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How to Remove TikTok Filter from Your Video

Nowadays, it seems like everybody uses TikTok. Other than for fun, this platform is excellent to showcase your brand and interests to others. TikTok is also a place where you can learn new things. However, what if you can learn about how to remove TikTok filter?

Besides giving you a chance to create something viral, you can find and pick from a bunch of interesting filters; the number keeps increasing from time to time. But you might not want to use those filters even after the editing process is done.

So, if you are looking for a way to delete effects on TikTok from your video, here are the steps you can do. There is no need to download filter remover apk at all.

How to Remove TikTok Filter

There are several ways you can remove filter from video you’ve made on TikTok. Keep in mind that limitations may apply. More than anything, there is no need to download any remover app in the first place, as long as you follow the steps on how to remove TikTok filter below.

1. How to Get Rid of TikTok Effects from Drafts

In this section, you will learn the automatic way to remove filters or effects from your TikTok video. As mentioned earlier, there is no need to download any third-party app to perform this action.

  1. First of all, you have to access your TikTok account on your device. The steps are quite similar whether you are using Android or iPhone.
  2. After that, tap your profile icon located at the bottom right area of your screen.
  3. In this part, you will see your posted videos and another part named “Draft”. Choose the “Draft” folder to access your content and pick a video you want to remove the effects from.
How to Get Rid of TikTok Effects from Drafts
  1. The next thing you should do is find the “Back” option located on top left of your screen. By that, you will go to the editing menu.
go to editing menu
  1. At the bottom left of your screen, you will see the “Effect” panel. Tap the panel and proceed to the next step.
click effects
  1. You are supposed to find a back button that look like an arrow above the filter options. Then, tap the button and all filters in the video will be deleted.
drag any videos
  1. After that, tap “Next” and the system will save your changes.
  2. And if you want to remove the effects from video, you should tap “None” at the bottom left of your screen. However, if you’ve applied more than one effect, you should tap “Reverse” until everything is well removed.
hold to apply effects
  1. Don’t forget to tap “Save” to keep all changes.

The steps on how to remove beauty filter on TikTok are simple, after all. All you need to do is focus and be patient – all filters and beauty effects will be gone in a minute.

2. Deleting TikTok Filters and Effects After Recording

So, how to remove TikTok filters from a video that you add after recording? Is it possible, after all? Of course, you can do that too seamlessly.

  1. When you are recording for content, tap the “Filters” tab located on the right side menu, and you will see the available options.
Deleting TikTok Filters and Effects After Recording
  1. However, you should tap “Normal” that appears on the most left of other filters.
tap Normal

By choosing to do the steps above, there will be no filter appearing on your video. However, even a remover online won’t do anything if you add the filters before recording your content.

For instance, you pick the F2 filter and then start recording your video. You later cannot do anything about that. And if you want to remove it, you better record a new video from the start.

How to Remove TikTok Filter After Posting

However, even a TikTok filter remover online won’t do much about it. TikTok makes no layers for your video, filters, and effects. This is why all steps on how to remove TikTok filter mentioned above won’t work at all once you’ve posted your video.

But you can always remove all filters and effecsts you don’t use by tapping “Manage” after you get access to the filter menu.

About TikTok Filters and Effects

Before trying to remove the filters or effects, you should know that those things allow you to create something spectacular. By using those tools, you don’t need to move to another video editing app for making amazing content.

If you see other users use effects or filters that interest you, you can save those things to your favorites for later. More than anything, TikTok accommodates its users to bring out their creative sides without limitations.

However, you may want to delete those effects after checking the preview of your content. And if you face a similar issue, the steps on how to remove TikTok filter mentioned above are worth trying.


TikTok is an excellent platform that offers an ample space for exploring your creativity. With a bunch of effects, filters, and inspiration that you can find easily through scrolls, it makes creating content way easier than any other app.

However, sometimes you want to get rid of those special effects or filters before posting it. While several TikTok filter remover app options are available out there, you can always do the entire process without a third-party app in the first place.

All you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned above and post the video the ways you want it. And this is the end section of how to remove TikTok filter from video online.

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