Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 163

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Flushed with embarrassment, Catherine walked forward and slipped her hand beneath the blanket. Shaun eventually failed to urinate as he could not see it.

“How much longer are you going to take?” Shaun stared at her with a blush.

Inwardly determined, Catherine went underneath the blanket.

At that instant, the doctor entered. “Mr. Hill, let me check…”

At the sight of the situation, the doctor blushed while standing frozen to the spot.

“Sorry. I’m sorry. Did I come at the wrong time? I’m leaving right now… Right now…”

Catherine swiftly came out of the blanket. She was in a daze. Goodness, did the doctor misunderstand them?

“No, Doctor. I was just—”

“I got it, and I saw nothing. I’ll come again in a while. You guys may carry on.” With a red face, the doctor averted his eyes. He then immediately walked to the door.

Once he reached the door, he could not help but turn around. “I know the two of you are still young, but you’d better be cautious. After all, he has just undergone surgery.”

“I didn’t…”

Before Catherine could finish her sentence, the doctor left in a hurry.

Catherine was left helpless. How she wished to jump off the building and end her life just like that.

In a fit of fury, she glared at the instigator on the bed. “It’s all your doing.”

“My doing?” Shaun’s brows expressed a trace of misery. “Probably. I shouldn’t have saved you back then. You probably would be lying in the icy morgue by now. Then I wouldn’t need to ask for help when using the toilet either…”

“Enough. Drop the subject.” Catherine gave a shudder. “I won’t blame you since you’re my savior.”

“Good.” Shaun opened his eyes. “You may take it away now.”

Catherine let out a sigh of relief. Just as she was about to pour herself a glass of water to calm down, he spoke again, “You can wipe my body now.”


The glass of water almost spilled. She turned around with a conflicted expression on her pretty little face. “Should I ask Hadley to come over? I can’t do it. Ever since I caught sight of your perfect body earlier, I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m afraid I’ll…”

Shaun’s thin lips curved into a discreet smile. “Anyway, it’s only the upper half of my body that’s injured.”

Catherine nearly bit her tongue.

This time, she kept the door closed and stayed on guard.

Although she had seen his body once back then, it was only a quick glance. She had never eyed it like what she was doing at the moment.

He had such a perfect physique, which resembled the well-built David.

Hah. When he was not at all interested in her earlier, it seemed that she was trying to molest him whenever she glanced at his body. Now was the chance for her to eye it. Hmmph.

Shaun observed her expression. Tsk. He knew that she had long since been drooling over his body. Look at that face. Ignoring her flushed cheeks, she continued to stare at him.

As she was wiping, he began to find it weird. With a somber look, he glared at her. “Hurry up. How much longer are you going to wipe?”

Embarrassed, Catherine was aware of what was happening. She quickly finished wiping his body, then poured the water.

After she took a bath, she accompanied him by lying on the side of the bed when the lights were turned off.

Shaun did not allow her to sleep with him. The woman had a terrible sleeping position and would roll over him every night. Now that he was injured, he could not afford to have her sleep with him.

Catherine did not dare to sleep soundly. In the middle of the night, she heard the man tossing and turning.

She got up and asked anxiously, “Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

Shaun opened his eyes.

A ray of moonlight shone on the woman’s shoulders through the window. That night, she did not manage to return home to get her clothes, so she was only dressed in a thin undershirt. With her long, soft hair falling over her shoulders, she looked elegant and beautiful like a seductive vixen.

The pain was still bearable to him.

However, something else came out of his mouth. “Yeah, it hurts.”

“Well… What should I do?” Catherine was seized by guilt. “Let me call the doctor then.”


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