Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 254

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 254

“Catherine Jones, if you really love me, don’t go to Wesley Lyons ever again. This is the last chance I’m giving you.”

Shaun looked at her deeply, his voice sounding dark and hoarse.

Catherine was stunned. Although she hated him today and was angry at him, her heart still loved him. “What about you? Do you love me?”

If he did, why did he call out another woman’s name when he was drunk?

“I can love you, and I can stop loving you at any time.”

Shaun said expressionlessly before turning to leave.

Catherine sat on the bed, a little bewildered. It turned out that his love could be taken back at any time. Was it because he did not love her enough?

In the study, Shaun stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window with a glass of red wine, looking out the window at the snow on the ground.

He hoped that Catherine would not let him down.

Yes, although he loved her, if she wanted to continue getting involved with Wesley Lyons, then he could only give up that love.

Although Wesley had saved her life, at most, Shaun would give him more subsidies in the man’s career in the future. He could not use his woman to repay him.

Shaun took a sip of red wine in annoyance.

Hadley stood behind him silently. “Young Master Hill, why didn’t you tell Ms. Jones about the photos?”

“What’s the point of telling her? Would she believe me? Wesley Lyons is her savior now. She’ll think that I’m deliberately shoving a wedge between them,” Shaun sneered.

Hadley was silent. He had to admit that Wesley Lyons was very determined. In order to get Catherine, he even threw away his kidney. If Hadley was a woman, he would be moved too.

Late at night.

Catherine took a shower and sat on the bed in a daze. In the end, she picked up her phone and sent a message to Freya, asking her to go to the hospital to see Wesley on her behalf.

Freya: [Holy sh*t, Wesley Lyons lost a kidney for you. What do you think? You won’t be moved, right?]

Catherine: [I never thought he would do that. I owe him too much. I won’t be able to repay him my entire life.]

Freya: [Forget it, don’t think about it. Take it one step at a time. I’m planning to bring Patrick home for Christmas. Then I’ll accompany him to the Jackson family on New Year’s Eve.]

Catherine: [You guys made up?]

Freya: [I ignored him for half a month, and he promised me to meet with Linda Shelby as little as possible in the future. I’ll introduce a boyfriend to Linda as well. I want to give Patrick one more chance. I love him too much.]

Catherine: [Congratulations on finding your Mr. Right.]

Just as she sent the message, the bedroom door opened.

Her hand shook, and she subconsciously turned off the screen before putting the phone down.

“Who are you chatting with?” Shaun smelled faintly of red wine, and his handsome face was tinted red. “Show me your phone.”