Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 169

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Shaun’s handsome face froze imperceptibly for a moment.

“By the way, what were you going to say?” Catherine asked when she remembered.

Shaun snorted in a teasing manner. “I wanted to ask why you weren’t choked to d***h.”

Catherine was at a loss for words, wondering why the man was speaking so cruelly. What piqued her curiosity more was what happened last night. Since the villa belonged to him, he was sure to know. “Last night… Do you know who entered the study and used my laptop? Someone finished my sketches for me.”

“Oh. I found a friend to complete them for you last night so that you wouldn’t d*e of cardiac arrest. Otherwise, I’d need to get a new chef.” Shaun sipped on the glass of milk he was holding. He replied so calmly that he appeared to be talking about the weather. “Well, this is an exception. No more next time.”

Catherine was absolutely stunned. She remembered that it was almost 12:00 a.m. when she went to bed last night.

He actually managed to call someone to help her at such a late hour?

Although he always said that it was because he wanted her to keep cooking for him, would a boss actually treat a sitter so well?

What was more, he even got injured when he saved her at the construction site last time. His head was nearly hit by a brick, and he almost lost his life.

Her heart began thumping. Just now, she was furious at his harsh words, but the feeling had already dissolved at the moment.

Perhaps he was the kind of man who was hard on the outside yet soft on the inside.

After some time, she said, “Thank you. Your friend is really awesome. Where is he working? When I receive the commission, I’ll share half of it with him.”

His masculine voice that conveyed a hint of sarcasm sounded, “Forget about it. He doesn’t care about the miserable amount.”

Catherine did not mind. “Well, let me treat him to a meal as a token of my appreciation then…”

“You’re not qualified,” Shaun interrupted her sentence with a frown. “You can just treat me to a meal if you want to.”

“Okay. I’ll treat you when you return from your business trip,” Catherine answered without hesitation. Assuming that it was all because of Shaun that his friend helped her, she felt that she should treat him to a meal. “Thanks.”

Shaun dropped his eyes and curled his thin lips calmly. “Let me show you something.”

He clicked open the photo in the phone beside him and showed it to her.

Catherine glanced at it. In an instant, her face flushed as if it had been boiled.

He actually kept a photo of her drooling in her sleep.

What an eyesore.

Unable to bring herself to look at the photo, she stretched out her hand in an attempt to snatch the phone.

Shaun promptly kept his phone before she could snatch it. She failed to keep her balance and subsequently fell into his arms. Unfortunately, her left hand happened to land on an awkward part of his leg.

Catherine heard the man gasping in shock. Thoroughly ashamed, she turned around and wanted to run away.

The man’s right hand was swiftly wrapped around her waist. The sound of his breathing lingered in her ears romantically. His masculine voice was as charming as the sound produced by a cello. “You’re trying to seduce me so early in the morning, huh?”

“It’s a misunderstanding…”

Blushing, Catherine had trouble lifting her head. When their eyes met, his starry eyes were as dark as magnets. She could hardly look away.

Shaun looked at the woman in his arms whose embarrassed face was just like a budding flower. He felt the urge to kiss her.

He actually did it.

Catherine had been helping Shaun to reduce his pain these days. She often kissed him at night as a way of distracting him from the pain.