Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 253

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Shaun clenched his fists. The veins on the back of his hand bulged out. “Catherine Jones, get this straight. I’m a lawyer. Lawyers only win or lose. I’m not some messenger of justice.”

“But a person can’t live without a conscience.” Catherine shook her head. She suddenly realized that she and Shaun seemed to be from completely different worlds.

“I’ve done so many things for you, yet you say I have no conscience?”

Shaun glared at her angrily. He had never treated a woman so well before, but she vetoed everything in one sentence. “Is it because Wesley gave his life to save you, so you want to be together with him? That’s right, he has always been trailing after you.”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Catherine became angry. “He lost a kidney because of me. Can’t I even stay and take care of him? This is the least I can do for him after he saved my life.”

“I don’t care. Come with me right away. Wesley Lyons isn’t as simple as you think he is.” Shaun did not care at all. Wesley was the one who secretly sent the photos to Rebecca. He acted like a good person on the surface but played underhanded tricks in the dark. He was simply a hypocrite.

“I think you’re the one who isn’t simple.” Catherine was furious.

At that moment, Ethan came in from outside with some clothes. “Cathy, I brought some clothes for you. You should change quickly…”

Before he could finish, he saw Shaun and his face immediately darkened. “Who let you come in here? Get the h**l out.”

Shaun looked at him and then at Catherine before suddenly laughing. “It’s no wonder you don’t want to leave. Your ex-boyfriend is with you, and your new love is lying on the bed. You have this pair of uncle and nephew wrapped around your finger. You must be overjoyed.”

“It turns out that I’ve always been such a person in your heart.” Catherine’s eyes were red as her body trembled unbearably.

“Shaun Hill, you’ve gone too far. Is that something a human would say?” Ethan could not stand it. He threw the clothes to the side and punched Shaun.

Shaun easily raised his hand to block it, and Ethan roared in fury. “No, you’re not human at all. Cathy and my uncle are just bearing the consequences of your evil deeds. They almost lost their lives because of you, but you have no humanity. Get out of my sight!”

“I will, but I’m taking that woman with me.”

Shaun reached out to lift Catherine onto his shoulder. Ethan rushed to block him, but Hadley swiftly stopped him.

“Shaun Hill, let go of me! Don’t do this! I’ll hate you.” Catherine started hitting his back, but Shaun ignored her.

“Don’t you hate that I’m d***y? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll contaminate you?”

Shaun went downstairs and tossed her into the car. Hadley started the car and locked the doors.

Catherine knew that she could not win against him and chose to sit as far away from him as possible, not looking at him at all.

Shaun’s heart was very annoyed, and he lit a cigarette to smoke throughout the journey.

Catherine coughed repeatedly. She knew that he did not like to smoke at all before this, but now, he was smoking more and more frequently. She did not like men who smoked, and she liked unreasonable men like him even less.

After arriving at the villa, Shaun brought her in and threw her on the bed. Catherine climbed up and said coldly, “What? Are you going to lock me up again? Shaun Hill, I’m the chairwoman of Hudson now. I don’t believe that you’ll be able to lock me up for a lifetime.”

“Hudson doesn’t mean sh*t to me. Would you believe me if I said I’ll make it close down by tomorrow?” Shaun sneered and gave her a sideways glance. “Don’t you already know my identity?”

Catherine’s dark eyes wavered. It turned out that he already knew. Did Willie Hill tell him? That damned liar. He was the one who said he would hide Shaun’s identity.

Although she was not clear about Shaun’s real identity in the Hill family, with his skills, he might really be able to do it.

“Shaun Hill, would you have been happier if I was k****d by Hugh Jewell today?” Catherine’s eyes were red as tears streamed down her face. “I’m taking care of Wesley not because I like him, but because I’m grateful to him.”

“I won’t let you get close to him again.” Shaun’s eyes were very cold. He had a feeling that if he let Catherine stay with Wesley a moment longer, he would really lose her forever.

These days, although he was cold to her, he still did not want to separate from her after he learned that she had been drugged by Rebecca. However, he could not let go of that knot in his heart. He still needed time.


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