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How to Fix Ethernet Not Working Windows 10

How to fix ethernet not working Windows 10 – do you have any problem with the network connection on your PC or laptop? Is your desktop unable to recognize the Ethernet connection?

Well, there might be a problem with your Ethernet, which requires you to find out what is wrong with it. The good news is that you will find exciting and useful information about fixing Ethernet in this article, especially if you are a Windows 10 user.

What Causes Ethernet Connection Issues

Before getting into how to fix Ethernet not working Windows 10, you might be wondering about the cause. Unfortunately, there are so many possibilities that could be the culpring of the issues with Ethernet, such as:

  • Outdated driver.
  • Network card.
  • Imperfect connection.
  • The fault in the wire, and a lot more.

In some cases, the cause of Ethernet suddenly not working can be due to software issues, hardware issues, or even both. Thus, you need several methods until your desktop can recognize the Ethernet in the first place.

Good to Know

  • One of the most common issues on Ethernet is the broken port. You should check the router port and make sure that you plug it in the right one.
  • Using another cable might help too, considering the issue might come from a problematic wire.
  • Other than that, disabling antivirus could lead to this issue. Thus, you can disable the antivirus for a few moments and see whether or not the issue is solved.

How to Fix Ethernet Connection in Windows 10

As briefly mentioned earlier, there are various possibilities that may cause Ethernet issues. Since it is impossible to know the culprit immediately, you should perform multiple ways instead. Here are several solutions on how to fix Ethernet not working Windows 10.

#1 Restarting Your Device

Before jumping on a more complex step on how to fix Ethernet not working Windows 10, you should try the simplest way. The issue might be caused by the glitches due to memory allocation.

And if this is the case, restarting your device would help. Besides, rebooting your desktop also allows the memory to flush and fix other glitches simultaneously.

#2 Using the Troubleshooter

If restarting your desktop doesn’t make any difference, you can run a network troubleshooter for sure. The system will take a look and setup connection, in case that’s the actual problem.

  1. First, open the Settings or press Windows + I at the same time. After that, access the Update & Security menu.
#2 Using the Troubleshooter - 1
  1. Then, find the Troubleshoot and choose Internet Connections. In this part, you will see a button with “Run the troubleshooter” on it. Click the button and follow the instructions.
#2 Using the Troubleshooter - 2
  1. Once the issues are nicely fixed, you can save changes by restarting your PC.

The troubleshooter can be touted as one of the most straightforward methods to find out and fix the issue. Also, this method is doable on other Windows versions, as well as Windows 11.

#3 Fix Ethernet Not Working Issues by Resetting the Adapter

What should you do if neither of the previous works? Well, you can check out and fix the adapter. Here are the steps you should follow.

  1. You need to access the Settings menu and then head to the Network & Internet option.
#3 Fix Ethernet Not Working Issues by Resetting the Adapter - 1
  1. Click the “Status” on the left part of the window and then go to “Network reset”.
#3 Fix Ethernet Not Working Issues by Resetting the Adapter - 2
  1. Can you see a button with “Reset now” on it? Click on that button and reconnect your desktop with the Ethernet.
#3 Fix Ethernet Not Working Issues by Resetting the Adapter - 3

This method of how to fix Ethernet not working Windows 10 is quite easy to follow. But if your PC still cannot detect the Ethernet then you should try the next method.

#4 Update Your Drivers

As briefly mentioned earlier, an outdated driver might be a reason why your device cannot detect the Ethernet. Thus, you should try this method on how to enable Ethernet on Windows 10 and update the driver.

  1. 1. Start the process by pressing Windows + R. After that, input “devmgmt.msc” in the dedicated box. It will lead you to the “Device Manager” menu.
#4 Update Your Drivers - 1
  1. You should find “Network adapters” and click the down arrow to expand the menu. Then, find your Ethernet device and right-click on it; click “Enable device”.
#4 Update Your Drivers - 2
  1. Right-click on the Ethernet one more time and then go with “Update driver”.
#4 Update Your Drivers - 3
  1. The system will open another window with two options. Choose “Search automatically” and allow the system to do the rest.
#4 Update Your Drivers - 4
  1. After the entire process is completed, you can restart your PC and see if the issues are solved.

But what if your PC can’t enable Ethernet windows 10 and the issues are not solved? Check the next part to proceed with these steps.

  1. Again, right-click on the Ethernet menu and go to “Update driver”. In this part, you should pick “Browse my computer” instead.
#4 Update Your Drivers - 5
  1. After that, click “Let me pick from a list” and click Next to execute.
#4 Update Your Drivers - 6
  1. On the new window, pick “Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller” driver and hit the Next button.
#4 Update Your Drivers - 7
  1. The system carries out the rest of the process and you can reboot your device after everything is set.

How to fix Ethernet not working Windows 10 by enabling and updating the driver is fairly effortless as well. Just make sure you follow the steps.

#5 Enabling the Ethernet

Sometimes you see that the Ethernet is unrecognizable but WiFi is. If this is the case with you, you can try this way on how to fix Ethernet not working Windows 10.

  1. The first step is by pressing Window + R. Input “ncpa.cpl” in the box and you will open the Network Connection menu.
#5 Enabling the Ethernet - 1
  1. In the new window, you will see several colorful icons. However, the Ethernet icon might look gray. Right-click on the Ethernet and hit “Enable”.
#5 Enabling the Ethernet - 2
  1. This way is supposed to fix Ethernet not working but WiFi is.

#6 How to Fix Ethernet Not Working Windows 10 – Disable Your Antivirus

Meanwhile, if Ethernet not working on new PC or it suddenly is disabled after restart then you may try to disable the Firewall or antivirus temporarily.

  1. To perform this command, you should find the antivirus icon on the desktop. After that, right-click the icon and choose “Disable”. The command might look different from one antivirus to another.
#6 How to Fix Ethernet Not Working Windows 10 – Disable Your Antivirus - 1
  1. You need to decide the duration of how long the antivirus will be on a vac.
#6 How to Fix Ethernet Not Working Windows 10 – Disable Your Antivirus - 2
  1. After that, access your internet to check whether the issues are fixed or not.
  2. You also need to go to the Control Panel and head to the System and Security.
  3. In this part, click “Windows Firewall”.
click windows firewall
  1. You will find the option to turn on/off the firewall on the left side of the screen.
turn windows firewall on or off
  1. After turning off the firewall, you can restart your device.

This method of how to fix Ethernet not working Windows 10 is also doable on new PC. So, why don’t you give it a try?

Final Words

You need the presence of Ethernet to keep your daily life going. And if you are using a desktop or laptop to tackle your work life, the Ethernet should’ve been in a good shape from time to time. Since you never know the cause, you should run several fixing methods in the first place.

After knowing how to fix Ethernet not working Windows 10, you may now continue with your work, right? And if you still cannot fix the issue, you should call a technician instead. It might be your device instead of the Ethernet in the first place.

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