His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 25

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 25

His deep resounding purr forced my body to relax, and I slumped back against him, my legs no longer shaking as I tried to clamp them shut. Instead, falling heavily over his legs. He worked his finger in and out of me, his thumb rubbing on my c**t made me m**n as I gave into the building sensation. Letting him do as he pleased as my stomach tightened when he pulled his wet finger from my throbbing heat before adding another, his lips s*****w the sound that escaped me as he worked both fingers into me pushing in deep. At the same time, his other hand fell to my stomach.

He pressed on my lower abdomen, his fingers curling upward and stroking against a sensitive spot that made me gasp as he nibbled on my lip; my hips moved against his fingers. My head rolled back against his shoulder as he moved his fingers faster, rougher, stretching me around them as he curled them, my walls fluttered, clamping down on them. My m***s echoed off the tiled walls as his thumb pressed down on my swollen c**t, the friction building and climbing, and I felt like I would combust as the heat made skin flush.

My mind suddenly went utterly blank, my eyes falling shut, and m***s spilled from my lips, my walls futtering and pulsating as I tensed before it spasmed. Pleasure rippled through me, making me cry out in pure ecstasy that stole my breath from me as wave after wave rippled through my body. My entire body felt heavy as I sagged against him. The King n****d at my neck and chin as I tried to catch my breath. I felt him gently pull his fingers from me.

I blinked dazedly at the ceiling when he reached for the loofah and soap, his purr lulling me quieting, and I felt ridiculously relaxed like my whole body had to turn to jelly. I felt him chuckle and heard him talking, but my brain was mush with the after-effects of what he did. He kissed my cheek, running the loofa over my skin when there was a tap on the door.

“Get out,” The King says firmly, his tone leaving no room for argument as I heard the person walk away.

“Just one of the guards, we should have left an hour ago,” He said as he began washing me, gently running the loofa over my heated skin. Goosebumps rose on my arms as the warmth that filled slowly left, and i shivered against his warm skin.

“Do you still want to come to the castle with me?”

“I want to sleep,” I mumbled before I yawned. He hummed, brushing his nose across my shoulder.

“I loved your scent before, but I love the smell of your arousal better,” He growled, n*****g at my neck before s*****g that spot he seemed intent on grazing with his teeth.

“How far is it? I yawned sleepily. He chuckled, running the loofa over my b*****s.

“A couple days drive, but we will stop on the way, but you need to promise not to leave my side,” he whispered; I nodded. I think I probably would have agreed to anything he said right now.

“Good girl,” He grabbed a small jug dipping it in the water before tipping it over my chest and shoulders and removing the soap. The King pulled the plug from the bath, letting water drain out. Gripping his knees, I stood, completely forgetting I was n***d and no longer covered by the foamy-colored water.

I tried to cover myself by making sure to keep my back to him when I felt a towel draped over my shoulders. I tug it closed before turning around and facing him. He had a towel wrapped around his waist. My eyes trailed over his muscular body. His abs looked like they were hand-carved to perfection and rippled with each movement he made.

His tanned skin glistened from the water, and I stepped closer before stopping shaking my head as the need to touch him overwhelmed me. He laughs softly, closing the distance and wrapping his arms around me; my nose pressed against his chest, and I sighed as his scent invaded my nostrils and I breathed in deeply.

“We should get dressed if you still want to leave today,”

“Are you sure I should come with you?” What would people think?

“I won’t go if you stay here,” The King says.

“I won’t leave you here by yourself,” my brows pinch, and I chewed my lip. Wondering how long this would last, how long before the King tossed me aside and realized he was fooling around with his servant and someone unworthy of a King. What if we went, and he got sick of me and cast me out. At least here I had Abbie, but,I would have no one out there. The thought of leaving her sickened me.

The King led me back into his bedroom, and clothes were set out on the bed.

“Get dressed,” He said, pointing to a neatly piled set of clothes on the end of the bed.

I walked over to them, looking at them. These weren’t my servant uniform. Turning to look at the King, he was rummaging through his wardrobe before pulling out jeans and a T-shirt. Who brought these up here, or when did he even get them? Surely he didn’t want me to wear regular clothes?

“My uniform?”

“You won’t be wearing it,” he said, coming back over to me. I went to shake my head when he gripped my chin between his fingers.

“I don’t want you to be my servant anymore,”

“But I am, my…” His eyes hardened, and I swallowed.

“But I am, Kyson; I murmured, s********g down the urge to use his title.

“No, you are so much more than that, Ivy,” I shook my head, and he kissed the side of my mouth.

“Put the clothes on, Ivy,” he whispered before letting me go. I glanced at them before scratching my arm.

“I will dress you myself if you don’t,”

“But servants wear dresses, the tunics,”

“I just said I don’t want you as my servant,” But what else was I supposed to be?

That’s all I knew. A servant or slave is all a rogue could be and should be. We weren’t supposed to be pampered and treated nicely. We weren’t good enough to be seen as people. His treatment of Abbie l was absurd, and I knew everyone would think the same. I knew eventually he would realize what a mistake he made. But for now there was nothing I could do but play his strange game and accept it, so I nodded and sighed reaching for them.