Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 158

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After burning the offerings, Shaun suddenly stood in front of Granny Jones’ tombstone and kneeled down somberly. His thin lips moved slightly as if he was saying something.

Catherine was slightly surprised. Although her grandmother was an elder, she really did not expect him to do something like this with his high and mighty attitude.

An unknown feeling flashed in her heart. “What did you tell my grandmother?”

Shaun glanced at her. “I said, as long as you stay by my side obediently, I’ll protect you so that she can rest easy.”

Catherine could not help but pout. “Forget it. It’s enough if you can have more trust in me.”

When they came down from the mountain and passed a tombstone, Shaun saw the picture on it and suddenly paused. “This woman…”

“Oh, she’s my aunt.” Catherine stopped to pay her respect.

“She looks quite similar to you,” Shaun said.

“Yeah, my grandmother also said that my aunt and I look very alike.” Catherine shrugged.

Shaun pondered before saying, “Actually, I don’t think you look like your mother. Jeffery and his wife don’t seem to treat you well either. Are you actually your aunt’s daughter?”

Catherine was stunned but immediately shook her head. “That’s impossible. My aunt never got married and passed away at a young age. How could she have had a daughter? Forget it. There are vicious parents out there everywhere.”

Shaun fell silent.

After the two went down the hill, Catherine looked up apprehensively and said, “I want to go to work today, can I?”

Shaun frowned. “You don’t have to be so careful in front of me in the future. You just need to stay away from Ethan Lowe and Wesley Lyons and all those from the opposite s*x. Also, you have to answer my calls no matter what.”


Catherine nodded obediently. She would just let it be. Only by quickly earning more money could she have the courage to leave him once and for all.

After returning to the company, she contacted the manager of Hudson Corporation.

Upon making an appointment with the manager, she went to Hudson’s sales center in the afternoon.

The first floor of the sales center was filled with people coming and going. She stood in front of the floor plan to study the houses’ floor plans, not noticing that someone was standing on the second floor watching her from a height above.

That person was none other than Rebecca Jones, who had just appeared out of nowhere and became the general manager of Hudson’s new property development project.

“Who is she and why is she here?” Rebecca turned to look at the deputy director, Bruno Keeling, who was busy flattering her.

“Her? She’s a designer from Talton Design. She came to see the manager of the planning department, probably for the interior design of the new property.”

Rebecca had thought that she would be the heir to Summit. Now that Summit was sold off, she hated Catherine to her bones. “Are there no other companies in Melbourne? Why does it have to be Talton Design?”

“The momentum of Talton’s workmanship is currently rising very fiercely, but it’s not set in stone yet. She’s only here to talk about it.”

Rebecca’s eyes flickered, and she suddenly smiled. Since she was the general manager now, she could deal with Catherine however she wanted to.

She hooked a finger toward Bruno. “Didn’t you say that you wanted to take on the contract for the project’s windows and doors? You can. As long as you teach this person a lesson, I’ll give it to you.”

Bruno’s eyes lit up. “What kind of lesson do you mean?”

“That’s up to you. It doesn’t matter if she lives or dies.” Rebecca’s eyes were malicious. “Accidents often happen on construction sites, so you can’t be blamed for little issues. Just pick up after yourself well and don’t get involved.”

Bruno secretly sighed. This woman was really cruel.

However, she was the daughter of a major shareholder, Jeffery Jones. No one expected Jeffery to have such hidden depths. After Summit fell, he immediately turned around and transformed into Hudson’s most mysterious shareholder.

Now, it was very likely that Jeffery would occupy the position of chairman of Hudson Corporation, so he had to quickly curry favors with Rebecca.