Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 166

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“I’m really sorry, Mr. Hill. It was our worker’s mistake. Here’s the compensation for Miss Jones and you.”

Catherine blinked at the sight of the check worth 300,000 dollars in her hand. Then she glanced at the check worth 100 million dollars that was with Shaun.

D**n, what a huge gap in treatment between them both.

Although she was not hurt, she experienced severe trauma and nearly lost her life. She was utterly dejected.

What dejected her further was that Shaun simply tossed the check on the bedside table. “Okay. You guys may leave now.”


“Mr. Hill, do you mind exchanging business cards with me?” The deputy general manager attempted to seize the opportunity to get acquainted with the big lawyer.

“I’m tired. See him off, Catherine.”

Shaun closed his eyes impatiently.

The deputy general manager, who was hardly treated with disrespect elsewhere, felt rather bitter. He instantly walked out with a long face.

Catherine embarrassedly saw him off at the door. “I’m sorry. Mr. Hill’s injuries have been hurting badly these few days. May I know about the project regarding the design of the houses…”

“I’m not in charge of that. You can contact someone in the relevant department.”

The deputy general manager left as soon as he finished speaking. He could not be bothered to communicate with a poor designer.

Catherine was glum. If it had not been for the purpose of making more money, she would not have gone the extra mile to ingratiate herself with him.

She used to have a great impression on Hudson. However, she currently had an inexplicable view of the corporation.

When she returned to the ward, Shaun’s eyes were opened and his brows were furrowed. “Are you out of your mind? Why would you still think of taking on that project under Hudson?”

“If I take on the project, I’ll receive a commission worth ten million dollars from Hudson. I can earn at least 20 million dollars from the renovation later.”

Catherine took a glimpse at his check and said gloomily, “20 million dollars might seem nothing to you, but it’s something an ordinary person might not be able to make in their lifetime.”

“Are you strapped for cash?” Shaun asked coldly. He casually handed her the check worth 100 million dollars from the table. “You can spend it.”

Catherine’s legs almost turned to jelly.

It had been a while since she last saw such a large sum of money.

Nevertheless, she could not take it.

She shook her head. “It’s your money. I can’t have it.”

“Catherine.” Shaun’s eyes darkened. He looked upset. “You’re my woman, and I allow you to spend my money.”

“I want to make money with my ability. I don’t want to be a woman who’s reliant on my partner.” Catherine persisted with her principles. “If I wanted to make money through an easy path, I could’ve effortlessly gotten a man richer than you with my beauty, but I’m not this sort of person. Women will look old sooner or later. Only true abilities remain.”

After she finished speaking, she was touched by her own words.

No doubt, Shaun would view her as a sensible woman of great dignity who was not motivated by personal gains.

This kind of woman rarely existed. It was indeed rare to find any woman with such character.

She lifted her head, only to realize that Shaun’s sarcastic gaze was on her.

“Are you able to find a man who’s richer than me?”

“You’re so full of yourself. What makes you so confident?”

His words appeared to be a slap in Catherine’s face, which made her furious deep down. She had to admit that he was probably the most capable lawyer when it came to earning money. Having said that, there would always be someone better out there. Wesley was likely to have the edge over him in that regard.

“Young Master Hill, don’t be cocky.”

Shaun snorted. “It’s a great honor for you to have met me.”