His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 85

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 85

Gannon POV

Last night, the King granted me special leave while Ivy was transitioning; I had been in the car ever since. I tried to ring Abbie to speak with her and convince her, but she never answered her phone. Abbie had been ignoring my calls since the last attempt. I am to report any issues, although I was angered that Kyson wouldn’t allow me to drag her out because forcing someone from their mate was illegal if they wanted to remain with them. However, I was tempted to break that law; I would take jail time or lashings.

Kyson, I know, would be reluctant to hand the sentence down, but with pressure from the packs he governed over, it didn’t look good for a king to go against the law he helped create, to stop Alpha’s forcefully marking multiple women and stealing them from their mates, which is precisely why Kade never marked any of his wives technically they were free if they found their mates. But Abbie, he did mark knowing having a mate makes him stronger.

So, for now, my only option was to convince Abbie to willingly leave him. As stupid as it might be to try, l*****n had to. Going against a mate bond was near impossible for she-wolves, and so far, my attempts to convince her of her mate’s infidelity have failed.

We rarely came this far out. Even when invited to stay as we passed through it sometimes, we always stayed elsewhere, uncomfortable with being in packs, never knowing which side they were on. However, Alpha Kade had been good to us, always helped, but he was a s****y werewolf nonetheless, the way he kept women as if they were trophies or some possession, not a person.

My phone starts ringing, and I pull over to answer it, knowing I would need to type in the address soon anyway. Damian’s name pops up on the screen, and lcd hit connect, placing it to my ear.

“You get the address?” I ask him, rummaging for a pen and paper in the glove compartment.

“Yes, I have it right here. Try to remain unseen, Gannon. It will raise suspicions if you get caught lurking without formal notice,” Damian tells me, and l growl.

“What did you tell him?”

“That Ivy wanted to send a care package,”

“Fine, I will stop on the way and buy some s**t in case; I can play the delivery boy,” I snap.

“Good idea, but please don’t k**l anyone, for god’s sake,”

“I’m just here to get my girl, that’s it,” I tell him.

“You can’t force her; you know what will happen if you do,” Damian reminds me.

“Maybe I am willing to accept the punishment, Damian,”

“Then what becomes of her when takes her away, think, Gannon. You force her, and she wants to go back then what. You would be disqualified from entering his pack, she is stuck there, and the King has to give you 1000 lashings and jail time, don’t make him do that. You know what happened last time he did and nearly k****d one of our men. It near destroyed him,”

“But that idiot forcefully claimed the girl; I am not claiming her, just taking her,” I retort.

“Same difference, don’t make me order you back, Gannon,”

“This Abbie, Damian,” I breathe.

“I am aware, but our hands are tied, and he is the only Alpha we have an actual pact-bound alliance with,” Damian says. I glare out the windshield.

“What’s it going to be? Am I ordering you back, or can you contain yourself?” I snarl.

“Fine, I won’t force her, but if he has hurt her, I will f*****g k**l him,”

“The King said he saw Abbie, and she was in good health besides the cheating on Kade’s part,”

“Still f*****g hurting her,”

“Gannon!” Damian snapped at me.

“Fine, I will keep my hands to myself, just give me the address,” I tell him, worried he would order me back home after driving all this way. I jot down the address before hanging up and putting the address into the maps. It was indeed out of town, miles out. Nothing around her; he kept her from everyone, including the town.

I growl at the realization she was out there alone. Starting the car, I drive to the closest town before stopping at one of the general stores and filling a basket. I grabbed all her favorite fruits and candies I had forced her to try since she was sketchy taking anything from me at the castle. Although, towards the end, she really dropped her guard, and I had her agree to be with me only for that fuckwit Kade to show up and ruin it.

I looked for something else, but the didn’t even have flowers in this s****y store. I would give her a book before remembering she couldn’t read and swap it for a comic. Maybe she could interpret the pictures with any luck. Perhaps I can get her to come back with me and reject her mate and teach her to read myself.

It took me another half an hour to drive to the outskirts of Kade’s territory. She was barely on the border as l pulled down the long dirt driveway. The place was surrounded by the dense forest as I pulled up at the house. Although house would be too kind of a word, it was more like a shack, even that might be too generous.

I could see her at the clothesline, and she looked over her shoulder at my car as it pulled in, putting her hand up to shield her eyes from the sun so she could see better. I quickly stopped the car, sending a text like Damian asked to alert him when I arrived. Abbie looked at the vehicle nervously as I swung the door open as she slowly walked over. She lets out a breath of relief, making me wonder why she was worried about a random car.

“Oh, it’s you?” Abbie says, walking over. “Why are you here?” she asks nervously, chewing her lip.

“What, that’s it?” I asked her, raising an eyebrow at her. Her lips tug up in the corner before she rushes over, and I grab her crushing her against me. “Gosh, I have missed you,” I tell her, and she nods, her skinny arms wrapping around my neck, and she shrieks when I lift her off her feet, hugging her tight.