Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 168

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“Don’t you get it? I’m in control of your body and life. You have no power over your life anymore.”

Without further hesitation, Shaun used the hand that was not injured to carry her from the chair.


“If you’re planning to resist, you’d better shut your mouth,” Shaun warned her with a frown.

“No. I wanted to ask you to put me down. I can walk back to my room. Your injuries will get worse if you use your other hand to carry me this way,” Catherine responded. She sighed and surrendered to her fate.

Shaun was satisfied with how obedient and understanding Catherine was. After he let go of her, she went to the bedroom with him cooperatively.

She initially planned to continue with her work after Shaun fell asleep. However, once she was in bed, she was so sleepy that she became sound asleep.

The moment Shaun came out of the bathroom after brushing his teeth, he saw the woman sleeping like a log on the bed. She had fallen into such a deep sleep that even the saliva from the corner of her mouth dripped onto the pillow.

The corners of Shaun’s mouth twitched. He then secretly took a photo of her.

Great. He would show her the photo and make her embarrassed.

He kept the photo with satisfaction. After that, he turned around and headed to the study next to the bedroom.

With just one hand, he managed to crack the password to her laptop in no time. He clicked open her design plan and saw a few complicated sketches in it.

He squinted his eyes. She was asked to come up with so many sketches within one and a half days.

Was Hudson trying to give her a hard time?

9:00 a.m.

When Catherine woke up, she glanced at the time. She was totally stunned.

It was already so late.

She immediately got up and raced to the study. She switched on her laptop to continue with her sketches.

The moment she clicked into the software, she was stupefied. Originally, she still had four more houses to design drafts for. Surprisingly, all of them were finished.

Her sketches had been completed?

Moreover, the sketches were well done. The concepts were wonderful, and they were comparable to hers.

What happened? Did she sleepwalk last night?

Did she finish them but suffered from memory loss?

She tried her best to recall, but she was certain that she did not finish the sketches.

Who did it for her?

She walked downstairs with a dazed look.

In the dining room, Shaun was dressed in gray casual loungewear and speaking on the phone that he held using his left hand. “Yeah. Book the afternoon flight. I’m going to Brisbane…”

By the time the call ended, Catherine was already seated on the chair beside him. A look of astonishment crossed her face. “Are you still going on a business trip in this condition?”

“Yeah. Something came up.” There was an issue with a project in Brisbane that he invested in, so he planned to go there to have a look. “I’ll be gone for two days. You’d better behave yourself in the house…”

“I know, I know. I definitely won’t meet Wesley and Ethan,” Catherine continued his speech with a helpless expression. “Can you say something different? I’m fed up with your words.”

Feeling ashamed, Shaun glared at her. The woman was getting bolder and bolder. How dare she mock him.

Catherine asked curiously, “Your eyes are bloodshot. Did you not sleep well last night? Was it because… Cough, cough.”

Shaun became tense deep down. Was she suspecting that he b****d the midnight oil finishing the sketches for her last night? He did not want her to find out that he did that for her. With an icy expression, he quickly said, “Don’t misunderstand…”

“Sorry. I was choked by my saliva. I know that it’s probably because your injuries were hurting last night and you couldn’t fall asleep again. It was my fault that I slept like a log. Why didn’t you wake me up?” Catherine felt very guilty.


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