His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 70

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 70

“The children you buried the other week?” he nods before dropping his chin on my shoulder.

“Who would do such a thing?” I murmured, staring back at the women.

“Some very sick individuals, unfortunately, the hunters have help, we have found a few of the rebels’ insignia patches too along with the bodies,” he reached over to the drawer beside him and pulled out a sandwich bag full of fabric patches. He dropped it on the desk and I picked it up. The moment I turned it over, I gasped and clutched my ears.

I found myself submerged in the noise of the new surroundings that became deafening as I struggled to take it in. The fear that coursed through me. At the forefront of my mind, I suddenly perceived a memory arising from a time I wished to stay forgotten. Suddenly, the sounds of gunfire could be heard resounding in the air around me.

“It’s ok, come on out, come to Mummy,” my mother whispered. My mother’s blood-encrusted hands reached toward me. In my attempt to drown out the sound of gunshots, I tried to hide in what appeared to be a cupboard, my hands covering my ears. In what appeared to be a cleaner’s uniform, my mother had a patch across her heart that was sewn into the uniform. Blood soiled the front, and her skin was tainted in it.

‘Come on, Ivy, I would like you to come to me,” my mother said, and I didn’t want to go with her, for some reason, she scared me but reluctantly I placed my hand in hers, and she pulled me out into the carnage. The memory fizzled and warped before I found myself breathing heavily as I tried to get my bearings. She was one of them. She really did do the horrible things she was accused of.

“Ivy, what is it?” Kyson asked, clutching me tighter against him while I tugged on my hair, needing the pain to make it stop, to ground me back to the present.

“Ivy, you’re scaring me. Speak to me,” the King said as I began to have a panic attack. My lungs refused to work as I tried to s**k in a breath when I felt the calling sweep over me. His deep purr emanated from him, forcing me to relax against him, and I let out a shaky breath, pressing closer and seeking it out.

“What happened?” he murmured, but I shook my head, not wanting to remember instead wanting to forget.

“She really did it, didn’t she?” I whispered as tears blurred my vision.


“My mother,” I choked, and he growled, his arms growing tighter, and I could feel the tremble of his arms as he gripped me. Trying to reign in his anger toward her and for me being hers.

“The patch triggered something?” he asked, unable to keep his anger from his voice, though his purring never stopped, and I nodded against his chest. He nodded his head but said nothing instead, letting me calm down.

“Come on, I will take you back to the room.” I shook my head and pressed the sharp points of his teeth against my shoulder. I shuddered, but he seemed to merely do it as if to tell me he was still there like l had somehow forgotten he was holding me.

“I will see if Gannon or Damian will take you for a walk then I have work to do. So I can’t right now,” he whispered into my hair. The King only took a few minutes before he sighed, and I sat up.

“They’re busy; I will get someone to grab a pillow and blanket. You can rest on the couch until I’m done,” I chewed my lip, suddenly embarrassed over my breakdown. I was meant to be avoiding the bond, not seeking it.

I looked longingly out the window, wanting to go outside. This room all of a sudden felt stuffy and closed in. “I won’t run,” I whispered before looking back at the King.

He was watching me, his chin rested on his hand thoughtfully. “Ivy, I can’t-“

“How are you going to trust me if you don’t let me earn it?” I asked, and he worried his lip between his teeth before pinching the bridge of his nose.

“I will check in with Clarice every hour, I promise.” I pleaded.

“Half an hour, if you are so much as a minute late. I will send the entire castle out to hunt you down,” he warned, gripping my chin and forcing me to meet his gaze.

“I let you go by yourself. You sleep in the bed with me?” he asked, tilting my chin to the side and watching me. My guess was that he was trying to see if I was trying to deceive him.

“Promise me, I need sleep, and I can’t with you sleeping on the goddamn couch,” he said, and I pulled away from him.

“I need an answer, Ivy, or you don’t go,” he said. I sighed, but I really needed out of this room. Without him breathing down my neck, I needed to breathe for a few minutes. But most of all, I wanted to feel free, even if it was only momentarily, so I nodded and agreed to his request.

“Then you can go; I will come to find you when I am done,” he says, and I get up off his lap. Moving toward the door, he speaks, “And Ivy.” I stop looking back at him.

“Check in with Clarice,”

“Yes, every half an hour,” I finished for him, and he nodded before allowing me to go. I quickly escape downstairs. Stepping out, I sighed a breath of relief. Today it was pretty warm, and the sun felt nice on . my cold skin. Clarice was hanging the last sheet on the clothesline, however, Peter was nowhere to be found.

“Where did Peter go?” I asked her and she jumped from not hearing me come up behind her. “Gosh, my Queen, you gave me a fright,” she said, clutching her hand that held two pegs to her chest.

“Sorry, is Peter around?” I asked.

“Down at the cemetery. Where is the King?” She asked, glancing around nervously. The entire castle was aware I was in lockdown and under strict guard, so it must have worried her seeing me without someone.

“He let me out, but I have to check up with you every half an hour,” I growled.

“Right, well, Peter is busy. Although, I am sure he would love the company. Little s**t tried to rope me into helping him.” she chuckled. I nodded before making my way down to the graveyard.