His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 221

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 221

Gannon POV

Abbie was still passed out when I reached the room. Clarice, however, stood in the hallway. My bedroom door was open as she stood by the door, watching Tyson while rocking Hunter in her arms and putting him back to sleep.

She glances at me covered in vomit and chuckles. “I am glad you find it so funny,” I tell her. She smiles at Abbie, who was snoring in my arms, her mouth open. She was out cold but wouldn’t be once I put her in the shower.

“At least she had fun and got out of this room for once,” Clarice tells me, and I nod. The moment she took off with Tandi, I had Liam looking for her, and he promised to stay with her. She needed time with Azalea and Tandi. Even if I thought Tandi was a little wild, she was familiar, and I knew I hovered too much.

“Let me set him down in his crib,” Clarice says, walking off toward Damian’s room, only to stop when we hear voices. Or more like arguing. I roll my eyes, and Clarice pauses. “On second thought, I might lay him down on your bed for a minute,” Clarice says when I recognize the voices to be Tandi and Damian. I wander into my room, finding Tyson where I left him, fast asleep on Abbie’s side of the bed.

Clarice sets Hunter next to him, propping pillows around him before following me into the bathroom. She turns the shower on for me while I pull Abbie’s soiled clothes off. I place her in the shower. My chest pangs when I glance at her marred flesh. Long slits ran up both arms. My mark on her neck had covered Kade’s and removed his, yet the guilt I felt about marking her without consent still coiled inside me.

“She’ll forgive you,” Clarice says. The woman was too observant and could read me like a d**n book.

“I know; it just doesn’t feel right,” I tell her, glancing at her. She nods, grabbing soap and a loofah as Abbie stirred under the water.

“She will forgive you. You were trying to save her,” Clarice says as I tug my shirt off, tossing it in the hamper.

“I am not worried about her forgiving me for marking her, that she will forgive,” I tell her, sticking my head out the door.

“Get it off your chest, son. I am not a mind reader. I know you tried to change her.”

“She said I tried to force her to live,”

“Because you did,” she tells me. No judgment from this woman ever came. I could tell her my darkest secrets; I knew she would take them to the grave with her and not judge me for my mistakes.

“Yes, but I don’t think I can keep the promise I made to her if she tries to do it again,” I whisper.

“I don’t think she will try again, Gannon. Whatever Azalea did, it made her want to live. Abbie spent so much time trapped in her past that she forgot she now has a future, and that future is with you and Tyson. You just may need to remind her of it occasionally,” she tells me, passing me the soap and loofah. I take them, and she pats my cheek before walking out.

“I will take Tyson for the night. I am taking Hunter for the night, too. I will have Dustin come and grab Tyson for me,” she tells me.

“Thank you,” I tell her, and she nods, closing the door and leaving me with Abbie. I strip my pants off and climb into the shower. Abbie sat at my feet, leaning against the shower wall while I quickly washed before kneeling to wash her. She jerks awake when I pull her head under the water, coughing and spluttering. She wipes her eyes, peering around.

“You’re safe. It’s just me,” I tell her, and she sighs, leaning back against the shower wall. Leaning out of the shower quickly, I grab her toothbrush and mouthwash. I put toothpaste on it, passing it to her, yet her eyes were already closing.

“Abbie, brush your teeth,” I tell her, placing the toothbrush in her hand and bringing it to her mouth. She chews on it while attempting to brush her teeth. I quickly wash her hair before tilting her head back while laughing at her when I try to pull the toothbrush from her mouth.

“Open your mouth,” I chuckle, scrubbing her teeth the same way I watch her scrub Tyson’s every morning and night. “Spit,” I tell her when I am done. She does, mostly spitting it on herself, and I quickly wash it off her.

“Come on,” I tell her. She sluggishly peers up at me, returning to her surroundings and looking around again. It was clear she had already forgotten where she was. She was completely shitfaced, and she smiled lazily, and I rolled my eyes, grabbing her under the arms and pulling her up.

“I think I drunkded too much,” she giggles, slurring each word and making me laugh.

“That you did,” I tell her.

“Did you find my bunny?” I raise an eyebrow at her, not knowing what she is talking about. I half drag her while she stumbles out of the shower. It took me a solid twenty minutes to dress her because she kept demanding her bunny, which I finally figured out was her d**n slippers. I place her in bed, tucking her in, her slipper tucked under one arm. Shaking my head, I put my boxers on before moving toward the door I realized was slightly ajar.

As I close it, I catch movement and open it, wondering if it was Clarice and if she needed something. Yet when I open the door, I catch a glimpse of something I wished I could unsee. I blink at the scene before me. Damian had Tandi’s legs around his waist while he impaled his c**k in her while pressing her against the d**n wall.

I clear my throat. Staring up at the ceiling instead of his white a*s. “We have rooms for a reason!” I called out, and Tandi shrieked.

“Noted, we were getting there,” Damian growls, quickly rushing to his room down the hall. I shake my head, shut the door, and fall onto the couch. Abbie would freak out if she woke with me on the bed next to her. She never let me sleep next to me unless Tyson was between us. Besides a few stolen kisses and brief hugs, that was it. It was also what caused the incident the other day.

Tyson has his own room now and still. She refused to sleep in the bed without him or when I had put him in his room, I would wake to her in there with him or her creeping over to the couch. Shutting the lamp off and closing my eyes, I drape my arm across my face. The sky was already starting to lighten, yet sleep took me. Although, I am abruptly awoken from oblivion by a loud crashing noise, which has me sitting up instantly. My eyes peer around the room, adjusting to the darkness as my night vision kicks in.

I sigh, finding Abbie getting to her feet from the floor. She giggles, and I sit up just as she stands.

“Abbie, you should be asleep,” I groan, rubbing my eyes when I feel her body hit mine as she stumbles into me. I catch her to realize she had shredded her clothes in her sleep. “Abbie,” I stammer. She only giggles, climbing into my lap, her lips attacking me. I grip her arms, but she pushes me back, straddling me. Her mouth c*****s against mine, and I groan, kissing her back before regaining my wits and moving her back.

“Abbie, you’re drunk,” I tell her. She slurs and mumbles while her hands keep tugging at my clothes. I remove my shirt, dragging it over my head.

“You don’t want me,” she puffs while sitting up.

“Not while you’re drunk, I don’t. Now lay down,” I tell her, patting my chest. She ignores me, instead trying to kiss me, and I sigh. “Abbie!”

“I want you,” she whines, licking my chest.

“And if you still want me in the morning, you can have me, but not while you’re like this,” I tell her, yet still she insists, and I roll my eyes, tucking her beside me and locking my arms around her squirming body. Her a*s rubbing against my crotch, making me extremely uncomfortable as I trap her between the back of the couch and my chest.

I sigh and purr before realizing my calling would work on her now, and I take full advantage of it, letting it calm her and essentially knocking her out. I wasn’t giving her another reason to hate. And f*****g her, while she was like this, would make me hate myself as much as she would hate me in the morning.

“Sleep, love, you’re safe with me,” I whispered before kissing her cheek and loving the feel of her body safe in my arms.