His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 37

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 37

Kyson POV

Her presence could be felt in every part of the room, which was the only thing keeping me sane right now. Ivy’s scent perfumed the room and calmed my nerves. Tomorrow was my sister’s m****r anniversary, so I was on edge. Ivy was unaware that I was watching her.

No matter how much I tried to pry my eyes from her sleeping form tangled in the sheets, I always found my eyes going back to her or would find myself standing over her. My senses are all over the place with her. The desire to mark her grew stronger with the bond as it forged.

I could tell Ivy was just as affected, the way her arousal would fill my nostrils, her instincts pulling her closer while they waged war with her mind telling her to stay away.

I must admit, that is one thing I love about she-wolves. Their ability to become lost to their base instincts makes them compliant. Although I didn’t want that from Ivy, I wanted her to challenge, maybe because she is the only one that could get away with it.

However, looking at her, I doubt she ever would. Lycans were worse, and sometimes I forget she is an ordinary werewolf, that I have to be gentle. She isn’t durable as one. Despite how much she sometimes reminded me of a Lycan, I needed to remember she wasn’t. I wondered briefly what her wolf would be like, what color fur she would have. She had the most abnormal eyes of werewolves. Every time I looked at her, I got this bizarre feeling something was off about her.

Her deep, cerulean blue eyes reminded me of someone. I couldn’t figure out why. Even a few guards and Damian had commented on how odd her eye coloring was.

We would find out soon enough. Maybe her father was human. That would explain why I couldn’t sense her wolf’s side. Perhaps she didn’t have one. No, that can’t be it, because she can growl and purr. I was pulled from my thoughts when I felt the mind-link open up.

“You awake, my King,” Gannon asked. I stared at my glass of whiskey in my hand before downing out. “You know I am, or you wouldn’t be asking,” I replied as I got out of the bed and wandered over to the bar. I pour another glass, and the door to my room opens.

Damian and Gannon step in, averting their gazes away from Ivy and looking at me. Damian walks over to the armchair and takes a seat while Gannon wanders toward her on the bed. I raised an eyebrow at him, but he only tossed the throw rug over her back to cover her before taking a seat across from Damian. I hand them both a glass before retrieving my own.

“What is it?”

“I thought you were going to heal her,” Gannon asked, looking over at her sleeping.

“She fell asleep while eating,” I answered. Anger coursed through me. Though they were no longer gaping wounds across her back. I hated seeing the angry red lines that littered her skin.

“Why did that stop you?” he asked.

“I would rather do it while she is awake. She needs to know not to fear me in that form.” Gannon nods, turning his attention back to me.

“So why the middle of the night’s invasion to my room?”

“Couldn’t sleep,” Damian answers.

“Me, either,” I told him, and he chuckled.

“How many of those have you had?” he asked, pointing to my glass.

“A few too many,” I shrug. And his brows furrow with worry, a look I have seen plenty of times on his face.

“You sure that is wise with her around?”

“She isn’t going anywhere, and I wouldn’t hurt her.” “I’m not worried about you hurting her, my King. I’m worried about you spooking her,” Damian answered.

“I am fine,” I answered while moving across the room to sit on the edge of the bed facing them.

“I assume you came to see me for a reason?” I asked them.

“Yes, my King. We know we agreed to 6 AM, but the men are antsy. This place is unfamiliar and too hard to keep watch over.”

“You want to leave early?” They both nodded their heads, looking at Ivy on the bed behind me.

“You doubt my ability to keep her safe?” I asked them.

“Never, my king, we just worry about our king’s and future queen’s safety in this hotel, too many people and too many hiding spots, and with anniversary tomorrow, we want to keep moving,” Damian answered.

“The driver?”

“Also ready to go.”

“Give me an hour,” I answered, glancing at the clock. It was a little after 2 AM. My head turned back to them, and they were both getting to their feet.

“I want to heal her first; at least then she may sleep in the car,”

“Do you want me to stay?” Damian asked. I glanced at Ivy before looking back at him.

“Won’t be necessary,” I told him, and he nodded before both of them took their leave. Placing the glass down, I stripped off my shorts before shifting. Twisting my neck, I cracked it. My bones had readjusted and snapped swiftly with my shift, and my vision and sense of smell adjusted as I walked toward the bed before climbing on it.

Her back rose and fell as she breathed in and out, and I tugged the blankets off her. My claws sliced through the thin sheets as I peeled them away. Ivy moved in her sleep, and goosebumps rose on her delicate skin exposed to the night air. I sniffed the back of her neck while my hand trailed up her side, and she stirred. I didn’t want her to wake startled, so I moved slowly as I buried my face in her neck, inhaling her scent.

She continued to stir, and I could feel the orgasmic tingling sensation her skin contact caused to rush over my hands. Yet as I watched her, something stirred within me. Some desire to claim what belonged to me, and before I could stop myself, I n****d her. She jumped in her sleep before she froze. Her heart thumped in her chest like a hummingbird’s wings. I ran my tongue over my bite. Licking up the blood that trailed down her shoulders blade.

“Kyson?” Her voice was barely a whisper, and I pressed my nose against her cheek. She trembled beneath me as I pressed my chest to her back and started purring. Her tremors stopped, and she sighed as I pressed my weight against her.

“You’re safe with me, always,” I purred before releasing her from my calling. She remained still, and could tell she was scared, but it showed she trusted me enough not to hurt her when she didn’t try to escape me. I sniffed her neck, and she turned her face slightly before I pressed my nose against hers. Her giggle made me chuckle when I l****d her lips.

“That was gross, like a dog’s tongue,” she chuckled.

“Well then, I guess I am your pet.” I snickered. I lifted my weight slightly off her when she rolled beneath me and looked up at me. Her hands shakily move to my face before her thumb runs over one of my teeth. She jerks her hand away when it slices the pad of her thumb. She s***s on it.

“What did you expect? Them not to be sharp?” I chuckled. She pulls her thumb from her mouth and examines the slice, but I quickly l**k it, letting her watch it heal. She seemed in awe as she studied the now non-existent cut.

“How?” she muttered. I didn’t answer, not wanting to tell her because I was her mate. I wanted that to be a surprise for her to find out on her own.

“Rollover,” I whisper to her, and her eyes darted to mine.