His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 30

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 30

Kyson POV

I didn’t want to punish her, but she lied to me again and I saw no other choice. I knew something was up with her and Ester, and Ester would pay for whatever she had done. Damian said he would tell me later when we got back to the castle, so whatever it is he found out from the guard, he was afraid of speaking about in front of Ivy in case I lost control again.

Her breathing evened out as I held her, my skin tingled where hers touched mine. I unclipped her bra, letting it open, and she sighed as I pulled it off her and out from under her, her hardened n*****s pressed against my chest. I must admit I like her drunk; she almost seems to forget my title forgets her own. Yet I couldn’t make her intoxicated constantly even though seeing her like this had its appeal.

I trace my fingers down her back, and a growI escapes me as I trace over the scars that littered it. She whimpers and started to stir, but I start calling on her again. I loved how she melted against me, pressing closer and turning her face into my neck. The car began to slow as we pulled over for petrol. Damian climbs in the car when it stops and slid across the seat across from me, Gannon climbing in behind him before he shut the door.

Both of them noticing her state of undress, turned their gazes to the window while Damian rummaged through the storage under his seat and pulled out a thin throw blanket. He hands it to me and I quickly draped it over her to cover her b**e back. “You can turn” I told them and they both turned to face me.

“We may need to take an alternate route; I don’t like the Black Forest, there are too many hiding places for an ambush,”

“It will be an extra half a day’s drive,” I tell him.

“I’m sorry, Kyson, but it is not a risk I am willing to take,” he says, and I peeked down at Ivy in my arms, and I noticed out of the corner of my ear he does too.

“You’re right, whatever is safer,” I tell him, and he nods letting out a breath of relief, I wouldn’t risk her life over half a day.

“Did you find out more about her history, her last name, anything about her?” I asked, turning my attention to Gannon.

“No, but I reached out to the old Alpha. He said he would dig her files out and I could come to see him next week to collect them,”

“I will come with you,” I tell him, and he nods.

“He was curious as to why we wanted to know about her,”

“What did you say?”

“Nothing, of course. I told him I wanted Abbie’s files too, told him that we wanted to know if they could be trusted amongst the other servants,” I nodded at his words, he was always a quick thinker when put on the spot which was why he is my third in command.

My fingertips traced down her spine under the blanket, feeling the ridges of her spine and her scars. She was underweight, which bothered me just as much as the scars lining her back and l suddenly felt guilty for making her sick. I would have to make it up to her.

“He did say she was young when she came, and her parents put up a fight. Apparently, her father k****d the orphanage headmistress’s mate,” Gannon tells me.

“Would explain why she was punished so brutally, why would he let her remain as headmistress knowing that,” Gannon growled while shaking his head.

“Did he say why there were only two rogue children in the orphanage?”

“No, but he became very nervous when I asked. I think he was covering up for his son,”

“Makes sense. I got the same vibe when I spoke to him,” Damian tells me, and I tilt my head to look at him. He looks away guiltily.

“You weren’t assigned to look into it Gannon was, so why did you speak to him,”

“Same reason, I was curious about her; I needed to know she wasn’t a threat to you. It is my job as your Beta,” I nod, looking down at Ivy.

“Well, is she?” I asked him with a chuckle, knowing full well she is no threat to me, no one was, but unfortunately, not everyone fights fair, and Lycans have always been hunted even by the werewolves.

“She is?” Damian says with a smirk, and I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Don’t tell me it wouldn’t break you if she suddenly left,” Damian challenged, and I growled at his words. She was never leaving me; I wouldn’t allow it. I would chain her to me if needed.

“My point is proven, physically being a werewolf, she is no match, but that doesn’t mean she can’t break you in other ways,” Damian laughed.

“She wouldn’t, I wouldn’t allow it”

“But she could,” he says, and I nod once, tugging her closer and burying my face in her neck. Damian chuckled before Gannon snorts, trying to hold his laugh in.

“Shut up the both of you,” I snap at them. I knew they found my obsession with the girl amusing, yet they would understand when they found their mates one day.

“Don’t get your panties in a knot now that you realized that she now holds all the power,”

“I am still a King,” I tell him.

“And she is your Queen,” Gannon nodded to her and I smiled. Yes, she would one day be my Queen if she will have me, I thought before stopping myself and realizing my own line of thought. If she would have me, IF. I look at Damian and he had a knowing look on his face, he could read me too well sometimes.

“I’m still the King,” I tell them, and Damian smirks.

“So you keep saying, my King”

“My word is law,”

“For now,” Gannon teased.

“I could always keep her as my servant,” I tell them, and Damian folds his arms across his chest with an incredulous look on his face.

“I didn’t say I would,” I tell him.

“I know you won’t,”

“Unless obviously, she did something bad,” Gannon added and Damian and I both glare at him.

“Now, why would you say that? What bad bone does the girl have in her body,” Damian asked.

“I was just saying,” Gannon said with a shrug.

“It would have to be something horrendous, even then, I am not sure,” I admitted. I don’t think anything would stop me from loving Ivy or wanting her. She could try to k**l me, and I would probably ask her to forgive me. I chuckled at the thought.

“Something funny, my king,”

“No, Gannon, I just can’t wait until her birthday, and she realizes I am her mate,” I tell them before leaning my head back and closing my eyes.

“It was well into the night when we arrived at the Hotel, a little after midnight and I arranged for us to leave no later than 6 AM. I couldn’t wait for Ivy to see the castle but I also couldn’t wait to be alone with her either.

I covered her over with the blanket as I carried her inside the small Hotel. My men surrounded me obscuring her from the view of any other people as I made my way to our suite. Damian stepped ahead of me and searched the room before allowing me to enter. When I heard the door click shut, I placed her on the bed before climbing on it myself. She stirred now that I had dropped the calling, allowing her to wake. Her beautiful eyes fluttered open dazedly and my lips devoured hers before she had a chance to speak.

Her skin heated beneath my palm as I gripped her b****t, rubbing my thumb over her n****e before plucking at it. My lips traveled down her neck and I desperately wanted to mark her.

“My King,” She blurted and the growl that left me made her tremble beneath me. Anger coursed through me before I stifled it reminding myself she just woke up and wasn’t clear-headed enough to remember. Her hands shook against my chest and I could feel her breath on my neck.

“I didn’t mean to startle you. Are you hungry?” I asked her but she shook her head and her stomach betrayed her as it protested.

“I will give you one chance to correct that answer Ivy,” I told her pulling back to look down at her. She averted her gaze to my chest and I sighed brushing her cheek gently with my hand.

“You don’t need to fear me, I haven’t hurt you, I won’t hurt you,” She l****d her lips my attention diverted briefly to them. They looked dry and cracked.

“Are you hungry?” She nodded and I pecked her lips before grabbing the phone to order room service. I felt Ivy move on the bed behind me. While I waited for them to answer I moved toward the small fridge and retrieved a bottle of water before making my way back to her. She squirmed on the spot where she sat but took the water placing it beside her.