Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 167

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“Yeah, I’m fortunate to have met you. You’re my lucky star, my savior.” Catherine did not feel like arguing with a patient.

As soon as she finished speaking, Wesley sent her a WhatsApp message. [I heard from Joseph that something happened to you when you were working. Are you okay? Can I come and visit you? I’m quite worried.]

Catherine sighed deep down. Indeed, Wesley treated her quite well.

Sadly, there was already no need for her to take revenge on Ethan. There was no need for her to marry Ethan’s uncle as well.

She replied, [Thank you for your concern. I’m fine. The renovation progress of the villa won’t be affected.]

Wesley: [The villa project isn’t urgent. What matters most is that you’re safe.]

“Who are you chatting with?” Shaun asked glumly.

“Freya.” Catherine immediately put down her phone. When she told the lie, she did not blush, nor did her heart race.

“I thought you were chatting with Wesley, Ethan, and that bunch of people. You’d better not let me find out that you’re staying in touch with them through Whatsapp,” Shaun warned.

“…You’re just overthinking.”

Catherine got a shock, wondering whether he had X-ray vision.

“Uh, come here. My injuries are starting to hurt again.” Shaun glanced at her resentfully.

Catherine was speechless.

Was Shaun planning to ask her to kiss him again?

What a fickle man. When she touched him back then, the way he reacted was as if he was going to lose his life.

Shaun was discharged from the hospital after a week.

As Catherine had been keeping Shaun company all this while, she had no choice but to take leave.

Joseph did not blame her. After all, she had nearly lost her life because of work. He casually asked, “Are you still planning to take on the project under Hudson? Otherwise, I’ll get another designer to do it.”

“I’d like to try again. If I can’t do it, you can have someone else do it.”

Catherine could not bear to let go of the hefty commission. Just as she was thinking about how to deal with the matter, Mr. Frank suddenly gave her a call. “Miss Jones, I’m sorry about what happened earlier. I’ve tried asking the management about it over the last few days and they’re apologetic about it. Therefore, they’ve decided to pass the project regarding the design of the houses to Talton.”

Catherine was under the impression that she heard it wrong. Regardless, she felt that she could finally see light at the end of the tunnel.

“But we haven’t really discussed it…”

“Talton Design is always there. Well, I need you to come up with a detailed design plan and it’s quite urgent. The top management would like to take a look at it the day after tomorrow.”

Cathrine was torn. The project under Hudson required ten different designs for the houses, which she needed to submit the day after tomorrow. It would be a mad rush for her. After hesitating for a moment, she nodded in a forthright manner. “Alright, but we need to sign a contract first.”

“Come to the office in the afternoon and we’ll sign it then.”

That afternoon, Catherine headed to the sales center again. She got to sign a contract with Hudson without having to wait for a long time.

When she returned to the villa at night, she prepared dinner for Shaun. After helping him take a bath, she anxiously said, “I need to b**n the midnight oil sketching in the study later. Go to bed early and leave me alone.”

Shaun frowned. Even though he grasped the significance of the young woman’s will to push herself, he disliked it. However, he was silent about it.

Even so, when she continued to stay up late and not go to bed again the next day, he flew into a rage. “Catherine, are you crazy? You didn’t sleep well when you had to take care of me in the hospital before this. Now that you’re home, you’re not sleeping again. Are you planning to d*e of cardiac arrest?”

“I’ll be done after tonight. I’m fine.”

Catherine sipped on some coffee. Deep down, she was slightly touched. Was he reacting out of concern?

Shaun ordered her in a resolute manner, “I don’t care. Go back to your room and sleep now. It’s not a big deal if you d*e of cardiac arrest. What matters is that nobody’s going to cook for me. I refuse to have spent my efforts taking on your lawsuit for nothing.”


His concern for her was just an illusion.

Catherine gnashed her teeth, then said in a huff, “Don’t worry. Since I’ve promised to cook for you, I’ll make sure I won’t d*e.”


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