His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 59

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 59

Kyson POV

The door opening had me looking over my shoulder from where I sat in my seat by the fire. Damian walked on in and glared at the glass in my hand. He knew better than to say anything. “Ivy finally came out of the room,” he told me as if I didn’t already know. He sat across from me.

“I noticed,” I said simply before bringing my glass to my lips and draining the last remnants. Damian sighed and stood back up when I held the glass out to him. He moved toward the bar area and poured another glass before handing it back to me.

“Do you plan on just d******g out the bond?” he asked. I hummed, and he snarled at me. His aura slipped out in his anger, although it had no effect on me.

“You have already destroyed her bond toward you. She had little to no reaction when she saw you,” Damian spat as if I wasn’t aware of that.

“If only I was so lucky to have it break,” I told him, earning another growl.

“You’re a f*****g idiot. There are no second chance mates like the werewolves; Lycans don’t get those, nor can you reject her, either. The bond won’t sever for you, Kyson; it will always be there, so why do you choose to ignore it?”

“Because I can,” I tell him, sipping my drink and enjoying the taste as it coated my tongue.

“If that was true, why is it that every time I see you, you have a drink in your hand?” he asked, glaring at my glass of whiskey. He shook his head and clutched his hair in frustration while pacing in front of the fireplace.

“My relationship with Ivy is none of your business, so leave it,” I tell him, not caring for his input.

“She is my Queen,” he bellowed, his face turning red in anger, and his claws slipped out. He fisted his hands and took a deep breath, closing his eyes before dropping back into the seat across from me.

“She is your mate or Queen. She should be ruling alongside you, not rotting away in a room by herself.”

“And what good is her being Queen when she can’t even shift? I can’t even change her now, so there is no point getting attached to her when she will be d**d in fifty years, anyway. Then what, Damian, you seem to think you know everything?” I asked him.

“She can f*****g shift; you just severed the bond, forcing her wolf-side dormant. You know as well as l do, if you spent time with her, you could lure it back out,” he fumed while I scoffed.

“We don’t know that. Ivy was a rogue for so long; that is probably why she can’t shift,”

“Then mark her!” he bellowed at me. I shook my head at his words.

“You are making a mistake, Kyson. She may not accept you back if you leave this too long. You could ruin any future you thought you would have with her.” Damian said.

“She isn’t going anywhere; I am not stupid. Do you think I would let her leave the castle or me and have her weaken me?”

“You’re selfish. You can’t expect Ivy to just wait around for the day you will change your mind, Kyson. Don’t be f*****g cruel; you can’t live without her, you will grow weak, and her not being able to shift puts her at risk of not only her werewolf-side remaining dormant but the bond completely severing for her, she will feel nothing toward you, then what? A few years down the track, and you pull your head out of your a*s, you think she will just take you back?” he asked.

“If that happened, which it won’t, she wouldn’t have a choice. I will force her or use the d**n calling on her.”

“You disgust me,” he spat at me, and I shrugged. “I am King, I can do as I please with my mate,”

“Then do the right thing. You’re better than this,” Damian snarled.

“And if I’m not?” I asked him as he went to walk out. I looked over the back of the lounge to see him stop by the door.

“Then you’re not my King,” he said before yanking the door open and walking out of my room. I glared at the burning fire, angered that it had to be this way. She didn’t even react when I saw her; I expected some emotion, anything from her, but all I got was a blank stare from her. I could hardly feel her anymore, although the bond and pull to her had only grown stronger. Crushing my chest and heart more with each passing day. With that, I got up and poured another drink, trying to drown the ache the bond caused.

When the alcohol could not satiate the urge any longer, I did what I did every night when here and went to sit by her door. It was the only thing that drove the pain away. I walked toward her room before peering inside. Only when I did, the lights were all still on. I checked the closet, but she wasn’t in there or any of the rooms next to the main one. My brows furrowed when I noticed her guard was also not around. I told him to remain unnoticed while up here, but that didn’t mean hiding from me.

“Dustin, where are you?” I asked through the mind-link.

“In Beta Damian’s quarters, my King. Ivy has gone into Abbie’s room. She hadn’t come out for a while,” he answered, and I sighed. At least she was with Abbie.

“I take it Abbie has returned from visiting her mate in town?” I ask him.

“No, my King. I peered into the room before she has fallen asleep in Abbie’s bed; Gannon also left to go find Abbie.” I chewed my lip. Gannon had taken the news pretty badly. He really had fallen hard for the girl, which was surprising. Gannon wasn’t one for feelings and hardly left his station, but I had noticed he followed Abbie everywhere when not busy. I always caught him wherever she was, though she was oblivious to him shadowing her.

Abbie seemed stoked to have found her mate, though I worried what would happen when the Alpha left to go back to his pack. We didn’t really associate with Packs, but he always offered a lending hand and had been the biggest help when coming to the hunters and rogue issues. No doubt he wanted to remain in my good graces, but an ally was an ally, and we didn’t have many amongst the werewolf packs. Sure, they obeyed orders, but only a couple would go out of their way and seek me out, offering to help in any way they could.

Gannon had expressed concern for her already. He, too, was worried about her leaving with him. But if she asked, I couldn’t deny her. Mate bonds aren’t to be denied if they both want the same thing, so l would tell her yes if she asked.

Although Alpha Kade was a man w***e, and I know he is already married, though he never marked the woman, they have three kids together, and he had countless women on the side. I know Gannon tried to tell her that, but she refused to believe him.

The mate bond had a good grip on her, and Abbie refused to see him any other way than the bond would allow. God knows what he has told her. She would see for herself if she decided to leave with him. Yet I also wondered how Ivy would take that news. He was scheduled to go in a couple of days, if not sooner.

Not realizing I left the mind-link open, I jumped when I heard Dustin’s voice flit through my head. “Is that all my King?” he asked.

“Yes, and you can leave your station. Damian will probably be down there soon, and I am on my way anyway,” I tell him.

“I don’t mind staying,” he said. Of course, he didn’t. He would lay his life down for her over the pact my main five guards made.

“You can go; I am only a few minutes away,” I told him, cutting the link.