His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 45

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 45


The next morning, I awoke nice and warm, snuggled against King Kyson’s chest. I could feel his breath move my hair as he slept, and I relaxed. Relieved that had slept for the first time in days. This was the first time I woke to him asleep. I was beginning to wonder if he did.

My body felt heavy with his leg draped over my hip and mine tugged between his. I ran my fingers through his chest hair. The sun was already up, the drapes still closed as the light seeped in the cracks on the sides. I traced one of my bite marks on his chest before pressing my lips together. My teeth ache, and my gums tingled with the need to bite him, claim him, and tried to force it down, though it was making me twitchy.

I hoped it settled down because I don’t think I could live with the crazy urges I kept having. Kyson explained it was the hormones, but it only happened when near him. I had bitten no one else, only him.

Clarice said she-wolves had a tendency to bite those they feel safest with, those with stronger auras. Which in turn, made sense. We were primal possessive creatures, but I didn’t get that urge around Beta Damian.

I was completely unaware I was even licking him until he chuckled, pulling me from my thoughts. Oh no, I woke him. That wasn’t my intention. I tried to close his eyes with my fingers, but he grabbed my hand and kissed it before placing it on his chest.

“Morning,” he mumbles, tugging me closer. I clenched my jaw, unable to reply now that I had stopped licking him. I wanted to climb on him, soak up his scent, and bite him again. The urges were sending me insane, and I tried to roll away when he removed his leg from over my waist and gripped my t***h, hauling me on top of him.

“I have told you, you aren’t hurting me, so stop fighting them.” I shake my head, unable to trust opening my mouth in case I bite him like a d**n cannibal.

“Maybe I should hold off,” Kyson murmured to himself, and I looked at him. I wanted to ask what he meant, but I couldn’t right now as I fought a battle with my mind and body. The King grips the back of my head, pressing my face into his neck. I tried to push off him, but he growled.

“I am supposed to leave today for the night. I will be back tomorrow, but now I worry I shouldn’t leave you while you’re like this, especially when you’re fighting it. I’m worried you will fret,” he says.

I tried to process words when I sank my teeth into him. He groaned, and tears b****d my eyes as his blood flooded into my mouth. I hated this, hated it, hated the d**n urges overriding everything.

“You’re not hurting me, love. I promise,” he whispers, kissing the side of my face as I tried to stop myself. I shake my head. The King grips my hips, dragging me down his body; I sink my teeth into his chest. My nails dig into his skin as I grab him when he rolls my hips against him, and I stop and m**n before biting his arm. His c**k twitched against my p***y, and I froze; he turned his face toward my ear.

“See, you’re not hurting me, just making me aroused” he whispered, rolling my hips against him again.

His c**k slid between my wet folds, and I moaned at the friction. My teeth left his skin before I kissed him. My tongue invaded his mouth, and he chuckled as I mauled him, kissing me back.

He let me touch and claw at him until the urges left. The King then rolled, forcing me on my back and climbing between my legs. His hard length pressed against my slit, and I moved my hips against him, coating his length with my desire. The King groaned and pressed his hips against mine.

My walls clenched, wanting to feel him buried deep within my confines, wanting to feel him move inside me. The King clenched his jaw, and I kissed him. Tugging his face down to mine, he gripped my t***h, hoisting it up and wrapping it around his waist. I ground my hips against him, uncaring, just wanting him closer.

“Ivy?” He groaned, and my name leaving his lips like that made my walls clench. I tugged on his hip, and he pushed up on his arms, looking down at me.

He knew what I wanted, but he would also make me ask or probably beg. I growled at him and bit his bicep, tugged him back down to me. “You want this?” He purred, and a whine left my lips as he thrust his c**k between my s***k folds.

“Words, Ivy, I need you to say it, or I will stop,” he said, n*****g at my chin. I nodded, and his nose skimmed across my cheek before he bit my lips.

“Yes?” He purred, and I clenched my eyes shut, embarrassed he was going to make me say it. My thoughts and urges alone were vulgar enough without me speaking them aloud.

“Ivy, I don’t speak nods, or m***s, words or,” he pulled away, and I gripped his arms. He settled between my legs again, kissing me when a knock was heard on the door.

“My King, the car is ready. We have to leave,” I heard Gannon’s voice through the door. The King glanced at the clock on the bedside table. “Ah, I can stay. I was worried about leaving you on your own anyway,” he tells me.

“You’re leaving?”

“Yes, I have to visit your old pack, or do you want to come?” I shook my head. I never wanted to go back there again.

“Then I will tell them another day,” he sighed.

“No, it’s fine. I will just help Abbie” I answered, and he stared at me.

“What do you mean you will help Abbie, Ivy? You are not a servant,” he demanded.

“I enjoy helping her, I get to spend time with her,” I tell, and he sighed.

“You are to be my Queen, not the housekeeper,”

“Please,” I begged. The King growled and looked away from me.

“Fine, but only until I come back and not in uniform. I will not have people treating you like the help,” I nodded excitedly, and he pecked my lips.

“Beta Damian will stay, and I will be back tomorrow. Are you sure you don’t want me to stay?” he said, pecking my lips. I shake my head. I did not want to be why he was kept from his work.