His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 64

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 64


Abbie and I got changed and showered before she had to leave to speak with King about the arrangements made for her to leave. She squeezed me tight before she left and said. “Don’t be late,” before pecking my cheek.

I had been pacing ever since then, even when the servant brought my food up for dinner, I was much too nervous to eat it. Going to the cupboard I pulled on some warmer clothes and looked for some flat shoes I could run easily in. Moving toward the door, I cracked it open before fishing the small key out of my pocket. I had no idea how she got it and shook my head at how much trouble she would have got in if she had been caught. I dumped my food in the bin as I moved into the kitchen. A few kitchen staff lingered cleaning up but paid no attention to me as I moved around the kitchen, all too busy with the end-of-day tasks. I quickly retrieved a glass and poured a drink of water which was a terrible mistake because the moment I drank it, nerves got worse making me need to pee.

I wasted more time having to run to the servant’s bathroom to quickly pee before walking back to the kitchens. Thankfully though the kitchen staff had left to eat their own dinner and I snuck out the back door into the laundry room. I rushed past all the shelves and the huge washers and dryers to the back door. Key in hand, I placed it in the lock before twisting it. A sigh of relief left me when I pulled the door open. The wind had picked up a little and the sky wasn’t too overcast yet with the approaching storm. I slipped out carefully closing the door and then darted for cover under the fruit trees. I raced along them using them for cover, having to stop a few times until guards turned away before rushing over the hill and down through the graveyard to the river that ran along the back of the castle grounds.

Heading west I started running and keeping low until I was far enough away from the castle. I made sure to keep an eye on the time as I jogged along the river heading west as Abbie had said. Finally, I was going to be free, free of the castle, free of my mate, and free of the bond. No more of the King silently sitting in my room and making the bond play havoc, no more of his scent tormenting me. Excitement had me smiling as I thought of the possibilities my future could hold.

The sun was down by the time I got halfway. Glancing at the watch clutched in my hand that Abbie gave me, I checked the time once again. She said just run straight and follow the river, yet I saw no bridge or any roads up ahead.

Coming to a stop and clutching my knees, I try to catch my breath. I had been running for almost half an hour now and was already worn out. The Chill of the night air made goosebumps rise on my arms as the light left become blocked by the darkening clouds.

My teeth ached from running and my legs were sore yet I pushed to keep going, determined to find the spot her mate told her to tell me. Once the sun disappeared completely, worry bubbled in my stomach. I always hated the dark, and being out here alone and unable to shift set me further on edge and the smell of rain approaching didn’t help.

My head whipped in every direction with every noise or break of twig I heard. Slowing slightly, I squinted into the distance and could just make out the bridge he mentioned to her. It was also that very moment that howls reached my ears coming from the direction of the castle.

My heart thumped erratically and I took off before hearing one so loud and angry it could not be mistaken for anyone other than the King. Panic seized me and I glanced ahead knowing that being by the water I was far too exposed. With that knowledge, I took off for the treeline, deciding to stay as near to the edge of the forest as possible so I didn’t get lost but so I wouldn’t be spotted out in the open of the clear space running either side of the river.

Adrenaline coursed through me as I took off, praying I made it to the bridge. Tears b****d my eyes as the wind whipped my face making it sting. The sounds of running through the forest sent fear coursing through me. What took me half an hour to run took them only minutes to catch up to me. I could hear them in the woods and I skidded across the ground coming to a halt and falling on my side when a huge black Lycan with impenetrable eyes flashed between the trees in front of me.

His growl was furious as I scrambled backward trying to get to my feet, leaves, and the damp earth making it slippery as I heard the crunch of twigs beneath him as he stalked toward me. He growled at me, his teeth sharp gleaming, chilled my bones as he stalked closer heading toward me. His chest rose and fell heavily with his burning anger.

My scream hurt my own ears when he suddenly ran at me, my feet finally getting leverage on the ground and I sprinted off only to get about five steps when his weight hit my back shoving me forward in the dirt. The air in my lungs left me in a huff as I hit the ground yet his weight never landed on top of me.