Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 161

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“Do I have the clutch of a devil?” Shaun’s handsome face darkened.

“Cough. I was wrong.” Chase slapped his mouth meekly. “Anyway, how dare Hudson hurt you without giving an explanation?! I’m definitely going to mess up their property development project.”

“I heard that Hudson has turned from a small business into one of the top 500 global enterprises within a decade. It has been doing well over these years all because there’s a mysterious powerhouse supporting it,” Hadley suddenly said, “The powerhouse is from Canberra.”

The statement gave Chase a shock. Shaun bit his thin lip. “Yeah. He’s right. Go and find out whether what happened today was an accident or human error, Hadley.”

Catherine was momentarily stunned. “It was probably an accident since I didn’t offend anyone in Hudson. Apart from the Jones family, Janet, and Cindy, I don’t think I’ve offended anyone in Melbourne.”


The corners of Chase’s mouth were raised. “Sister-in-law, you’ve offended quite a handful of people, huh?”

The number of people she had offended was slightly less than that of Chase who was domineering.

Catherine felt awkward.

Shaun glanced at her and said arrogantly, “It doesn’t matter. As long as you’re under my wing, I’ll protect you even if you’ve offended everyone in Melbourne.”

Although Catherine found that it was too presumptuous of him to make this remark, she was slightly touched deep down.

She gazed at him with a flushed face, not knowing what to say.

Hadley and Chase were speechless too.

As bachelors, they felt that their presence was unnecessary.

“Cough, cough. Hadley, we’d better leave.” Chase coughed while clenching his fist. “Since Shaun got injured while saving Cathy, Cathy will have to take care of Shaun. Am I right, Cathy?”

“Yeah, yeah. I will.” Catherine quickly nodded.

Only when Hadley and Chase left did it strike her that it was inconvenient for a woman like her to look after Shaun.

However, considering that she had stated it, she could not break her promise.

Fortunately, it was a fully-equipped ward where she could even cook. It was just like a large apartment.

“Are you hungry? I’m going to buy you…”

“I am. I want roasted pork.” Lying on the bed weakly, Shaun cast a glance at her.

Catherine was at a loss for words. “Have you forgotten the doctor’s advice that you can’t eat oily food? Otherwise, you won’t recover well.”

“It doesn’t matter. Nothing is wrong with my body. I’m fine.”

“No way. I won’t cook it for you. I’ll be in charge of your menu during the time you’re in the hospital.” Catherine showed a determined look that can be read as ‘you have to listen to me’.

Shaun raised his brows but did not lose his temper. Instead, he found it interesting to see how overbearing this girl could be. She resembled his grandmother in this aspect when she micromanaged things. After all, they acted this way for the sake of Shaun.

“Just lie down and rest here. I’m going out to get some vegetables.”

Upon reminding Shaun, Catherine hurriedly went downstairs as she was afraid to leave him alone for too long. She got back after quickly buying some meat and vegetables.

Shaun gazed at the vegetables in her hands with an indescribable expression. “Are you planning to cook me a plain meal with these ingredients?”

“I’m left with no choice. These were the only kinds of ingredients sold outside the hospital, and you’re the one who wanted me to cook for you.” Catherine then said in an aggrieved manner, “Don’t worry, I’ll certainly prepare a delicious meal.”

At the thought of her cooking, Shaun did not utter a word. Fine. He was just going to see how she would turn the ingredients into something tasty.

When she headed to the kitchen to start cooking, Hadley came again.

“You came at the right time. Bring some good ingredients here,” Shaun said, “Stuff the fridge with ingredients.”

“Alright.” Deep inside, Hadley kept grumbling internally, ‘You’re only going to be staying here for a few days. You won’t be staying here permanently either.’ “By the way, I just got back after investigating Hudson. The brick fell because the worker failed to hold it properly when he tried to lay it on the outer wall.”


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