His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 98

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 98

Gannon POV

Liam came with me. I had to make sure whoever I brought with me had a strong stomach to handle what I had planned for the b*****d that touched my Abbie.

Liam was part of the guard, and the man had an iron gut, but half the time, you never realized he was there; the man was silent as the night when he wanted to be. He was also just as f****d up in the head as me, probably why we got along so well. He was also the only person who knew my mate before I came to work as Kyson’s personal guard.

I never spoke about my past. It haunted me, but out of everyone, Liam and I had no secrets; he even helped me cover up what I did. Kyson was aware something had happened, yet I don’t think he truly knows what or who she was to me.

Kyson, Damian, and Liam were my best friends, but I knew some things Kyson and Damian would look at me poorly for, especially after what I did to her, so I never told them. However, I was pretty sure they suspected something was up because I never showed interest in looking for my mate, and that was because I had already found her.

I met Sia twenty years ago, and she was a normal she- wolf. She rejected me the same day I met her. The only issue was. Lycans can’t be rejected. The bond doesn’t just go away for us. The bond doesn’t end until one is d**d.

Even so, it took twenty years after her d***h for the bond to d*e out completely, something I never thought would happen. I assumed I was stuck with longing for a bond that didn’t want me and was d**d and buried for her betrayal. A betrayal I couldn’t look past. I held out hope she would come to her senses. That was when I learned werewolves could reject their mates. One difference between our species became so obvious to me the day she did it.

Ironic, she could reject me and feel nothing toward me while I would be left pining for her and feeling her betrayal. After a year of it, I k****d her. Liam here helped me destroy the evidence. And I knew Kyson and Damian would have forgiven me for it or convinced me to hold off longer, but I didn’t want their pity; I didn’t want their concern when it wasn’t needed; I had it handled.

Or so I thought. It made me cold and unfeeling, and I detached from everyone. The only time I felt anything was when Kyson would send me to do the jobs nobody wanted, and usually, Liam came with me for those jobs; I relished it, relished their screams, and eventually grew an appetite for it.

Then Abbie came along, but I didn’t want her screams; I wanted her. I wanted her love, and I had never wanted another woman since Sia and was content forever to be alone. Yet, she stirred up feelings l thought I was no longer capable of from the moment she came into my quarters by mistake, an obsession which I wasn’t sure was healthy but still better than the void I have felt for the last twenty-plus years.

“So we are going back for that headmistress?” Liam asked, and I looked over at the man. He had a massive scar down one side of his face that went from his hairline to his chin. Liam was almost blind in that eye, which is funny considering he was our best gunman.

Like the rest of us Lycan men, he appeared to be in his mid-thirties, but he was nearly 90 years old, still young considering how old I was. Not that we had much use for guns, but they made things easier than risking the king when he traveled.

“Her and another,” I answered him as he unrolled his knife pouch to make sure he brought them all.

“Who else?” he asked as he ran his thumb down the blade and let it slice his thumb as he tested how sharp it was.

“The butcher when we find out who he is,”

“A butcher?” he chuckled. “Well, that is interesting. I wonder how he will feel when he realizes it will be his meat you’re cutting into,” Liam says, glancing at me and smirking.

“So the Alpha and his mutt son know we are coming?” Liam asks.

“Nope, but I have the paperwork if they kick up a fuss.”

“To bring him in?” he asked, and I snorted and smiled.

“Well, I suppose they wouldn’t have sent you if it was as simple as taking them in,” he says, rolling the pouch back up.

“So what did he do to the King?” Liam asked.

“Not the King, Abbie,” I told him, and he exhaled before pushing his fringe from his eyes.

“That’s your girl, right? The one you buy that candy for all the time?”

“Yep, when I get her back,” I tell him, and I would get her back even if I had to go behind Kyson’s back; I wasn’t losing her. But for now, I would wait like he asks to see what he comes up with.

I knew he would have to, Ivy, Azalea. I heard the call go out earlier in the night about her title change, yet l was used to calling her Ivy. I nearly choked on my spit that he would allow it, but I think he would allow anything she requested if she batted her eyelashes at him. She would learn he was putty in his hands. She just needed to recognize that.

Going at Kyson headstrong wouldn’t get her anywhere, but she had other ways to get what she wanted. She just needed to come out of her shell and play on that, which I know Kyson was dreading when she figured that out.

He knows he is screwed when she does, especially with her bloodline. Landeena’s were known to have certain gifts, so it would be interesting to see if she inherited any of those traits. She had her mother’s eyes, so it would be interesting to see if she received her mother’s abilities or would she inherit her father’s? Time would tell.

“So, what did he do?” Liam asked. I growl at his words and he nods.

“Enough said,” he says. We spent the rest of the drive in silence. The long windy roads were boring, and l pulled over and swapped with Liam when I felt myself nodding off. By the time we arrived, it was the early morning hours, the sun just creeping above the trees of the sleepy town.