about?” he asks but Trey also seemed to be thinking.

“When did the children start going missing and turning up d**d?” I ask.

“After your parent’s murders,” Kyson and Damian answer.

“Have you got a list of the approximate ages of the children?” I ask, and Dustin clears his throat.

“The archives have lists or those found and locations, but not all of them were identified,” Dustin says.

“What about the rogue women? When did they start getting k****d?”

“Sporadically. Sometimes entire rogue camps were found d**d,” Gannon answers, and I bite my lip.

“What are you thinking?” Kyson asks behind me and l turn on his lap.

“A pattern,” I answer.

“There is no pattern. If it was a serial k****r, there would be a pattern, but there is none. No preference for type or ages, nothing. The only link is they were rogue, and spanned half the countryside.” Damian answers.

“That’s because the hunters weren’t k*****g them for the sake of k*****g them,” I tell him, and Trey gasps.

“They were hunting you! They knew you were alive!” he says before rushing out the door.

“Where are you–” but Trey was gone before Kyson could demand an answer. Kyson leans back heavily in his chair.

“If that were true, they would have had to have known you existed. Which I suppose Marrissa would have told them, but what if she had a sudden change of heart and couldn’t go through with it?” Damian scoffs with a shake of his head.

“Unless she was never a part of it,” I tell him. Kyson growls behind me. Yet how could he not see what I did?

“Just hear me out. What if she didn’t have anything to do with it? If what Ester says is true, then Marrissa was sired to me. She couldn’t have let them k**l me. So if she was part of it, why wouldn’t she just hand me over to the hunters or tell the hunters that I am there? Why would she run with me?” I ask, looking at them all.

“Okay, say it is true. Why do you have memories of her wearing the hunter’s uniform that night? And why would she k**l my sister? And who else would have been their inside person?” Kyson snaps.

“What if she didn’t k**l Claire? I know you want to believe it was my mother, but why would she wait years, working here and not just help the hunters get inside the castle grounds again?”

“Because she was working her d**n way up the ladder, is why!” he snaps.

“Or maybe you don’t want to look at the fact that you had a mole in one of your people! I don’t think she k****d Claire. I believe she was framed!” I snapped back.

“And what use would be framing her? If she was innocent, why would she come to my kingdom if not to k**l us too?” he said standing up and I caught myself on his desk before slipping off his lap.

“You’re wrong!” he says before storming out of his office. Damian growls and clicks his tongue before going after him. Yet nothing I said would make him see. He needed a villain and my mother, or the woman who raised me was it. He didn’t want to look at fault in his own Kingdom. He was too busy seeking it in mine.

“I know I am right. I want to go home. I need to remember.” I breathe.

“Azalea, he won’t let you leave here,” Gannon says.

“Good thing it is not up to him. He can come or not, but either way I am going home,” I tell him.

“For what? You can’t just leave,” Gannon says.

“The Kingdom has been left the way it was, untouched. We need answers, and the only way to get them is to start from scratch,” I tell Gannon.

Gannon clutches his hair. “And if you’re wrong, then what? We have been investigating this since the first kingdom fell. The first Kingdom, Azalea. We would have found proof. We know the hunters are behind it. We know Marrissa was the lead hunter.”

“No, you think you know. And what purpose would she have in keeping me alive?” I tell him, also walking out.

They didn’t want to see any fault in their investigations, but they were ruled by fear and anger. As for me, I am an outsider, so my perspective of it is different. If they would just hear me out.

I knew Marrissa and one thing I know for sure was that she loved me as if I was her own. I have no idea why she ran from Trey and the Landeena guard, but love knew she had to have had a reason.

I just needed to get Kyson to start thinking with his head and not out the vendetta he held with the woman who raised me.

Feeling through the bond, I could feel how implosive he was, feel his frustration and anger, as I sought out our bond. What I wasn’t expecting was to find him in his old quarters.