His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 68

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 68

My claw marks on his face healed, but they did leave faint scarring, which on him only added more character and did nothing to deter from his god-like good looks.

“All you had to do was submit, but since you didn’t, I can’t guarantee you won’t try to run again,” he said while his thumb brushed over my lips; I jerked my head away, and he sighed.

“You will learn one way or another, Ivy. There is no escaping the bond and won’t escape me again,” he said before walking away and back to his whiskey.

For most of the day, he sat around reading while I stared at the closet door, trying to stop the memories from the orphanage, memories of being tied up with my hands behind my back and tied to my feet. Yet one thing with silence was your mind; your mind takes you to places you wished you could forget, convincing you that you were still stuck there. Only now, I didn’t have Abbie whispering beside me to keep me sane. No, now I only had the King’s silence, and it was deafening.

My muscles ached from not walking, and I needed to pee. No sooner than I thought he was beside me undoing the handcuffs. “Go, he said, nodding toward the bathroom.

“You forget I can feel you, Ivy, now hurry up,”

“Then, if that were true, you wouldn’t have me handcuffed to the d**n bed.” he seemed perplexed, and I stumbled over my own feet as I climbed off the bed before rushing to the bathroom.

When I came out, my eyes instantly went to the handcuffs in his hand as he stood waiting by the door. My heart rate picked up, and he tilted his head to the side while he observed me.

“I thought you were scared of me,” he says, holding the handcuffs up, and my heart lurched in my chest, pumping frantically. He watched me for a second before looking at the handcuffs.

“But these scare you?” he said before scrubbing a hand down his face. He sighed and bit his lip as he thought for a second. I stood on the spot, shifting my weight from one foot to the other, waiting for him to force the cuffs back on me.

“You run from me. I will lock you in the cells under the castle, or I put you back in these, he warns, and I nod my head. He curses under his breath, shaking his head before tossing the handcuffs on the bed.

“One chance, Ivy. So don’t ruin it. I don’t enjoy punishing you,” he said before sitting on the edge of the bed. For someone who doesn’t like punishing me, he seemed to do it an awful lot lately.

“Then don’t give me a reason to” I tell him, and he looks over at me. A growl escaped him before he reached forward, his long fingers wrapped around my wrist before I was yanked forward against him. The King moved so quickly I didn’t even have a chance to catch my breath before I found myself back on the bed with him pressed on top of me.

“You can be a stubborn little thing,” he growled before I felt the calling seize me in its grip. His hands locked around my wrists before he tugged them above my head and held them in one of his, pinning me beneath him. His chest vibrated against mine. Drawing out a side of me, I was beginning to hate.

The King ran his nose across my cheek, inhaling my scent before stopping at my ear. “You can fight me all you want, Ivy, but I can use one thing you can’t, or do you need a reminder?” he purred before running his tongue across the seam of my lips. The m**n that left me angered me as my body relaxed beneath him, giving in to his demands; as he received the reaction he wanted out of me, tears p*****d and b****d the back of my eyes.

“I don’t want to force you; I have told you this, so please don’t make me. I don’t want to be that sort of monster,” he whispered against my lips before n*****g at them. The King thrust his hips against my barely clothed body. The feel of him, his hardened length pressing between my t****s, made me m**n but also whimper, knowing if he wanted, he could use the calling to make me submit to him, make me give myself to him.

“See, Ivy. I have control, don’t make me abuse it. I don’t want that, and I know you don’t,” he growled before dropping it, the overwhelming feeling suddenly extinguished. He hovered above me for a few seconds, and his eyes flickered, his body trembling like he was fighting a war within himself while l battled my own.

“Tread carefully, Ivy. You don’t want me to snap,” he growled before rolling off me. The moment he did, my entire body shuddered like it was going through withdrawals. It took everything in me not to throw myself at him and rub myself on him, needing his skin, wanting to bite him. He smirked before his face fell when I didn’t give in to the urges, my anger at him overshadowing them, and I gritted my teeth.

“You’re fighting it,” he snarled.

“You would rather be in pain?” he asked.

“I used to love it when you did that. Now you just made me hate it because you took my choice. You promised I would have a choice,” I tell him. He looked away from me, and I saw him s*****w.

“Then don’t make me take them. Stop fighting the bond and don’t run from me again.”

“You’re a hypocrite. You say don’t fight it or deny the bond, but you broke mine, you broke me. I won’t allow you to do it a second time,” I screamed at him so angrily I felt breathless. He seemed startled by my outburst before getting up and storming toward the door.

“You try to leave this room before I say you will find yourself in the cells,” he snapped. The King then walked out and slammed the door behind him. I jumped at the bang, the bond flaring to life, making me want to chase after him and beg for his forgiveness. It took me days to have the bond ease and let me breathe again, and it took him only seconds to force it back. One bite and he was destroying me all over again.

Only now do I recognize the signs and the influence he had over me. The twisted way the bond works against me. It wasn’t fair, and with Abbie gone, I don’t think I could suffer the push and pull from the bond, suffer through losing it again if he so chooses. Yet I was determined to try because one thing became startling obvious: he was fighting the bond just as much as I now was. He had the calling, but I wasn’t entirely powerless. I had the bond on my side and if he wants to break me, I would make sure he broke too.