His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 213

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 213

Kyson POV

We organize to meet with Larkin at the Landeena castle in a few days’ time. He would bring the records with him, and we would see what we could find out from our side. When everyone leaves, I grab Azzy, tugging her onto my lap as she looks through the pictures in the books Cedric left her.

“Can you read this to me?” she asks, and I peer over her shoulder, resting my chin on her. She cringes as my stubble tickles her.

“It’s myths and legends about what historians believe the Azures and Landeena’s were blessed with,” I answer her, and she nods her head, her fingers brushing over the old pages.

“When do you want to leave for Landeena?” I ask her, knowing I would have to organize everything with my men.

“Cedric said he is able to leave, not tomorrow but the next day. He said if I am going home, the guards would want to come,” she tells me, and I purse my lips.

“You don’t seem happy about that?” she says, turning her face to look at me.

“I’m not unhappy about it, but their lack of trust that they have in me to protect my own mate bothers me and is rather insulting.”

“I think they just want to go home,” she says.

“This is home. We can’t rule two kingdoms, and there isn’t much left of yours,” I tell her, and she swallows.

“I wouldn’t even know how to rule,” she says, staring off at the window across from us.

“In time, you will,” I tell her, and she sighs, trying to climb off my lap, but I hold her tighter.

“Come on, we need to organize everything, and I want to see if Abbie wants to come with me,” she tells me.

“A little longer,” I tell her, not wanting to let her go. She exhales, then turns on my lap, her knees going to either side of my hips and her hands move up my chest.

“You are rather clingy for a King,” she chuckles.

“Only with you,” I tell her, leaning forward to peck her lips. “I don’t like sharing your attention,” I purr, n*****g at her lips. My fingers wrap around the back of her neck, and I pull her closer. My mouth covers her, and I groan at the sweet taste of her on my tongue.

“Kyson!” she squeals around my lips, and I smile against her lips, kissing her deeper.

“What if someone comes in?” she shrieks.

“Let them, I want you,” I tell her, reaching for the buttons, stopping me from getting to her flesh, and I start popping them with my fingers, revealing her bra beneath.

“Kyson,” she says, pulling away and glancing at the door. “I’ll lock it,” I growl, standing with her, her legs locked around my waist, and I press her back against the door as I fumble with the lock on the door, my lips attacking her neck, and I feel the heat of her pressed against me and seeping into my shirt. She growls as arousal courses through her, and her legs tighten around my waist before she growls and shoves my face from her neck, only to attack mine. Her teeth rake down my skin, and I turn toward my desk. She bites me, breaking the skin as I swipe everything off my desk.

“Kyson, my books!”

“They’re fine,” I tell her, seeing them land on the chair tucked under the desk. God, I would never tire of her. I wanted her, wanted to drive my c**k deep into her, yet as she fiddles with the waistband of my pants, we hear a knock at the door. I groan while she snickers, burying her face in my neck, her hands covering her mouth, trying to muffle her laughter.

The knock sounds again, and I growl, glaring over at my shoulder.

“Trey, which moron is at my door?” I mind-link.

“That moron would be me, my King,” he says, though I could hear the amusement in his voice.

“What is it?”

“Gannon wanted me to ask if the Queen would help him find Abbie,”

“Tell him we are busy,” I retort.

“I did, my king. He said he wouldn’t ask, but she left Tyson and took off, and he can’t find her.” “She left Tyson?” I ask him.

“Yes, my King and Gannon said “… “That she would never leave him behind,” I finished for him, and sighed, knowing I couldn’t keep this from her. She would want to know, and I knew she would want to go searching for her.

“We’ll be right there,” I tell him, looking at Azalea.

“What is it?” she asks, worried.

“Abbie is missing. Gannon wants you to help find her,” I tell her, and she gasps, her legs dropping from around my waist as she scrambles to redo the buttons. She throws the door open and rushes out after her, and I sigh. Every b****y time we get a chance alone, we are interrupted.

I follow after Azalea. We end up with every guard looking for her when Gannon says he found her, but she won’t come out. We learn she is hiding in our quarters, and we head to our quarters to check if she was hiding up there, as he claimed. Gannon was beside himself, Tyson crying in his arms, and Gannon’s shirt was covered in blood. Azalea freezes in her tracks as her shock hits me through the bond.

“What did you do?”

“I didn’t mean to, but she tried to leave…” he didn’t finish, and my heartbeat in my chest at seeing him in such a distressed state while Tyson wailed loudly. Azalea rushed over, ripping him out of Gannon’s arms, who growled at her when she did, trying to reach for him, but the poor kid was petrified of whatever he had just witnessed and clung to Azalea, his arms around her neck.

“Stand down!” Azalea snarls at him, and he freezes just as Damian comes rushing around the corner with Clarice and Liam. Everyone stops staring at Gannon while Azalea tries to calm Tyson down.

“Where is she?” she demands, fury blazing in her eyes. Gannon’s eyes darted to our bedroom door, and I looked behind me before turning back to look at Gannon. Azalea gasps, knowing he must have done something terrible for her to run and hide in our room.

“I didn’t mean it. I would never hurt her. She tried to leave me,” Gannon says, clutching his hair. I watch the fall and rise of Azalea’s chest, her eyes trained on the door before she moves toward it. She passes Tyson to me as she moves toward the door.

She stops next to it and grips the door handle before looking at her hand, which is covered in blood. She looks at me horrified before her eyes go to Gannon before she growls, shoving the door open.

She slips inside the room, and I turn my head to look at Gannon. “What did you do?”

“I tried to change her,” he says, dropping to the ground and fisting his hair. My lungs compress in my chest.

“Gannon!” Clarice whispers, horrified, knowing precisely what that means.

“There was no way Abbie would have been ready for that after everything she had been through!” Clarice scolds him.

“She wouldn’t stop fighting me,” he murmurs.

“Because you tried to f*****g k**l her!” I yell at him.

“No, she was trying to k**l herself!” Gannon whispers as he clutches his hair, rocking back and forth on his heels.