Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 157

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Early morning the next day.

Catherine woke up on time as usual. Shaun had woken up long ago and frowned when he saw her getting up. “What are you doing?”

“Making breakfast.”

Shaun frowned. Her grandmother had just passed away, but she was still in the mood to make breakfast?

“Don’t go, just let Aunty Linda do it this morning.” He grabbed her arm.

“No, it’s my duty to make breakfast for you.” Catherine obediently acted like a servant.

Shaun sat up, growing frustrated. “We’re not eating. Get changed. I’m bringing you out.”

Catherine frowned. If he was not locking her up, then she wanted to go to work. However, he had the final say. “Fine.”

After washing up, Shaun drove her out of the city.

Catherine did not know where he was going and did not ask either. She did not want to communicate with him at all.

It was only until they reached the cemetery did she recognize this as the place her grandmother was buried.

“Why did you bring me here?”

“To pay respect.” Shaun opened the door and got down, but Catherine sat motionless inside.

“I’ve already finished paying my respect and you don’t have to go since it doesn’t concern you.” Catherine did not want her feelings to get mixed up again.

Shaun was displeased and said coldly, “Ethan Lowe can pay his respect, but I can’t? What do you mean by that? Do you need me to remind you that I’m still your nominal husband?”

“You don’t treat me like a wife,” Catherine murmured in a small voice and pouted. “You were the one who said you wouldn’t meet my family.”

“I didn’t say I won’t pay respect to a family member who has passed away.” Shaun carried her out of the car.

Immediately after, a big truck drove over and Hadley jumped out of it. “Young Master Hill, I’ve prepared lots of funeral offerings here. There are also ten big villas and more than ten pairs of various servants.”

Catherine glanced at the truck to find that it was filled with offerings.

She was stunned. “What is this…”

Hadley was worried that Shaun would say something wrong and immediately explained, “Young Master Hill told me to prepare this for Granny Jones. Although she isn’t here anymore and there’s nothing he can do about it, he hopes that she can live a comfortable life in the afterworld.”

Shaun. “…”

When did he say something like that? Wow, that little brat Hadley sure knew how to embellish his words.

Catherine looked at Shaun with wide eyes and an expression of surprise. The corners of his lips were slightly raised. Forget it. It would be better if he did not explain anything. It was better this way.

“Yeah.” Shaun nodded coldly. “This my appreciation for your grandmother.”

Catherine’s gaze was strange. She did not expect Shaun to do such a thing.

“But… are you sure you can get it up here?”

Please, it was such a big truck. Would the grave keeper agree to b**n all this? The amount was more than ridiculous, okay?

“Why not? Money can fix everything.” Shaun shot Hadley a look.

Sure enough, everything was handled in a short time. He hired several people to carry the things up the mountain. The fire b****d for a long time and Catherine looked at it without moving.

Shaun went up to her and whispered, “Don’t worry, your grandmother will live very well in the afterlife.”

“Yeah.” Catherine could not help but nod. The depressed mood that she had been in for the past few days seemed to be improving by a lot.

Grandma had always missed Grandpa, so this was good. Perhaps she could be happy with Grandpa and Aunt now.