His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 84

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 84


I had no idea how long it had been since I shifted. I knew while shifted; I spent most of the time on the phone with Abbie after Kyson rang her for me; she remained on the phone till I could no longer keep my eyes open, and the help of Kyson’s calling eventually lulled me into oblivion. Abbie was just as shocked as l was about being Lycan but thought it was hilarious that I could l**k my own eyeball, which I discovered accidentally. Who would have thought Lycans had such long tongues?

However, the feel of my bones breaking and dislocating woke me, though the transition back was nothing compared to the shifting. Although it still made me whimper when I felt the expanding of my spine sending a shudder through my body.

Kyson’s huge hand on my back caressed me softly, and I blinked, trying to wake up from where I lay. The rumbling resonated from deep within his chest; even asleep, he still purred, using the calling as a sedative, and I blinked rapidly and yawned before rubbing my eyes. Still, I didn’t want to move off his chest, content with just lying here wrapped in his warmth. His fur tickled my nose, his clawed fingers tracing the ridges of my spine gently as I felt the transition come entirely to an end.

His purr grows louder, and I melt against him, relishing the sound and the beat of his heart, mine beating in time to the sound when he pulls me higher. His tongue runs over my mark, lapping at it. Arousal washed through me instantly, making my toes curl, but I was still pissed off with him. As much as I enjoyed his touch, I was still angered by everything. Kyson rolls over, shifting as he does so.

The cracking of his bones made me grind my teeth as fur became hot skin and he rolled me on my back, his body pressed between my legs. His thick, muscled arms were on either side of my head. I watch as he shudders before turning his head, cracking his neck, and his eyes go back to their dazzling silver color. He smiled amusedly down at me before pressing his lips to mine gently. His tongue traced the seam of my lips before forcing it between them. His tongue brushes mine gently, and I sigh, kissing him back as he rocked his hips against me.

His hand moves up my neck, and his fingertips graze over my scalp as they slide through my thick hair, pulling me impossibly close as he deepened the kiss, his tongue demanding and dominating my mouth, tasting every inch and stealing the breath from my lungs. He pulls away and chuckles softly, dropping his head onto my shoulder.

“What?” I ask, wondering what he thought was funny.

“Nothing,” he chuckles, purring louder, and my eyes widen, realizing I was also purring and hadn’t realized, mistaking the vibration as coming from him. My face heats, and he nibbles my lip, yet I couldn’t seem to stop the noise even if I wanted to like I had no control over it.

Kyson lifts his head, his hand moving to my face, his thumb strokes over my cheek gently, my skin flushed with my embarrassment as I continued to purr like a d**n cat getting its back scratched.

“Don’t be embarrassed; it’s normal, love. Your body is reacting after a shift. It recognizes our bond and wants to mate,” he purrs, and I shake my head. I didn’t want to mate. Yet the moment he said the words, I became instantly aware of the throb between my legs and the slickness of my t****s.

Kyson thrusts his hips against mine. His hardened length slid between my folds, coating him with my arousal. He brings his face closer, his lips gently brushing against mine before he s***s the bottom one into his mouth and nibbles on it. A m**n escapes my lips when he s***s on it. His c**k glides between my wet folds and hits my c**t, making me gasp as my eyes fall shut at the sensation.

My hips rock to his rhythm, chasing the feeling, wanting to ease the pulsating as my p***y ached, throbbing to its own beat and causing me discomfort. Kyson growls softly, my eyes flying open at the sound, only for him to kiss me again. His tongue gave me no rest as it invaded my mouth once again.

“I don’t want to mate, Kyson. You should stop,” I m****e around his lips. His plump full lips leave mine, letting me catch my breath. Instead, they travel down my jaw to my neck to his mark that lay etched into my skin. He growls, n*****g at it, making my toes curl and my inner walls clench, the pulsating becoming worse and driving me near insane.

“Then I won’t mate you,” he growls, n*****g at my skin while his teeth, lips, and tongue move lower, tracing a path to my b*****s, my n*****s so hard they were near painful. My back arches at the feel of his tongue laving over the stiff peak. Sparks rush over my skin, heating it, and my breathing becomes ragged as he s****d on, swirling his tongue around my areola.

My muscles tense at the pleasurable feeling building low within my stomach. The purr that emanated from me resonated around the room before I whimper when he bites down on my tender skin. Pain rippled through me, however, only fleetingly as he s****d on it harder, chasing the searing pain away before turning his attention to the other. His teasing hot tongue moved slowly, tasting my flesh and enticing more m***s and whimpers.

His mouth continued its descent lower, teeth grazing my ribs and across my hip bone. I growl when he doesn’t move faster, my entire body craving his touch as he bit into my hip, his hand pushing my leg wider before he settled between them, s*****g on the inside of my t***h, making my hips buck the closer he came to the apex of my t****s.

“Kyson!” I growl, annoyed when I feel his breath sweep over my slit.

“Patience, love, I will give you what you want,” he purred as his hands gripped the backs of my t****s. He yanked me down onto the end of the thick mattress, and he moved off it and sat on the floor.

He growls, his hand sliding from the backs of my t****s to the back of my knees, forcing them to bend before he shoved my legs higher, my knees resting along my ribs, exposing me further to him. I had no time to feel embarrassed about the position he put me in, everything on display making me want to close my legs, but his grip wouldn’t allow it when he swept his flat tongue across my folds before his entire mouth covered my p***y, s*****g on my swollen flesh.

I mewled, melting against the mattress as his mouth continued its relentless assault. His tongue parted my lips as he l****d a line straight to my c**t. He s***s hard on it, making me writhe and move my hips; his grip on my legs grew tighter, his fingers digging into my skin bruisingly, holding me still while his mouth devours every piece of me, making me cry out, and my legs tremble. My pulse pounds uncontrollably. Tension coils in my lower belly as I writhe and pant. His tongue glides lower, lapping at my entrance before it plunges inside me, and my inner walls clench. My walls squeeze at the feel of his tongue inside me before his mouth moves lower.

A squeak leaves me when I feel his tongue l**k around the tight muscles of my a*s, and I hear him chuckle, amused while I am mortified before his mouth went back to my c**t, s*****g on it hard and making me m**n. He shifts slightly, moving his hand off my t***h before sitting up, his arm going over the back of my t****s, holding them in place while his other hand slid down my t***h to my a*s, squeezing it as he sat up. My legs were pinned in the same position held by his arm placed over them.

I try to drop my legs, not liking the position I was in with him staring between my legs. His hand palming and kneading my a*s before I feel his thumb part my lips before he dips his face between my legs, lapping at my c**t. Kyson shoves his index finger inside me. My inner walls squeeze around it, and my hips buck at the sudden intrusion, his mouth s*****g my c**t as he dragged his finger back out, scraping my walls only to slide it back in.

My purr grows louder, my nerves screaming at the friction he builds; he glides his finger out before adding his middle finger, making my legs shake as he stretches me further. My walls clench around them, and he sits up, watching his fingers slip in and out of my tight channel, drenched with my arousal. Kyson growls his eyes hungrily watching his fingers delve inside of me; he curls them, making me cry out as he hits that sweet spot, eliciting endless m***s.

My eyes close at the sensation when he continues dragging them in and out, curling them as he plunges them in deeper each time. I feel his fingers curl once again, his ring finger presses against my a*s, and my eyes open to find him watching me. His pitch-black as the beast that resides within surfaces.

His fingers offered no reprieve as he plunged them in harder, dropping his mouth back to p***y before I felt him slide his ring finger inside me. I squirm, the feeling unnatural as he breached the barrier of the tight muscles of my a*s. Despite the discomfort, my pleasure grew sinfully.

His fingers moving simultaneously while he s****d on my c**t. My skin heats, my p***y throbs, and my walls clench; my stomach tightens at the pleasure. Tingles slivered and weaved up my spin, and my toes curled as I reached the precipice and shattered.

My m***s echoed around the room as waves of pleasure rippled through me, my p***y clenching his fingers, which had slowed, allowing me to ride out the feeling as I panted and writhed. My entire body shook with the intensity of my release, rendering me limp and boneless as the last wave rippled through me.

Kyson slowly withdraws his fingers before lapping at my j****s, his tongue causing aftershocks to course through me, my skin now oversensitive to the touch. He moves his arm, and my legs fall limply on the bed while I try to catch my breath. Kyson crawls between my legs, hovering above me, and I could feel his e******n digging into my lower stomach as he leaned down and kissed me.

Forcing his tongue into my mouth and I was too exhausted to care as he made me taste myself. He growls, n*****g at my lips. “I’ll run you a bath,” he purred against my lips, and all I could do was nod. My brain felt sluggish and liquefied. He laughed softly before climbing off me and wandering off toward the bathroom.