Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 165

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Catherine finally figured out why everyone had looked at her in a strange manner just now.

A moment later, she walked out sulkily with the water she used to wash up. “It’s all your fault. Look at how my lips are after you kissed me. How am I going to live this down?”

After glancing at her, Shaun was inwardly satisfied with what he had done. With a pale face, he moaned weakly. “Sorry. That was very careless of me. My body hurt too badly last night, and it was my fault. Tonight, I’ll try to endure the pain and not trouble you.”

Considering how feeble the handsome man looked, Catherine could not bring herself to criticize him at that moment.

Fine. She had no choice since it was painful for him.

When Hadley and Chase came at 9:00 a.m., they were shocked to see Catherine wearing a mask. “Cathy, why are you wearing a mask?”

“The hospital is crowded, so I think it’s safer to wear a mask,” Catherine replied with a stern look. “I heard quite a lot of people have been infected with the flu recently.”

“Oh. Give me a mask then, Sister-in-law. I want to wear it to avoid being infected too.” Chase immediately put on a mask as well.

Shaun, who was lying on the bed, was speechless.

Hudson Corporation’s office.

When Jeffery received the attorney’s letter, he asked Rebecca to come over and subsequently gave her a piece of his mind.

“What on earth have you done? I struggled so hard to obtain the new property development project from them so that we could rake in the money yet you caused such a terrible mess shortly after you were elected. I’m vying for the chairman’s position at the end of the year. Can you not disrupt my plans?”

“Sorry, Dad. The sight of Catherine just made my blood boil, and I wanted to teach her a lesson.”

Feeling aggrieved, Rebecca pouted. “But I didn’t expect that Shaun would make it in time to save her.”

“Shaun again!” Jeffery gritted his teeth. “How did Catherine get to know this kind of person?”

“She must have slept with him.”

Rebecca sighed. “I’ve investigated Shaun and realized that even those who are willing to spend a few hundreds of millions of dollars might not get to hire him, much less Catherine who’s powerless.”

Upon hearing that, Jeffery showed a look of disgust. “How despicable of her.”

“Dad, Shaun keeps ruining our plans and is now even asking for a sky-high compensation fee from us. Let’s teach him a lesson.” Rebecca gnashed her teeth. “Anyway, he’s just a lawyer. What’s more, he’s a foreigner too.”

“Don’t act rashly.” Jeffery stared at her. “Shaun is too mysterious.”

Rebecca responded with dissatisfaction, “Mysterious, so what? As a lawyer, he must have offended quite a lot of people over the years. It wouldn’t be a surprise if there are people who want to seek revenge on him…”

Jeffery was convinced by the idea. After a while, he shot a complicated gaze at his daughter. “Go and investigate all the cases he previously dealt with. By the way, have you settled the issue with the property management project?”

“Don’t worry. I’ve bribed the salesperson and worker with money. What happened at the construction site was merely an accident, but the compensation…”

“Just pay. We have to pay. We must not let Shaun make a big deal out of it.”

Jeffery added discontentedly, “You should stop dwelling on the issue with Catherine. Now that you’ve broken up with Ethan, you should keep an eye out for other wealthy and reputable families.”

“Okay.” Rebecca dropped her gaze shyly, then said, “Recently, I’ve been mingling with Janet at night, and her brother, Stephen, always comes over. He seems to be interested in me.”

Jeffery’s eyes lit up. Stephen Cambell was the Campbell family’s heir, which was an undisputed fact. Even Ethan was incomparable to him.

In addition, the Campbell family had been riding high over the past few years. It would be great if the Jones family could be connected with them by marriage.

“Alright. You’re still a virgin in our family. You must capture Stephen’s heart.” Jefferey burst out laughing.

The next day.

In the ward.

The deputy general manager of Hudson came over in person with two checks.


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