Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 170

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 170

The initially strange act of kissing had now become familiar to Catherine.

Even her body seemed to have adapted to the kiss.

However, she felt her heart race even more madly than before. The kiss came with a hint of sweetness as well.

Back then, she was often annoyed at how harshly Shaun spoke. Even so, he had actually helped her a lot.

The kiss ended with the growling of her stomach.

After running out of his arms, Catherine embarrassedly headed to the kitchen to get some food.

Looking at her back, Shaun gave a smile.

After breakfast, Catherine contacted Mr. Frank to inform him that she was done with the sketches.

Mr. Frank replied that he had gone out for work during the day and asked her to come to Linden Clubhouse. His leader happened to be there, so they could discuss the designs together.

Catherine used to attend these kinds of social activities quite often when she met her clients.

Although she did not feel like going, she eventually agreed to do it.

At 8:00 p.m., she knocked on the door of the private room before she pushed it open. The room was luxurious and spacious, featuring Western decor.

What astonished Catherine was Rebecca. She was dressed in a sable coat and seated in the middle of the couch. Mr. Frank stood beside Rebecca and carefully poured some wine for her.

At that instant, Catherine felt that something was not right. She turned around, trying to leave. Nevertheless, two burly men dashed in and clutched her straight away. The sketches she was holding subsequently fell onto the ground.

“Mr. Frank, you’ve actually been lying to me all this while.”

Catherine seemed to have figured out everything at that moment. She glared at them in fury. “I understand now. The incident at the construction site was both of your doings, right?”

Mr. Frank glanced at Rebecca in fear. He only found out about the incident later on. He was merely an employee, and securing his current position in Hudson had been an uphill struggle. As such, he would not want to offend Rebecca for the sake of Talton Design, which could possibly threaten his future.

“You have quick reactions, but unfortunately…” Rebecca walked toward her gracefully while holding a coffee cup. She was no longer delicate and pretentious as she used to be. Instead, she had become high-profile and evil.

Catherine knew that this was Rebecca’s true nature. However, Summit had been sold, and the Jones family’s reputation had been tarnished. The Jones family was not even considered to be a wealthy family in Melbourne anymore. Why would Rebecca still be complacent?

“Are you wondering why Mr. Frank would listen to me?” Rebecca pinched Catherine’s chin with a smile. “Were you under the impression that the lawsuit would destroy the Jones family’s status in Melbourne? Well, you’re wrong. I can achieve much better things without Summit.”

“What on earth do you mean?” Catherine was totally perplexed.

Mr. Frank said courteously, “Miss Rebecca is now the new property general manager in Hudson. President Jones is the largest shareholder in Hudson, and he’ll probably become the new chairman at the end of the year. Hudson might belong to Miss Rebecca in the future.”

“This is impossible.”

Catherine was shocked to the core. “I’ve never heard from Dad and Mom that we own so many shares in Hudson.”

“Why would Dad and Mom tell you this? They don’t even like you. You’re just a stranger.”

With a deep voice, Catherine added sarcastically, “Have you never suspected the reason why Dad and Mom dislike you? They even hope for you to d*e.”

Catherine’s eyes narrowed. She lifted her head and fixed her eyes on Rebecca.

With a sympathetic expression, Rebecca clicked her tongue. “It’s because you’re not Dad and Mom’s biological daughter. When I was accidentally taken away back then, Dad realized that Mom was in low spirits, so he adopted you from an orphanage. Basically, you’re someone who your biological parents dumped at birth!

“You wouldn’t have achieved what you have today without the Jones family. However, it’s very ungrateful of you to have the intention to take revenge on us. You even caused James to end up in jail. Dad and Mom always say that if they had known this earlier, they wouldn’t have adopted a b*stard like you back then!”


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