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How to Delete Multiple Pictures on Instagram – A Guide

How to delete multiple pictures on Instagram; is it possible? Of course, there are ways to try when it comes to deleting multiple photos and videos on your Instagram account at once.

While you need a fresh start for your social media – regardless of the purpose – it will take too much time if you delete all content one by one. But is there an app that could help you to delete multiple pictures and videos at once?

Read this article thoroughly and find the answers below – there are several ways you can get rid of many photos fast at once.

How Do I Delete Multiple Photos on Instagram?

In this section, you will find several possible methods on how to delete multiple pictures on Instagram. Each method comes with a series of steps which you can follow.

#1 By using the app

The first method you can do might be the easiest but you cannot delete many pictures at once; you have to do it individually. While it might take longer, you should give it a try.

  1. First of all, open the app on your phone.
how do i delete multiple photos on instagram
  1. After that, head to your Profile page where you can see your photos and videos.
can you delete multiple pictures on instagram at once
  1. Tap a picture that you want to delete and access the three-dot menu located on the top right of your screen.
how to delete multiple pictures at one time on instagram
  1. This part will take you to another menu and you can pick “Delete”.
how to select multiple pictures on instagram to delete
  1. The system will ask for your final confirmation about deleting your photo.
how to delete multiple photos on Instagram on computer
  1. On the other hand, if you prefer to hide your content then you shall pick “Archive” instead of erasing your photo.
By using the app in iPhone

And if you decide to archive your content then you can put it online again later. This method is mostly used by users who need to rebrand their social media.

So, can you delete multiple pictures on Instagram at once through the app? No, you cannot – but you may find the answer below.

#2 How to delete multiple photos on Instagram on computer

One of the most effortless ways to get rid of multiple pictures at once is by using a computer. However, it means that you will close your current account and create a new one – you can call it “restarting”.

This method on how to delete multiple pictures on Instagram may cost your audience, after all. Thus, it might not be a good idea for those who prefer to rebrand their social media instead of starting fresh. Here are the steps to restart Instagram from your PC.

  1. Access Instagram and get into your account.
  2. After that, click on your profile picture on the top right of your screen and then another menu will appear.
mass delete
  1. Click on “Settings” and you will see a series of options on the screen.
photos fast
  1. If you stay on the “Edit Profile” tab, you will find “Temporarily Disable My Account” at the bottom.
is there an app
  1. Once you click the option, you need to fill in your password to reconfirm your decision and click the blue button below.
delete multiple pictures and videos at once

The steps above on how to delete multiple pictures on Instagram are more about temporarily disable your account. However, your account will be deactivated for good if you don’t access it for at least six months.

Meanwhile, you can also perform the steps through the app from your iPhone. It is easier because you will delete your account instantly. After 14 days, you can create a new account with the same username.

As long as you don’t mind losing your audience then the method of how to delete multiple pictures on Instagram on computer above is worth a while.

#3 How to select multiple pictures on Instagram to delete

Unfortunately, there is no official method to mass delete your pictures and videos on Instagram. Unless you are willing to clear those pictures one by one, you should download a third-party app.

Nowadays, there are several apps that allow you to delete more than pictures at once through your Android devices. However, these apps are not available on the Play Store anymore. Thus, you have to find them from trusted sites and download the apk instead. Some of the best apps include:

  • Mass Delete for Instagram.
  • Instant Cleaner for Instagram
  • Cleaner for Instagram – Unfollow, Block, Delete

Below are the steps on how to delete multiple pictures on Instagram by using Cleaner for Instagram.

  1. Of course, you need to download and install the app in the first place. Cleaner for Instagram, fortunately, is available on the Play Store.
no official method to mass delete
  1. After that, open the app and you will see the login page. In this part, you should fill in your details.
Cleaner for Instagram
  1. On the bottom bar, you will see several options. To access your content, tap the “Media”.
fill in your details
  1. Then, select multiple pictures or videos you want to delete – you can simply pick “Select all” instead. After that, tap the button with a lightning icon on it.
access your content tap the Media
  1. Several options will pop up and you shall pick “Delete”.
you shall pick Delete
  1. Confirm your choice by tapping “Start Now” and the pictures you’ve selected will disappear instantly, at once.
tapping Start Now and the pictures

Other considerations

The fastest way on how to delete multiple pictures at one time on Instagram is by using a third-party app. However, as mentioned earlier, those apps were taken down from Play Store. Third-party apps, moreover, offer other services such as unfollow users and unlike pictures in bulk.

You can even block lots of people at once by using those apps, other than providing a way on how to delete multiple pictures on Instagram. Just keep in mind that you download the apk from safe and trusted sites, always.

Final Words

After reading the explanation above, now you know that there are various ways you can mass delete your content at once. But of course, using a third-party app will help you to finish the task faster.

On the other hand, you can simply use your computer or laptop to delete your account. Deleting your Instagram account and coming up with a new one is such a good way to start fresh. And this is everything you need to know about how to delete multiple pictures on Instagram.

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