Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 160

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Catherine was at a loss. “Then show me.”

“Are you a doctor? Would you know how to inspect wounds?”

Catherine was silenced by his words, only to completely panic when she saw blood stains seeping out from his back. “Your back is bleeding.”

“Shut up.”

Catherine really did shut up. She anxiously called for the ambulance again.

Fortunately, the ambulance arrived after three minutes.

After getting in, the paramedic immediately cut open Shaun’s clothes. When a large area of b****y bruises and wounds were revealed on his back, Catherine was stunned.

She did not dare to imagine if she were to suffer those wounds. She would definitely have fainted from the pain, but he had not said a word since he was injured. He even held her and walked around.

She suddenly did not know how to describe this man.

Sometimes, she hated that he always humiliated her, but he repeatedly saved her from despair time and again.

This time, he even got injured.

She was sure that if he had not come today, she would have been d**d by now.

“Young lady, don’t cry. The wounds on his back are just superficial injuries,” the paramedic told her.

Catherine, “…”

Was she crying? She had not noticed at all.

When she wiped her face with her hand, there really were tears.

Shaun glanced at her. A faint sense of helplessness welled up in his heart, along with a hint of sweetness.

She really did love him too much. She only knew how to cry when she saw him getting hurt. What a little fool.

“But he might have a torn ligament in his shoulder, so he must have surgery immediately,” the paramedic continued.

Catherine was speechless. The paramedic should have finished speaking in one go. In the end, Shaun was badly injured. When she twisted her foot as a child, the pain had made her feel as if she was about to d*e. The pain of having torn a ligament was beyond her imagination.

The paramedic asked, “What’s your relationship with him? We’ll need a family member to sign the paperwork for the surgery later.”

Catherine was stunned. She also did not know what her relationship with Shaun was right now, but Shaun said, “She’s my wife.”

“That’s good. In that case, she can sign the papers later.”

In the ambulance.

Catherine looked down at Shaun on the stretcher. He looked straight at her, his eyes deep and dark.

Her face inexplicably turned red and her heart also raced.

His wife…

It was the first time he called her that way outside. It was both unfamiliar and strange.

However… Their marriage license was indeed legal.

After arriving at the hospital, the doctor pushed Shaun to have an MRI scan. He also let Catherine sign the papers after the diagnosis was confirmed.

She held onto his belongings and waited outside. Chase and Hadley arrived soon after.

After Shaun’s surgery was finished, the two helped arrange for him to stay in the VIP ward.

Chase complained bitterly, “Shaun, now that you’re hospitalized, our law firm has to delay several big cases. Our losses will probably add up to more than one billion.”

“Hm, let her pay.” Shaun glanced faintly at Catherine. “It’s because I was trying to save her.”

Catherine, “…”

She wanted to cry. One billion. She would not be able to afford to pay him back even until she died.

Chase also realized that and gave her a sympathetic look. “It’s over, Rin. You’ll never be able to escape Shaun’s clutches for the rest of your life.”