Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 149

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“I’m not someone you can just fall in love with,” he said arrogantly but still let her go. He was not giving her a hard time anymore.

The conversation ended just like that, and Catherine sighed in relief. It seemed that she still had to pretend to be deeply in love in the future.

9:00 am.

After she arrived at the company, she went directly to the office to find Joseph.

She had been on leave since she was arrested by the police previously and had not been to the company since.

Firstly, she was afraid that her colleagues’ comments would make things hard for Joseph, and she did not want Talton Design’s reputation to be damaged again.

Although the lawsuit was over, she still felt guilty toward Joseph.

“Joseph, I’m really sorry. I haven’t been in the company for long yet I’m always causing trouble for you and the company.”

Catherine was very grateful. She knew that Joseph had been under a lot of pressure for not firing her.

“It’s okay, I’ve always believed in your character.” Joseph smiled and poured her a cup of tea. “Besides, we can consider this a blessing in disguise. I finally entered Melbourne and Summit has always been my biggest competitor, but now, Jeffery is planning to sell Summit.”

Catherine froze. Although she knew that Summit had encountered a big hurdle this time, with Jeffery’s personality, he was not someone who would give up that easily.

If he sold off Summit, the Jones family would lose their standing in Melbourne. Could they accept that?

“You don’t have to be so surprised. James Lennon’s scandal was too big and Summit has a very bad reputation now. No one will dare to cooperate with them for the next two years at least. Many of the upper management staff and designers have also been poached away. Jeffery Jones won’t be able to achieve anything without support.”

Joseph explained to her, “No one will be stupid enough to inject capital into them. Maybe Summit will be able to rise again once the winds d*e down, but if a large company like them wants to retain their talents, the huge losses might end up bankrupting the Jones family.”

Catherine understood. Jeffery wanted to sell Summit at this time so he could make a profit and also stop his losses in time. Then, he could take the money and use it in other investments.

“You deserve the biggest credit for this.” Joseph raised his teacup and offered her a toast.

Catherine drank the tea and said, “Joseph, please arrange more assignments for me. I just finished the lawsuit and owe a large amount in legal fees.”

“That’s true. The cost of hiring that big name, Shaun Hill, must not be cheap.”

Joseph laughed before taking out a document from the drawer and handing it over. “Do you know the property of Hudson Corporation? It’s located in the prime location of the city and is currently under construction. I asked around and found that there are four apartments and seven residential houses that are to be renovated. If you can take these on, I’ll give you a commission of ten million. The design costs will be calculated separately.”

Catherine’s eyes lit up as she said excitedly, “I’ll do my best, Joseph.”

“The manager of Hudson Corporation and I have had dealings before, so you can go to him directly.” Joseph gave her a business card.

Catherine was slightly stunned and moved to the point of speechlessness. “Joseph, what if the other designers in the company find out about this…?”

“I simply gave you a phone number. Whether you succeed or fail is all on you.” Joseph winked at her.

Catherine caught the hint. She had to take this project and make sure not to let Joseph down.

After going back to her office, she was about to look through the information on Hudson when Ethan suddenly called.

She could not be bothered with him and declined the call.

Ethan called a few more times, making her annoyed, so she blacklisted the number.