Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 153

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Catherine was also stunned. Only then did she realize Ethan’s clothes were over her shoulders.

Well, Shaun must have misunderstood again, but she was really tired now and not in the mood for a fight.

“Mr. Hill, what are you doing?” Ethan’s eyes widened. Slow as he was, he could sense the man’s possessiveness toward Catherine.

However, he did not understand. Shaun Hill had only helped Catherine with a lawsuit, right?

“What do you think I’m doing?” Shaun pinched Catherine’s chin expressionlessly and kissed her lips without restraint. “She’s my woman, so stay away from her. Otherwise, you’ll stir things up between the Lowe family and me.”

Ethan was completely shocked. “That’s impossible! She doesn’t love you at all. Cathy, what’s going on?”

Catherine was expressionless from the excessive embarrassment.

She had fantasized about this moment countless times. She would hold Shaun’s hand with her head held high and appear in front of Ethan, declaring that she was his aunt.

She never expected that before she could retaliate, her dignity was instead smashed in one of the most unbearable ways.

Yes, in Shaun’s Hill’s eyes, she was just an item.

She was no different from the women he paid for outside.

“You still don’t understand?” When Shaun saw the apathetic look on her face, his anger surged as he sneered even more. “There’s no such thing as a free lunch in the world. Since she wanted me to take on her case, she needs to pay up if she doesn’t want to go to jail.”

Ethan was struck by his words and took two steps back. He shook his head, his face turning pale as if he could not accept that fact. “I don’t believe you. I don’t believe you.”

The little princess he had cared for from childhood could not have become so miserable.

“It’s useless even if you don’t believe it.”

Shaun touched Catherine’s face that was paler than a sheet of paper. The cruelty hidden in his heart seemed to be activated. The more in despair she was, the happier he was.

She asked for this!

“You b*stard!”

Ethan could no longer bear to listen and lunged at Shaun.

Shaun quickly pulled Catherine behind him and dodged the attack before swiftly retaliating, punching Ethan to the ground.

However, the anger in his heart was not appeased. He was just about to lift his foot when Catherine ran over and hugged him in fright. “Stop fighting.”

Shaun subconsciously paused because of her, but Ethan took the opportunity to climb up and quickly punch Shaun in the face.

The corner of his delicate lips was instantly split, startling Catherine.

Before she could react, Shaun threw Ethan to the ground and mercilessly beat him up until he could no longer stand.

Catherine was stunned. She never knew Shaun was so skilled.

Ethan’s tall figure was reduced to a sandbag in Shaun’s hands. It was quite terrifying.

After the beating, Shaun threw Catherine over his shoulder and tossed her into the car. He then drove away like a gust of wind.

The car sped on the road as fast as lightning, scaring Catherine so much she broke out in a cold sweat. She clutched the overhead handle tightly, afraid that she would be thrown out the next moment.

However, she did not dare to say anything. Shaun was more dangerous today than he was any other time in the past.

After arriving at the villa, Shaun dragged her from the car straight to the bedroom and said with gloomy eyes, “How dare you team up with another man to beat me?”

“I… I didn’t.” Catherine tried to get up, but her knees were unable to exert any strength after having knelt for too long last night. “It’s because…”


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