Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 117

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Just as Catherine was packing her things to head to the restaurant with her colleagues, a few police officers barged in. “Who’s Catherine Jones?”

Her colleagues looked at each other with alarmed faces. Catherine had a sinking feeling, then she stood up and said, “It’s me…”

As soon as she responded, both her hands were cuffed.

The police said indifferently, “A fire broke out in Lublin Hotel this morning, which has resulted in a loss of over ten million dollars. We’ve received a call from the party involved in the incident, and Summit claims that you were in charge of the hotel back then. You have to go to the police station to be investigated.”

Catherine felt as if her head had exploded. “It has nothing to do with me at all. It’s been over two months since I left the hotel. They’re probably trying to make me their scapegoat!”

“I’m sorry, but Summit has provided me with evidence regarding your receipt of rebate and use of uncertified cables. Stop denying it.”

The police immediately seized her and walked out.

Meanwhile, many reporters were already waiting downstairs.

“What kind of popular designer is she? She actually offered clients substandard cables that would cause a fire.”

“Gosh. I just paid Talton Design for the renovation cost. I’m going to cancel it and ask for a refund.”

“Same here. Who knows, my house might even end up in flames?”


In just a moment, all the clients who had initially made payments to Talton Design came to ask for a refund. Some clients were worried about the renovation work that was underway and came to hold the company accountable.

Talton Design’s impressive reputation earlier was totally ruined overnight.

In the police station.

Catherine felt dizzy with the dazzling light shining on her in the interrogation room. However, she continued to speak in an agitated manner, “I’ve said that this has nothing to do with me. I was just a designer for the hotel back then, but James is the project manager. He’s in charge of materials.”

“Enough, stop denying it already. President Meyer, whom you laundered the money with, said that you’ve been in contact with him. You earned more than six million dollars from the laundering, then you paid 500,000 dollars to your superior so that he wouldn’t expose the matter. Two months ago, James finally revealed this to President Jones as he could no longer stand your behavior. With that, President Jones decided to fire you. How smart of you to attempt to accuse him!”

Another female police officer added, “You come from a wealthy family as well, but why do you act as if you’re desperate for money at such a young age? You’re such a morally corrupt person.”

A shiver ran down Catherine’s spine. “This isn’t the truth. I’m the one who reported James, yet somehow…”

“Enough. Stop explaining. Even your dad has admitted that it’s your doing. You’re his biological daughter, whereas James is just his nephew. You have the greatest control over the construction site,” the police interrupted her speech.

“That’s impossible.”

Catherine shook her head, looking pale. She then stood up with agitation. “I’m his biological daughter, but why is he accusing me? Am I not as important as his wife’s nephew?”

“Stop acting crazy. Take her out and lock her up.” The police waved.

“I want to make a call. I want to get someone to bail me out,” Catherine yelled.

“Sorry. Given that your case is quite severe, you’re not allowed to meet or contact anyone else before the case is closed.”