Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 162

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Shaun frowned. “There’s nothing skeptical about it. What about the man who led Catherine there? He seemed quite safe at that time.”

“He claimed that he was only in charge of leading Miss Jones to take the measurements. On their way, the two of them were so engrossed in the conversation that he forgot to give Miss Jones a helmet.”

“Engrossed?” Shaun pointed to the blanket that he was staring at, then scoffed all of a sudden.

Hadley felt awkward. Was Shaun jealous because of this petty issue? “This is how salespeople usually act. They’re glibber than anyone else.”

“Anyway, he needs to bear most of the responsibility this time,” Shaun said coldly, “Send an attorney’s letter to Hudson. If the compensation Hudson is going to offer isn’t satisfactory, I won’t let them off the hook.”


At that moment, Catherine brought the dishes to the table. Upon realizing Hadley’s presence, she was stunned. “I’m sorry, I only prepared a meal for two.”

“It’s fine. I’ve already eaten. Anyway, I’m going to leave in a while.” Hadley’s eyes swept over the dishes on the table, which gave him a shock. It was his first time seeing Young Master Hill having such a plain meal in the hospital. In fact, Shaun’s meals used to consist of over ten varieties of dishes.

What shocked Hadley the most was that Young Master Hill did not make any comment about it.

After Catherine placed all the dishes, she glanced at Shaun’s left hand which he could still use. “Do you want me to feed you? Or are you still able to eat on your own?”

“Nonsense. How am I going to eat with only my left hand?” Shaun’s brows furrowed.

Hadley’s mouth twitched. “Please, Young Master Hill. Your left hand is actually more flexible than your right hand.”

“Get out right now.” Shaun gave Hadley an icy stare.

“Yes, yes. I’m going out now.” Hadley ran away.

“Why are you so fierce to Hadley? I think he’s quite nice.” Catherine could not help but feel sympathetic toward Hadley.

“He’s nice?” Shaun’s eyes flashed with grimness. “Is he nicer than me?”

Catherine was momentarily dazed. Suddenly, her gaze became strange. “It seems that… you’re jealous.”



Shaun’s attractive face fell for a second. The sentence seemed like a joke to him. “Would I even get jealous because of you? Are you having an illusion? I’m just trying to remind you, you ungrateful thing. Don’t forget who’s the one who has saved you countless times.”

“It’s you. I do remember it’s you. Hurry up and start eating. Don’t starve, or I’ll be upset.” As Catherine did not want to listen to his lectures anymore, she quickly coaxed him into eating while feeding him.

These were the kinds of plain dishes Shaun disliked eating back then. However, once she fed him the food, he found it so delicious that he even asked for more.

After eating, Shaun opened his eyes lazily. “Lift me up. I want to go to the bathroom.”

Catherine tried to lift him. At the thought of his injured back, she hesitated before she put her hand around his waist. His waist was extremely thin. She could even feel his muscles through the thin hospital gown.

Shaun sat up. The wounds and stitches on his shoulder hurt so badly that he broke into a cold sweat right away. His face was extremely pale.

Shocked, Catherine immediately said, “Don’t go down. I’ll get you a bedpan.

She promptly found a brand new bedpan from the cupboard beside her.

The corners of Shaun’s mouth tugged awkwardly. A moment later, he whispered, “I need your help.”

Catherine was speechless.

No, no, no.

She would not be able to do it.

“Don’t… Don’t you have another hand?” she asked helplessly.

“Can’t you see how painful it is when I move?” Shaun attempted to move his hand, and he gnashed his teeth in a flash. “Hurry up. Otherwise, I’m going to pee on you.”


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