Hybrid Aria by Jessica Hall Chapter 14

Read Hybrid Aria by Jessica Hall Chapter 14

Reid’s POV

I can’t believe my wolf would go against me. How dare he betray my trust. We are supposed to be a team, supposed to be one whole. He knows the promise I made and yet he still went against me for her. Marked her against my will, all because she has spelled his wolf with her phony humanity. Hybrids are an abomination; they are barbaric savages. They exist to k**l, and it’s incredible she has managed to conceal her true self this long. To hide the monster she truly is. It is only a matter of time until she slips up and kills someone.

“Do you hear yourself? Really Reid, you sound like a whiny b***h. I did you a favour, you’ll see.”

“I am not whining, you betrayed me. If you were doing me a favour, you would have s*********d her,” I tell him before shoving him back to where he belongs.

I haven’t slept in two days since he marked her. Concerned he will force his way back in control when I’m vulnerable, I won’t allow him to cause more irreversible damage. Leaning back on my office chair, I try to rest my eyes. When that doesn’t work, deciding I need more caffeine, I walk down the hall towards the kitchen. On the way, I find Lily stopped outside the infirmary door with Wendy, the nurse. Lily, noticing me, starts walking towards me, before stopping in front of mee. She is wearing her butterfly pyjamas again, carrying her duffle bag, which she hasn’t let go of since she arrived. “Are you visiting Ari?” she asks.

Her innocent little face peers up at me. It’s not her fault her sister is a monster. “No, I’m getting coffee. Why are you still in the same pyjamas? Don’t you have more clothes in the bag?” I ask, reaching for her bag, but she tugs it closely to her chest, shaking her head.

“No, just my school clothes. We didn’t have time to grab anything else.”

“What do you mean? Who are you running from, Lil? It’s okay, you can tell me.”

Lily doesn’t say anything, just steps back, walking back to the door where the nurse is waiting.

“You’re not letting her in there, are you?” The nurse seemed confused, and Lily looked up questionably.

“I promised she could see her sister, Sir.”

Grabbing the nurse’s arm tightly, I pull her to me. “You are aware she is a Hybrid, aren’t you?”

“Yes sir, but she isn’t dangerous. She is in control.”

“For now, she is. Don’t let her fool you.”

“Sir, I understand your dislike for Hybrids, but Ryder marked her. She is our Luna and your mate. How long are you going to deny her?” Wendy’s reply touched a nerve.

How can the whole Pack be so accepting of her already? She hasn’t been here five minutes and she already has my Pack wrapped around her fingers. I am f*****g Alpha, for god’s sake. I don’t care if she is supposed to be my Luna, I will never stand beside her. She will never be my equal. Wendy pulled her arm from my tight grip before opening the door, stepping out of view of the door. I watched as they walked in before going to the kitchen.

Aria’s POV

Getting in the shower, I washed quickly, eager to see Lily. Not having her close to me and not knowing where she is was making me anxious. When I got out of the shower, I wrapped the towel around me before sticking my head out the bathroom door. Laying on the bed were some clothes. Walking over and picking them up, I realised they were exactly my size.

Wendy left a pair of light blue jeans and a white tank top, along with a black bra and panties set and a pair of socks. Quickly putting them on, I was drying my hair with the towel when Wendy walked in carrying a tray. She placed it down next to me on the bed. Pancakes. My stomach growled hungrily at the sight of them. Embarrassed, I quickly thanked her for the clothes and breakfast before she walked out.

After breakfast, Wendy did as she promised and brought Lily to visit. The relief I felt upon seeing her is unexplainable. Never since Lily has been born have I spent a night away from her. Not seeing her was making me extremely anxious. Lily walked in, wearing her familiar butterfly pyjamas before she dropped the duffle bag and ran to hug me, just as excited as I was to see her.

“Ari!” Lily squealed excitedly. Brushing her curls out of her face, I bent down and picked her up, placing her on the bed.

“You okay now, Ari? Wendy said we can stay here now.” Lily spoke excitedly.

I motioned for Wendy to leave. Instead of leaving, she shook her head and stood next to the door. Shaking my head, annoyed, I turned back to Lily.

“That’s great, Lil, but remember we have to leave the city as soon as they let me out.” Lily looked upset, tears shining in her eyes, but she didn’t let them fall.

“Ok, but they said we would be safe here. Alpha Reid said we could stay; he even gave me my own room,” Lily replied disappointedly.

“I know, but this isn’t permanent. We have to leave, and when did you see Alpha Reid?’

“He was in the hall when I arrived, but I spoke to him last night. He said we won’t be leaving because you are his mate and his wolf marked you.”

Shaking my head, I sat back flabbergasted. That’s why he hung around the diner, and that’s why he took us in. I wasn’t even aware I could be someone’s mate. I tried to remember him marking me, but I have no memory of even seeing him since I got here.

“Hello, Ari, are you okay?” Lily sang out, waving her hands in front of my face, pulling me from my thoughts.

“Sorry, Lil, I was thinking.”

“About what?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Nothing in particular, it doesn’t matter, Lil.”

Wendy walked over. “Only 20 minutes then we have to go, Lily.” she said.

“Go where? She can stay with me,” I replied, annoyed. It was like they were trying to keep us separated.

“Sorry Aria, but Alpha…” I didn’t let her finish, instead jumping to my feet.

“I don’t care what the Alpha said. Lily is my sister and my responsibility. He has no right keeping her from me when I am the one who raised her.” I didn’t realise I was yelling until I had to take a breath. Wendy’s shocked expression showed she wasn’t expecting my outburst. But I didn’t care, who does he think he is? Marking me, then ordering me around. I never asked for this, I just wanted to get as far away from the city as possible with Lily.

Wendy motioned for Lily to take her hand. Lily hesitated, confused on what to do, before walking to me taking my hand. But Wendy clearly refused to go against her god d**n Alpha and went to grab Lily’s hand, only fuelling my anger. Without even thinking, I growled at her and took a step forward, putting myself between them. Wendy took a startled step back. I could hear her heart rate spike, then that was all I could focus on. My hands became clammy, and I could feel my hunger for her blood starting to overtake my senses.

I could smell her fear oozing off her skin, and I started to advance on her. When Lily grabbed my hand, I ripped my hand from her and spun around my glare now on her. When she took a frightened step back, something clicked in me. They are trying to help. Holding my breath, I pushed Lily towards Wendy, who grabbed Lily and ran out the door.

Sitting on the floor, I placed my head between my knees, trying to regain control, but just thinking of Wendy and our argument would make it flare up like an erupting volcano. Sitting up, I rested my head on the wall, my eyes falling on the duffle bag by the bed. Quickly getting up, I raced over to the bag, ripping it open, relieved to find two bottles of wolfsbane and the jar of syringes. Nobody has looked in the bag because if they did, they definitely wouldn’t have left them with a six-year-old.

Undoing the lid of one of the bottles, I swallowed down two painful mouthfuls, gagging and choking instantly. I always forget how much this c**p burns, but knowing it is the only way to control my bloodlust means I’m just going to have to deal with this torture.

After about five minutes, the door opened again. I was still sitting on the floor trying to stop myself from dry heaving. Looking towards the door, I see a pair of black sneakers and looking up. I instinctively know who it is by the feeling in the pit of my stomach. There is no doubt now that he is my mate. My breathing instantly increased, my heart was racing. I always thought I didn’t need anyone besides Lily, but I needed him. I never realised how incomplete I was until he walked into the room, making me realise he was the missing piece in my life. The other side to my soul, two souls fitting perfectly together becoming a whole. How had I not realised sooner?

Breathing in, I inhaled his intoxicating scent. My nerves felt like they were on fire, every fibre in my body trying to pull me to him. Standing up, I stared at the man who was everything I didn’t realise I needed or wanted. Through his shirt, I could see the outlines of his abs, see the lines of his muscular chest. He looked like he had been carved out of marble. He was dressed very casually compared to when I would see him at the diner. His hair was a bit of a mess like he had been running his fingers through it. His gaze was intense, not his usual soft gaze.

I watched as he clenched and unclenched his jaw. His hands were fisted tightly, and he looked tense like he didn’t want to be here. Moving closer, I went to place my hands on his chest and ask him if he was okay. But he moved so quickly, my heart skipped when he grabbed hold of my wrists tightly, too tightly. Any tighter I was sure they would break. The usual sparks from his touch did nothing to help the ache of my bones being crushed in his strong grip. He then shoved me back, making me stumble.

Looking up at him, I could see his breathing changing. It was getting faster, I could tell by the rise and fall of his chest moving rapidly. He was angry, he didn’t want me. Rejection was like a slap in the face, only coming from him, it hurt more than any of the times I had been punched by David. Feeling tears brim in my eyes, I turned my head and wiped them, not wanting him to witness me breaking.

Why does this hurt so much? Once I was sure my face wouldn’t betray me, I looked back at him. He went to say something but then stopped, his eyes flicking between him and his beast before going back to their silver-grey, showing that Reid was undeniably in control. I wanted to comfort him, ask why he was upset, but the look on his face was full of disgust like he couldn’t look at me, like I was beneath him. Like some trash he had just come across. He turned and walked out of the room without saying another word, locking the door behind him, leaving me more confused.

How could he mark me then reject me like that? Was it a mistake? Did he mark me by accident? Or is it because of what I am? An abomination, an atrocity. As soon as I find a way out of here, Lily and I are leaving. We don’t need anyone, never did, so this won’t be any different.