Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 251

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Soon, an ambulance arrived and swiftly took Wesley to the hospital. However, he had already lost a lot of blood along the way and fell unconscious.

Catherine quickly made a call to Ethan, who rushed over shortly after she arrived at the hospital.

The door to the ER was pushed open, and the doctor came out with a clipboard. “The knife was stabbed into the patient’s left kidney and it has to be removed immediately to save his life. Who’s the patient’s family? Please sign immediately.”

Catherine was stunned. Ethan also found it hard to accept. “Doctor, must it be removed?”

“Necrosis has already set in the left kidney, so it’s useless now,” the doctor said helplessly, “If we could save it, we definitely would’ve.”

Ethan had no choice but to bear the pain and sign the papers.

Catherine shed painful tears. “It’s all my fault. That person wanted to k**l me. It was your uncle who used his body to help me block the knife.”

Ethan had mixed feelings. He did not expect Wesley to have such deep feelings for her. Now, he was also very worried about Wesley’s safety. He could only say, “Don’t think about it. The doctor said that removing his kidney will save his life. The human body can still function with only one kidney. He just has to be more careful in the future.”

Catherine smiled bitterly. He was going to lose a kidney. How could he be as intact as before? “Have you informed your grandparents?”

“No, my grandparents are old and I don’t want to upset them. Let’s wait until Uncle’s surgery is over.”

Ethan looked at her and sighed in his heart. He was mainly afraid that his grandparents would scold her if they knew the truth.

Fortunately, three hours later, Wesley was saved. The operation was over, but he was not awake yet.

Before long, the police came over. “Ms. Jones, we’ve interrogated the culprit. The person who wanted to k**l you is called Hugh Jewell. He’s not from Melbourne.”

Catherine was infuriated. “I don’t even know this person.”

The officer nodded. “According to his confession, he had a twin sister named Lily Jewell. Five years ago, Lily Jewell was only 17, but… She caught the eye of Thomas Neeson from the Neeson family in Canberra. Lily refused to go with him and chose to jump to her d***h from a building. The Jewell family sued Thomas. At that time, there was almost conclusive evidence, but the Neeson family found Shaun Hill to take on their lawsuit. Shaun Hill claimed that Lily seduced Thomas but Thomas looked down on her, so she decided to commit s*****e because of her humiliation. The court not only failed to punish Thomas, but it even painted Lily as someone who slept around. Her mother could not accept it and fell ill. She passed away soon…”

Catherine was shocked. She only knew that Shaun was invincible in court, but she did not know that he had even taken on so many heartless lawsuits. “So, he wanted to k**l me to get revenge on Shaun Hill?”

“Yes. He disappeared five years ago after that lawsuit, and we only learned that he came back to Melbourne this year. He wanted Shaun Hill to know the pain of losing a loved one, but… Shaun Hill is surrounded by bodyguards and he’s very cautious, so Hugh Jewell has been unable to get close despite trying for several years.”

The officer told her, “He had been following you for some time, but you were protected by a bodyguard these days. It was only today that he got the chance.”

All of a sudden, Catherine seemed to realize something.

A few days ago, Shaun had suddenly arranged for Elle to follow her. It was not to guard against Jeffery and his daughter but to look out for Hugh Jewell. However, he did not tell her anything.

She did not have her guard up at all. If Wesley had not appeared today, she might have died.

An endless chill enveloped her heart. Catherine suddenly thought that Shaun felt very unfamiliar now.

“Why is retribution for what Shaun Hill did falling on Uncle?”

Ethan was furious. “Cathy, I suggest you stay away from Shaun Hill. Who knows how many enemies he has provoked over the years? I heard he often goes to court for the rich. He must have earned a lot of ill-gotten money.”

Catherine fell silent, lowering her head with a pale face.