His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 81

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 81

“I won’t touch you then, okay, but I am staying. You’re not shifting on your own,” I tell her, fighting the urge to stifle her worry by using the bond and calling. She looks away from me.

“I said get out,” she whispered before wiping a stray tear. My heart pinched at her defeat and I knew she blamed me for this; I blamed myself.

“I will find you some clothes,” I tell her, getting up off the floor and walking out. I found her some of my clothes and set them on the bed before standing by the bathroom door and listening.

I was only met with silence and the sound of the running of the water. I knock on the door, but she doesn’t answer.

“Ivy, I am going to come in, okay,” I call out to her. I wait, but she doesn’t answer, so I gently push the door open to find her clothes scattered on the floor and her sitting in the bottom of the shower directly under the water. Her skin turned red from how hot she had changed the shower temperature.

“Ivy?” I asked, crouching beside her just outside the shower spray. She turned her head to the side so l could see her face, and her eyes glowed. Why couldn’t her shift wait one more day so I could explain?

“It’s so cold,” she murmurs, and I nod.

“Yes, then you will be hot, then cold again,” I tell her, and she nods, tucking her face back into her knees. I look at the window and click my tongue and shake my head. There was no moon high in the sky tonight.

“Come on, we can lay in front of the fireplace; I will move all the bedding over there,” I tell her holding out my hand to her. She lifts her head and looks at it.

“There is no moon tonight,” she says, and I press my lips in line that she had noticed. I nod my head.

“I will be right by your side. I’m not going anywhere, but I do need to ask a favor you probably won’t like,” I tell her. Ivy looks at my hand before sighing.

“What is it?”

“Let’s get you dry first,” I tell her. Her eyebrows pinch together before she takes my hand, and I pull her to her feet. She wraps a towel around herself, shivering and teeth chattering although her skin was flushed. I hand her one of my shirts, and she dries herself. While Ivy does, I move the furniture in front of the fireplace before dragging the mattress and blankets over. Turning to face her, she was hunched over while rummaging through the drawer for underwear. Her other hand clutched her stomach.

“Ivy,” I call out to her. Ivy looks over at me before retrieving a pair and slipping them on. She walks over to me before lying down closest to the fire and tugging the duvet over herself. I grab her book, bring it over and kneel on the mattress beside her.

“You should try to sleep while you can before the pain becomes too much; I can read to you if you like,” she rolls over to face me. “If that was supposed to make me feel better, it didn’t,” she says but yawns. I chuckle, placing the book on the pillow.

“Have you got any birthmarks?” I ask her, and she yawns again before she nods.

“Yes, on my leg, next to,” She pauses. “Looks like a smudge,” she says.

“Can I see it?”

“What? No,” she says, rolling herself tighter in her blanket. “Why?” she says, glaring at me.

“I won’t do anything, I promise, I just want to see it, to confirm something,”

“Something like what?” she demanded.

“Your identity,” she snorts and rolls her eyes.

“Great, what now, is my father the boogeyman or grim reaper?” she scoffs.

“No, Ivy. I believe your father was the King,” she scoffs, then laughs. “That isn’t funny, Kyson,”

“I know it isn’t funny because if I am right and you are the King’s daughter, that also means Marissa wasn’t your mother, and you are the stolen princess from the Kingdom of Landeena,” I tell her. She stares at me in shock before shaking her head.

“No, Marissa is my mother,” she replies though she was confused by my words.

“We believe Marrissa was your Nanny, and she took you when she k****d your parents,”

“Is this some trick? Are you really that cruel to think doing something like that would be funny? Is this some punishment of yours?” She chokes out, tears brimming and spilling over and down her cheeks, her lip quivers, and I could feel through the bond she honestly thought I was saying this to hurt her more, she didn’t trust me, and my stomach sank at that thought.

“I know I f****d up, but please, Ivy, just let me check. I swear I won’t ask for anything else; I just have to be sure; I wouldn’t have told you if I didn’t believe it was true,” I told her.

“Yet you were quick to believe I am my mothers?” I sigh and nod.

“I was angry, and what I did was wrong, but please, Ivy. I just want to be certain,”

“Well, you will find out when I shift tonight then, won’t you?”

“That’s why I need to know; if your Lycan Ivy, I could have k****d you when I ignored our bond, which could affect your shift; the fact you are shifting makes this is dire. So please, I know you don’t want me touching you, but I need to see. Because if you are, I want to be prepared if you don’t faze properly.”

“Excuse me? Any more terrible news you want to give me tonight, Kyson?” she snaps before groaning and hunching over. I tugged her to me, pulling her onto my lap rolled in her blanket. She whimpers, and her entire body shudders for a few moments before relaxing while I rub her back. She then lurches forward in my arms, tripping as she tangles into the blanket. She got to her feet and raced for the bathroom to throw up.