His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 227

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 227

Kyson POV

We were just sitting down and going over everything we knew. There were piles and piles of documents scattered across my desk between Damian, Cedric, and me as we tried to piece together this puzzle when I got an email from Crux just as it hit dinner time.

I was waiting for Gannon to arrive; he was waiting for Abbie to take Tyson from him so he could come down and help us. Tyson was being fussy and refused to go to Clarice earlier, so he had been stuck in his room waiting for her to return.

“Crux sent the tracking information,” I tell Damian, who immediately comes over to peer over my shoulder as I pull up the maps and coordinates.

My brows furrow in confusion, and Damian exhales, placing his hands behind his head as he paces.

“What’s it say?” Cedric asks. He was trying to write out a timeline the best he could of everything we know so far about the council, the hunter attacks, and the Kingdoms.

“Says he is still within the Kingdom limits. According to this, he never left,” Damian breathed.

“So we have a traitor within the Kingdom?” I growl.

“Or Larkin is the traitor?” Cedric offers. Damian shakes his head. “No, I don’t like the man, but Azalea commanded him. You already know this. There was no way he was lying.”

“There is no way he would abandon his son,” I add, knowing for sure.

“Crux could have forged this?” Cedric says, scratching his chin as he comes over to look at my laptop.

“If so, then where is Larkin?” I breathe. All this was giving me a headache. I just wanted to hide away with Azalea and forget the world.

“Well, according to this, down by the old mill just inside the surrounding forest,” Cedric says, pointing to the map.

“I can have some men go check the area,” Cedric offers. I shake my head.

“No, it is late, and that area of the woods is too dense. It can wait until tomorrow. If it is an attack. I would rather have the daylight, see what is coming,” I tell him when I feel the mind link open up. Azalea’s bond tugs at me, and I smile, opening the link.

“Where are you? Are you still in your office?” she asks me.

“Yes, but we were about to head to the old ballroom. More room, and we need help going over old case files. So the Landeena guard and our guard are coming to help sift through everything,” I tell her.

“Okay, well, I have Abbie and Gannon with me. Dustin is going to get Peter and bring him up. Trey and Liam have gone down to the archives to retrieve staff documentation,”

“Staff documentation? And why are you bringing Peter up?” I ask her and feel her nervousness loud and clear through the bond.

“Yes, Peter, I think I know who is helping Crux,” she tells me.

“And how did you come by this information?” I ask her.

“Something Abbie said about Peter being used as a pawn. I think it was Ester, Kyson. Too much doesn’t add up, and I want to question him, but I also want to look at Ester’s files.” I think for a second and look at Cedric.

“Well, I will send some men down to help drag everything up,” I tell her, getting out of my seat. I nod toward all our boxes, and they immediately start boxing everything.

“Okay, I am on my way. The kitchen staff can deliver dinner to the ballroom.” I tell her, cutting off the link. I pondered her words. She felt so sure, and I wasn’t about to doubt her not anymore.

“Take a photo of that board. There is a huge whiteboard in the storage room off the side of the ballroom. There is better than trying to squeeze everyone into my office. Plus, there are toys and c**p for all the kids to play with,” I tell Damian and Cedric.

We box everything up and head to the ballroom. It felt like déjà vu and pointless. So many times, we had combed through all these documents, the archives, the crime scene photos. We never found anything, and I was worried once again we were wasting time.

When we get to the ballroom. I can see through the huge double doors that Dustin had Peter in the far corner, sitting in a chair. He looked petrified and out of place. Azalea kept her word and hadn’t been inside yet, and was waiting for me by the doors.

I reach for her the moment I am close enough, tugging her close and inhaling her sweet, intoxicating scent.

Letting it calm me and stop me from wanting to k**l her brother. Abbie was waiting inside with Clarice, helping set up the two long tables and laying out food, while a few of Cedric’s most trusted Landeena guards came to help bring up all the files. Liam and Trey walk in moments after us with three enormous boxes each and stack them on the other table.

Looking around at everyone and how quickly the room was set up and transformed, it looked as if we were about to head into war. I suppose, in a sense, we were with the way everyone is combing over paperwork. Cedric copies the photo on his phone onto the huge whiteboard. Everyone watching him.

“What’s he doing?” Azalea asks me.

“Making a timeline. The only thing we know for sure is it has to do with the Kingdoms. The missing rogue children, and somehow the council ties into it,” I tell her. No wonder we found nothing. There were no other connections anywhere.

“Larkin?” she asks, and I shake my head.

“Crux sent the coordinates. Cedric will check it out tomorrow. It is too dark now,” I tell her.

Later that Night.

Azalea whimpers as I continue to force her command over Peter. She was exhausted. He had passed out once again, and this was the third time. Abbie had left an hour ago, unable to watch with Tandi. Azalea had thrown up twice at the thought of hurting her brother.

Trey stood off to the side with a blank expression, and Cedric tapped his face a couple of times, trying to re-wake him.

Other than that, everyone had left except my guard and Cedric and two Landeena guards. Gannon stared up at the board curiously as he and Liam went over everything when Clarice returned after putting her boys to bed. She glances at Peter and then looks away.

“Please, Kyson, he knows nothing. Now you’re just torturing him,” Azalea whimpers. I sigh, believing she is right. Peter mumbles, drooling on himself.

We have got no extra information out of him. Her command had him falling over himself to answer, yet this one question bothered me. After the hours he endured, I was positive that he was no longer a threat to Azalea and that he also had no intention of hurting her again.

We had also concluded that he panicked when he k****d our daughter. It was never his intention to k**l her. He didn’t realize it was wolfsbane he was poisoning her with initially. Yet every time we had asked him where he obtained the wolfsbane, he couldn’t remember.

We had been trying for hours to command the answer out of him, but his answer remained the same.

“How can he admit to giving it to her but not know where he got it,” Cedric growls, tapping his face.

“Leave him. He doesn’t know,” I sigh, shaking my head.

“But he gave it to her,” Cedric growls angrily at him when Peter starts crying.

“But what if he was commanded to forget?” Trey offers. He had suggested it earlier, and now I was beginning to believe him. Azalea squirms on my lap, her desire to check on him pulsing through me. Yet here, she is surrounded by her own guard and mine. He would be d**d within a blink of an eye if he tried anything, though he was far too weak to do so. The boy could barely lift his own head.

“Go,” I whisper to her, and she jumps off my lap, rushing toward him. Trey instantly steps in her way, and so does Cedric.

“Stand down and back up!” she snarls the order, and Trey growls, backing off under her command. Cedric also does, and I get to my feet, wandering over to her as she lifts his head.

“I don’t know, Azalea, I don’t know,” Peter pleads. “I know, I know, but we had to be sure,” she whispers to him, and he nods his head limply. She looks over her shoulder at the table.

“Get him some water and a damp cloth,” she says, clicking her fingers at Cedric. He quickly goes to do as he is told and brings her a bottle of water. I grip his head, lifting it. Her heart sputters in her chest frantically. Her hand snapped out to grip my wrist as she peered up at me.

I tilt his head back, and she lets out a breath when she realizes I will not hurt him. She uncaps the bottle and tips it to his lips, helping him drink. Cedric comes over with a wet cloth, and she wipes his face, which was saturated with sweat after enduring hours of her command.

“Dustin, can you help him to a room?” Azalea asks, peering up at me. I could tell she wasn’t asking for permission. I press my lips in a line.

“I will stay the night with him,” Dustin assures her and me, so I know he wouldn’t be leaving wherever he is placed. “He can stay with Liam and me for the night,” Dustin tells her. Peter’s eyes widen in fear at the mention of Liam’s name, and he glances at him where he stood with Gannon.

But I wouldn’t be arguing; that man slept with one eye open. If Peter tried anything, he would wake to a knife in his gut before he ever managed to sit up.

“That is fine, but use my old quarters. Tandi and Abbie are in yours. I don’t want him around their families,” Dustin nods his head, grabbing his arm and hauling Peter to his feet.

“Are you right with him? I just want to go over this one more time,” Liam asks Dustin. Dustin nods.

“One of the Landeena guards will wait with him until you’re ready, Liam,” Cedric tells him, and he nods, turning back to the board, and Cedric motions to one of the Landeena guards, who grabs Peter’s other arm.

“Azalea, no. You stay here,” I tell her, and she growls but reluctantly does as she is told. We had a deal. Peter being here came with conditions and rules I wasn’t breaking.

Turning back to the board we had established some sort of timeline, yet so much was missing. And still, it made no sense to me how Crux was involved or what my sister had to do with it. Yet Azalea was insistent on everything being connected. She is convinced Ester is Crux’s mistress.

Wandering over to the table, I lean on it, looking up at the board. We had the most significant dates listed. Azalea stares at it. She was getting better with memorizing dates, names and the kingdoms after staring at the d**n thing all night while I went over it and over it trying to piece the council into somewhere.

Azalea comes over, looking over the huge board. I could practically feel her thinking. Tension writhes within her, along with confusion and determination.

“Okay, I know everyone said Ester and Crux aren’t involved with each other, and you’re looking for the council’s connection?” Azalea asks.

I peer down at her, and she looks up at me, and I nod. “Go on, this is your theory, so let’s hear it, then,” I tell her, and Clarice wanders closer to listen. Everything pointed to the council, but we can’t place them anywhere on this timeline.

“We shouldn’t be looking for the council timeline. That can come later,” Azalea says, looking over the table of documents. She picks up the hunter’s insignia and chews her lip.

“Forget the council. Place Ester’s timeline on it,” Azalea says, and I sigh, yet it was worth a shot. I watch as Gannon and Trey move toward the table, gathering documents before they start making a timeline of events with the minimal information we had.

2004- Azalea was born

2007- December Ester falls pregnant.

2008- February-Landeena Kingdom falls. Azalea is missing. Marrissa Talbot is missing.

2009- Ester returns to the Valkyrie Kingdom and starts working as a castle servant.

2013- February Valkyrie Kingdom attack. Claire is k****d.

2014- Marrissa Talbot was k****d. Azalea and Abbie are placed into the orphanage.

2022- Azalea Landeena is found and returned to the Valkyrie Kingdom.

I stare at it, seeing nothing that helps us or links the council. Azalea clicks her tongue.

“See, nothing?” Gannon says. Azalea scrunches up her face as she thinks.

“So where was Ester for the year after my family was k****d?” Azalea asks, looking at Trey.

“And where did you go after the Kingdom fell?” she asks him while still peering over at him.

“With the Landeena Guard looking for you,” Trey says.

“Add it to the board. I want to see what matches after my parent’s kingdom fell,” she says, her brows scrunching together.

“What is the point of this?” I ask her.

“I am trying to figure out how no one recognized Marissa or Ester, two women that were at both Kingdom’s, when they fell,” I sigh. If we were mapping out a timeline of every person, we would be here all year and still not be finished.