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How to Quote On Discord – A Guide with Pictures

Today, everyone is using this platform. Initially, Discord was popular among gamers. However, people are getting used to this platform’s features and convenience.

It is no wonder if millions of people have been using Discord and the number seems to be going strong. Other than for gamers, people use this platform to develop their projects, concepts, and share other information.

Since this platform focuses on chat, you will find lots of features, such as italic, bold, blockquote, and many more. However, some people are still wondering how to quote on Discord. And if you have a similar curiosity as well then these methods on how to quote messages in Discord below will help you.

How to Quote on Discord

Below is the list of methods that might help you to quote messages, whether the one you type or from others. Some of them can be done without a third-party app in the first place but the others require you to be savvy enough to use a more advanced way.

#1 Single-Line Quoting

So, do you want to know how to quote on Discord effortlessly? Well, you can use the single-line quoting method. Besides, this method is the fundamental of quoting text on Discord – whether from your old texts or others’.

  1. The first thing you should do is find the conversation you want to quote.
  2. After that, type > and tap the spacebar.
#1 Single-Line Quoting - 1
  1. To make a quote, type the text you want to quote. In case the message is from others, you should copy and paste that specific text in the first place.
  2. Your text will turn out like the picture below.
#1 Single-Line Quoting - 2

This rule applies to all methods that you will read. You don’t need to put any brackets on it. As mentioned before, this single-line method is the basic knowledge of quoting on Discord.

#2 Multi-Line Quoting

So, what should you do if the text you want to quote consists of multiple lines or a long-phrase? Is it possible to do that? Well, in this case, you can quote someone on Discord by using the multi-line quoting method.

This thing is useful for those who want to quote a long paragraph or ideas that come with line breaks. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. First of all, be sure to find a paragraph you want to quote. If all you need is to quote other Discord users then you better copy the text first.
  2. In this part, type >>> and proceed with a single spacebar. After that, paste the text or type a long paragraph with line breaks.
#2 Multi-Line Quoting - 1
  1. If you have done with the process then you can press Enter to see the text turns out. It’s supposed to be like in the picture below.
#2 Multi-Line Quoting - 2

However, if you are using Discord for desktops then the “>” and “>>>” will perform the same function, which is multi-line quoting. You might also be interested in the new feature offered by this chatting platform about how to quote other messages on Discord. Feel free to check out the next method, after all.

#3 Using Block Quotes

Another way to quote on this platform is by using a quote block. It is a new addition introduced by Discord not long ago.

As its name suggests, this feature allows you to quote texts through the code blocks. By that, you can put a highlight with a specific color on any text on this platform. Check out the steps below.

  1. The first thing you have to do is create a single line block. You can perform this function by typing (`) – it is a single backtick symbol. For example `This is a quote`. The picture below will show you how it turns out.
  2. Meanwhile, if you prefer to highlight multiple lines then you should type the triple backtick symbol before both at the beginning and end of the text. You can also check the picture to find how it turns out.
#3 Using Block Quotes

This method is doable both on mobile phones or desktops. More than anything, you need to run various trials and errors to find the right method on how to quote on Discord – considering there is no specific tool provided by this platform other than these block quotes.

#4 How to Quote on Discord with a Quote Bot

Using a bot designed for quotes is a smart way you should try. It allows you to quote anything directly, without inserting any symbol in the first place.

As mentioned earlier, it requires you to be a savvy user to use this method, however. Since the bot is a third-party aspect, you have to download and install the tool before using it. Those chatbots are:

  1. Deivedux/ Quote, which provides amazing features. You can quote messages easily with the tool.
  2. Nirewen/ Citador, which allows you to quote any text through a tap.

The presence of a chatbot also makes how to reply to a specific message in a group way easier. Generally, both apps are great but Citador features a simpler UI design, which will be suitable for anyone.

#5 How to Quote Someone on Discord Using a Customized App

Some people would go with a customized app for an easier way on how to quote on Discord. Of course, this kind of app won’t be available on legit app stores. However, you can find the installer on the internet – most of them are free.

Other than allowing users to quote others or make a quote in the group chat, the customized app comes with various inbuilt features, such as changing the text sizes, zooming in a specific text, and so on.

You also need to download this app before using Citador or Quote – it’s called BetterDiscord. This customized app allows you to perform various functions through a simple tap. But keep in mind that it could violate Discord’s Term of Service in the first place.

However, if you want a simple way on how to quote on Discord then BetterDiscord is the ultimate answer.

Other Considerations

Generally, quoting a text on Discord means that you highlight it – not reply to a specific text. Discord, on the other hand, comes with the “Reply” button you can access through the three-dot icon next to the text. You can also hold a specific text to find the “Reply button”.

However, quoting is a different feature. Each text you’ve put quotations on will come out highlighted. But don’t mistake the backtick with the quotation marks, after all.

Why Would You Need to Quote Messages on Discord?

Well, there are various reasons why you may need to do this thing, instead of replying to the text in the first place. Those reasons include:

  • You want to reply but in a more organized way.
  • Quoting also helps to give context.
  • Your friend doesn’t need to scroll the entire group chat to find out what you’re talking about.
  • Updating previous information.

Of course, the presence of quotations and highlights is crucial when it comes to texting. Since everything is only accessible through text, emphasizing it would be great for everyone in the group.

Final Thoughts

You will definitely find a lot of ways when it comes to how to quote somebody on Discord. Since the community of this platform is large and communicative, people will help you to perform some functions on Discord.

And this is the end section of how to quote on Discord you should know. Considering this platform is getting more popular from time to time, you may expect a lot more improvements and developments in the future.

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